Monday, 19 December 2016

WInterey Bits & Bobs.....❄️⛄️❄️

We have been getting a lot of snowfall the last few days...

And really colder temps too!!

Miss V and her Papa did a great job on a small snowfall a week or so ago...

Over the weekend we got a HUGE snowfall...

She was here on Saturday, but I kept her very busy inside... 

The Super Moon was amazing again this month...

And my feathered {and furry} friends kept us entertained all weekend...


I got a few more crochet gifts done as well...

A toque for Miss V...and scarves for my son and SIL...


This past Saturday, I got Miss Crafty going on a few Christmas Ornaments for her Aunts and Uncles...

She really got into the jewels, and did a great job!!

She then made a few Christmas cards...♥️

Complete with flower gardens...and big printings of her name...

She dictated to me what I should write inside...let me just say...there won't be a dry eye here on Christmas Day, when her and I hand them out....♥️


She was so excited to see our Christmas lights...

We opened the front door...for a second...'cause she wanted to "touch" the lights...:o) 

While wrapping the other day...I listened to the 2016 Hi-Fi Holiday CD that my son made!!

He makes one every year...buys old Christmas LP'S...and makes a compilation of Christmas songs...You never know who or what you will hear!!
One of my favorites is a "Motown" Christmas he made...fabulous!!
He also designs and prints the labels...different every year!!
Such a talented young man...♥️ 

nice of him to put me on the cover this year,eh?  hahaha!!!

This beautiful young lady was blooming her face off on my kitchen table...
I just had to share her with you all.... 

So...that's me...up to the minute...

Hope you are all well...and staying warm from this cold!!

We are expecting much higher temps for Christmas Day...even some rain I think!

I need to do some baking...shortbread...cheesecake...but I work really well under pressure! hahaha!!

I made an apple crisp for my dinner guests last Friday   OMG  It was sooo good!! hahaha!!

Anyway.....that is it for me for now...

I have been visiting and commenting...such lovely blogs you all have!

I have deleted my FB page...not my cup of tea...I find it kinda hurtful, so I feel good about my decision...I also think in the New Year...I will change to wordpress and have a private blog. I know I have said this before...and I know you will all come with me...right???? Time will tell...

Enjoy the rest of your week...

Enjoy the first day of Winter...

Enjoy everything!!  

                    Cheers!  :o)

                       linda ♥️


  1. You and Miss V always entertain me. I found a tiny shovel just like hers for Elsie! I gave it to Kevin. Elsie likes to be outdoors no matter the conditions. And the conditions are just like yours!

    Hurray on all those crochet gifts...they are the best. I simply wonder where you get the time and energy. The ornaments and making cards with Miss V...Wow. So you share the cards with your children on you mail out cards to friends and family, too? You have a custom different than ours and it sounds wonderful!

    I'm not big at all on FB. I unfollowed many people, old 'friends' and people that I simply didn't feel should have privy to my life. And I made my FB page private so that no one can 'creep' and permission must be asked to be friends. I simply enjoy it to stay in touch with family far away.

    Wanted to say I love your nature photography. Do you have a zoom lens? I never quite figured out how to use photos from my camera on IG. Is it a difficult process? I just use my cell phone camera and edit the heck out of the pics!

    Sending love and good thoughts...

    Jane x

    1. I hope you come back to see the answers to your questions Jane!!
      I crochet in the evening...while in front of the old is a nice rhythmn to get in to!
      These cards will be from Vivian to her aunts and uncles...I also make cards with my photos, which I send out to a few friends and family...
      Off FB...and I am glad!! Too much hurting on there!! Mine was private too..
      I upload my photos to my Ipad, and use Instagram on there...I dont use my phone for pictures...
      Best wishes to your lovely family is growing by leaps and bounds!!
      All the best in 2017!!

  2. Have a wonderful Christmas with all of your family Linda - Miss V especially will love it and you will all enjoy her pleasure.

    1. And to you dear Rosemary...all the best!!

  3. You and Miss V are certainly enjoying the very best parts of Christmas time together! She looks a true Canadian in her buffalo plaid gear ;) The snow has been incredible this year, hasn't it. I'm tired of clearing snow and ice already. What a great idea to create the CDs, you must look forward to these each year. BTW you're looking great in the money shot!! Your holiday crochet makes look very cozy, and I'm sure they will be much appreciated. I just finished the second scarf I was knitting last night ... whew! Now on to two other projects. The fun never ends. I too want to get some baking done, but that will have to wait until all gifts are finished. I have to work around everyone's naptimes (including my own haha!!).
    I quite FB a few years ago. I too found it hurtful when I discovered things in my family that everyone else knew about but hadn't shared with me. Then other people making silly comments that were just plain mean. Who needs that?! I like the blogging much better. People are more mature and friendly and sharing and caring.
    Merry Christmas Linda, enjoy the smaller moments.
    Wendy xox

    1. Got one batch of shortbread done today...another brisk cold one here today.
      I enjoy the blogging...but I must think about making it private...there are a few people that I would prefer not to see my life!!
      And a Merry Christmas to you Wendy....

  4. Once again, Linda, I love your pictures. The squirrel one is perfect!! I'm curious how the whole Wordpress thing goes if you decide to do that. I am not on FB. The things I hear about some comments, etc. makes me think of the meanness and cattiness of grade eight girls. Who wants that in their life? I adore Miss V.'s black and red checked coat. (Do they sell them in my size?) -Jenn

    1. If I go to Wordpress...I will need my followers email adfresses, and they will get an email when I post...
      FB is over for me...that book is closed!!!
      Have a wonderful Christmas Jenn!!

  5. Love your new blog header photo! And what a great CD idea by your son -- special and fun!

  6. Greetings of the season to you and your family. I haven't been around bogland much, taking a break, but had to stop by and wish everyone in your house a very happy and safe Christmas. I know there will be lots of love, laughter and good times at your house, as well as at ours.
    Good luck with the change to Wordpress, I've been trying out a few new themes, as it seems time for a change and the New Year is a good time to do that. As for Facebook, think I'll be going back to just my family and connecting with others via blogs.

    1. And to you too LInda...I am sure you will have a ball with the grandkids!!

  7. So much to love about your blog, as usual. The wildlife photos, Miss V. so focused on making cards which reminds me of my little NY grand daughter who loves doing crafty projects, Miss V. and her Papa shovelling, your lovely crocheting gifts. Gosh, you're so talented! Not happy about the big snowfall photo, though. Take care and hope to see you in 2017. :)

    1. Don't they just love the crafts??? And so good at it too1
      For sure Hester...

  8. Aw, that Miss V is a doll. And I can imagine her messages were very sweet.
    Hey, you've got great cleavage on that CD cover!
    I love apple crisp so much. Have not had it in ages. Yours looks delish.
    Sorry to hear you have left FB and that you found it hurtful. That's a shame. I have never had that issue and I enjoy keeping in touch with people that I choose to keep in touch with. To each his/her own!
    I am going home on Friday. Finally. Kind of nervous about it. Between the renos, hospital, etc., I haven't really been home since June! But I am looking forward to trying to reclaim my life again. :-)

    1. Ha! You know that isn't really me...right? hahaha!
      So glad you are returning home...will you be with your folks for Christmas??

    2. I know! But as you were joking about it I figured I would, too!
      I will be home on my own at Christmas. I can't venture out yet and they are not doing very well so we will postpone our Christmas a little.
      My neighbours have invited me over on Christmas Eve and for brekkie on Christmas morning so depending how I feel that is a lovely option. The move back home will probably knock me out for a few days so I am just going to lay low.

  9. Oh my word, that top picture of Miss V really surprised me. How big she has gotten, oh my!!! she is soooooo lovely Linda, God Bless...

    I'm going to miss these bits *& bobs posts of yours Linda. It has been wonderful getting to know you and your family these past years. I've recently done a post to my blog explaining why I am no longer going to be blogging. I treasure each and every visit you have made to my blog and your welcome arms when I have visited yours.

    May you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Safe & Healthy New Year, Linda...Stay well and enjoy each and every minute of each and every day...Louise

    1. All the best to you Louise...have a wonderful life!


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