Tuesday, 7 February 2017

A Very Long Bits & Bobs.......✨

Let's start from last Thursday...

We picked Miss V up from school, as Friday was a PD day,and we would be watching her that day. As we were leaving this week for vacation, we decided to make it a sleepover too!

She was thrilled!!

We got cracking in the kitchen...


She had one after dinner...and then after her bath...she slaughtered her Papa at "Old Maid"....

Looking rather snappy in her new "OWL" housecoat 💕

 Friday morning...we headed out to the cottage with her...she was so excited!!

The usual twig gathering...and some banging of ice on the beach.

We couldn't get too close, as there was a LOT of slippery ice....

 There was fresh snow, so she enjoyed making the first tracks...

She even drew a big "Happy Face"...

The sun tried to shine...but the clouds were just too darn thick...

We went inside...

She checked out her room...

Signed my guest book/journal...

And said...

"It is really cold in here Nana...let's go back outside"...

You know it is cold, when it is better outside!! 

One more trip down to the beach with her Papa...

And...we were on the road again!! 

In other news...

I finished another afghan...

Loving the blue and the tassels... 

It is very squishy, soft and very warm...

Wool is Bernat Premium Tweed...

I got it at Walmart!! 

I had bought myself some White Daisy Mums...and the Flower Lady was sweet enough to bring me 3 big bunches of White Stock...

I think they made a lovely combo for my foyer...and I had enough for the living room...family room...powder room...and a few for my dining table... 

Still with me????


Now we are on Sunday...

Miss V arrived before 10am, as her Mom (being in the floral business) had to work, in preparation for Valentines Day. The biggest day in flowers, next to Mothers day... 

More cupcakes!!!

Here she is decorating them for her Aunts and Uncles who are arriving early afternoon. 

There is veggie chili courtesy of my daughter Lissa...and all the fixins.
An early birthday celebration for MOI...
And a fond farewell to all our kids for a while...

After the cupcakes were done...

She curled up, to watch Kung Fu Panda til the guests arrived... 

Doesn't she look cosy?


Just for fun...

My Son Ryan and Miss V had almost identical socks and jeans on for the ocassion!!! 

Okay...that is me...up to the minute...

Freezing rain happening right now...sheer ice out there...

Truck is 3/4 packed...just a few things for the morning...hope all the ice melts...

We are shooting for a 7am departure...aiming for Lexington Kentucky for the night...

Next night will be Valdosta Georgia...and then Friday afternoon at the beach!!!

Hope you are all well...

Wish us a good trip...

I promise not to mumble too much if the weather is not nice and sunny!!

I will check in after we are settled...

                Cheers!   :o)

                     linda ♥️



  1. Love your little Miss! She is so cute and there is nothing like those moments with there here and there. I can remember being in a cottage and it was warmer outside because at least you had a bit of sunshine. lol
    Enjoy your trip--drive carefully--and catch us up when you are beach side. xo Diana

  2. It looks very cold at the cottage with all the ice on the rocks. Miss V is sure blessed to have you as grandparents! I wish you two a safe trip as you head out for your winter vacation. Take care. Blessings and hugs. Pam

    1. It was cold Pam...a bitter SW wind...thanks so much for that lovely comment...we do love her sooo much!Thanks for the good wishes...

  3. Wishing you safe travels and warm weather!

  4. How lovely she spent the visit with you, loving every moment.
    She is quite a little personality isn't she?
    Great photos but blooming cold . . . brrr! . . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie...
      The pleasure was all ours ♥️
      She is quite the personality...as I am sure you see in young Peter.
      It was darn cold...let me tell you!!
      Tonight is still freezing rain...geesh...where are my flipflops?????

  5. Fun, fun! Boy, does that water look cold!
    Have a safe trip! Waive as you drive by!

  6. Such WONDERFUL bits and bobbles!! LOVE. LOVE. LOVE the photo of you and Miss V in the mirror. You've been a busy bee with your crochet. All so beautiful. Wishing you smooth, safe travels!! blessings and hugs ~ tanna
    ps Wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY if we don't hear from you before! xoxo

    1. You can see how red our noses were, form the cold wind!!
      I have started another blanket to work on in the evenings on our way down...and...I have a HUGE bag of wool, with a few projects in the ready!
      Thanks for the birthday wishes...I am going to stop counting soon!!

  7. I do hope that freezing rain stops and you have better weather for your drive tomorrow morning. Drive safely and I'm very excited for you. Imagine being on a beach in just a couple of days! -Jenn

  8. Well, you have certainly been busy, but all happy stuff. Always love your photos, the matching jeans and sox, you and Miss V. in the mirror and much more! Safe travels, nice that you'll be in the warmth soon. Take care...

    1. That's me...a busy bee! I will def enjoy the warmth! Give my best to the fitness gals! See you in March Hester!

  9. The afghan is beautiful! Nice work. Are you going to teach Vivian to crochet?

    1. Why, thanks Barbara! I will..when she is a wee bit older!

  10. Hi dear Linda ! what lovely post ! love all yours pictures, and Im impressed with the ice !!
    Love especially miss V pioctures, isnt she adorable???? yes she is, hugs to you and miss V!!

    1. HI there Gloria! So nice to hear from you!
      Yes...Miss V just keeps getting more adorable!
      Hope you are well....💕

  11. Enjoy the sunny south! Think of us in the cold up here!

  12. Safe travels, Linda, and Oh, you will miss that little sweetheart. Hope you can skype with her while you are gone. Love love love those blue tassels on your gorgeous new rug. And the white Mums too - Happy Birthday to you!

    1. Yes I will Patricia...and, yes we do FaceTime with her.
      Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  13. It looked cold at the cottage, love the photos of rocks with ice. Have a safe journey down south.

  14. Have a great trip! Our neighbors spend the winter there..she said it's the best winter so far..I think she says that every year lol.
    Let's face it..not all years are perfect.
    Miss V will nevr forget her visits to the cottage..never.
    I had a friend who was a florist..yes Vday was the busiest.
    Lovely career that is..you need an eye:)
    Happy Birthday and Bon Voyage.

    1. I treasure every visit with her....PERIOD!
      And I know that....you get it!

  15. Love your lake pictures. Wishing you a safe trip! The weather down here has been warm. We have a chance of rain for a couple of days, but the weekend is looking nice. I think you're in for a good vacation. When you get to Valdosta, blow your horn. I'm just the next state over. I'll probably hear you. Ha!

    1. Hi Laurie...
      We are here...we honked...I saw you wave! Hahaha! How cool would it be to visit you!
      Looking forward to a warm sunny month!

  16. she is such a little lady. I love the 'busy' pictures! and her cupcakes. :)
    ohmygosh! Valdosta Georgia is where my nephew master sgt mike is stationed.
    Jacob is just getting over the flu and strep throat. it's apparently going around down there.
    so hold your breath when you're there! LOL
    hope you have a safe and wonderful trip.

    1. Her cupcakes are delicious!
      I remember about Valdosta...it is a big busy place! We stay right off I75...
      Hope you are well....

  17. Lots of fun with the two of you. Miss V is storing so many wonderful memories.

    Safe travels, Linda! Enjoy the sun and warmth. And I will make a toast on Saturday for both of us ;)

    1. Cheers my friend! 🍷🍸🍹🍻

  18. What a fun week you all had with family pretty flowers and afghans and such YUMMY cupcakes . Lovely photos and post . No ice for us just had tons of rain and the temps hit +9 gona be another +9 this Saturday with sunshine come on spring !. Have a safe and fun vacation .

    1. It was jam packed for sure Elaine...but fun!

  19. Replies
    1. Thanks so much...it is on the 11th!

  20. So much fun - sweet memories for Miss V! Love all the sweet scenes:) Love taking a peek inside your cute cottage (the little paintings along the mirror and Miss V's bedroom are wonderful), and seeing the snow and amazing ice against the shore. Your new afghan turned out beautiful and Miss V is cute as a button. Safe travels on your trip - hope the weather warms up for you. Happy Birthday - same day as my Dad's was! xx K

    1. Thanks so much Karen.. I always love when the little things are noticed by my peeps...
      Arrived this afternoon.....GORGEOUS!

  21. So great that she has two places to visit. Lucky girl!
    Love the icy water shots. Brrr...
    Cupcakes - yes, please!
    Smiling at the matching socks and jeans. Such fun.


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