Thursday, 23 February 2012

People Along The Beach

now....there's a handsome couple!!

Another fabulous sunset... I know I will miss these...not looking forward to the long drive home....:o)


  1. How come you two are all bundled up??? Cold blooded Canadians! Safe home.

  2. This was on one of our early evening walks...the wind has been cool, as the gulf water is in the 60's, it blowa off the water...

    not showing any of the "scantily clad" photos of me!!!! not that there is any...

  3. People watching is so much fun! Thanks for sharing a bit of the flavour of the beach! Thought there might be a picture of you and Greg ready to take a dip in the ocean!?!

  4. Oh how I miss the walks on the beach in Florida! You guys are so cute together! Enjoy!

    Sandy xox


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