Saturday, 18 February 2012

Surfin' At Sunset

Captured these photos on Thursday afternoon...just at sunset...
And lordy, lordy....looked who showed up just in time!!

Pondering his next move.....

And here is the Grand Finale!!!  The sunset...I mean!!
                                  Enjoy the view....  :o)


  1. Enjoyed all the views, human and nature alike! Lovely sunset pics! Looks like the weather is nice down there.
    What's with the double word verifications?

  2. must be like on leslie's blog...while here in the USA...
    was it there before?? or just today?
    glad you liked my photos :o)

  3. The double word verification has been on for a few days now. Maybe it is because you are in the States, as you say.

  4. Nope, I got the double word on Ludgera's blog too. As for boys and their boards and seagulls, when I get half a second I'll show you mine on the other coast:) There is obviously a new thing on blogger that states "Please prove you're not a robot" above the verification box. I can barely read the one that looks like it's under a magnifying glass.
    Okay this is NUTS...looks like rneIndo Castiglione!

  5. The Sunset and the Surfer are both easy on the eyes! Your pictures never disappoint. ;)

    Thank you for the scoop on the window boxes. Great idea on the's light and I could see it being a good filler and helping with drainage. Also, keeping the plants in the pots is a great idea...we always think we have to get them out but if they are annuals it probably doesn't matter. I am off to look at the rest of your pics! Have a great day Linda! Kristine

  6. Thanks for all the 'eye candy'!

    Sandy xox


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