Wednesday, 16 December 2015

A December To Remember...So Far...

Our drives to and from the cottage, have some magnificent landscapes...

Especially when it is sunny...everything is still so green...

Most we are getting closer to home...

The sunsets are fabulous...

The colour just blows me away sometimes... 

Even the Starlings are still here!!!

They are congregating in large numbers...

Nearly home...

Just as the sun is setting...

We still have a lot of rural property just to the West of us...

We enjoy this drive in from the highway...


Last week at the park with Miss V...

Still so green here as well...

She even found her favorites!!

Dandelions still blooming!!


Of course...

The obligatory seed blow♥️ 

Hot afternoon cups of Tea are a must in the Winter...


Of course...

Some banana loaf...fresh berries and yogurt!!

Even my sweet houseplants are loving this mild December so far...

Blooming their pretty little heads off!! 

And the Hens & Chicks...

Well...lets just say...

I see lots of babies!!

Mr Toad is feeling downright giddy in his brand new Christmas hat!!

Doesn't he look dapper!!

And even Mr Robin...

If he is going to spend the winter here...he figured why not jump on the band wagon with a hat as well!! 

Mr Cardinal needs nothing else to make him spectacular! 

Yes RED..I see you there on the fence...what have you done with your hair??
You look a bit frazzled...wondering when the Pumpkins will turn to mush, so you can stick your face in there and gobble up all those seeds??  

Cottage critters are busy too...

Chick-a-dee-dee-dees are always busy at the feeders...


I spy a Squirrels tail down on the beach deck!! 

These are a lot of my pics from December...

Unseasonably mild...perhaps record breaking...

The water is still on at the we are happy campers!!

Cold coming this weekend...but then back up next week...

I can feel a couple of sleepovers coming up!!

Now that my entertaining is over...well...until Christmas Day...

I can concentrate on some baking...oh...other than the cookies that Miss V and I made today before lunch...which was very successful this time!! 

She is still napping...we may do some pinecone crafts hen she wakes up...if time permits!!


Have some spaghetti sauce bubbling away on the stove...

Will whip up a Ceasar Salad...and I picked up a small crusty loaf of bread...

It is another dark gloomy day here...but still warm... 

Thank goodness for that sunny day last Friday...I can still feel the warmth♥️

Think I'll go get my fresh berries washed and ready to have some spiced banana loaf with Miss V when she wakes up...

Sound good??? 

Hope you are all well...having fun preparing for the big day..

All ready????

Enjoy your evening... 

                                Cheers!  :o)


  1. Love the robin picture. You are so funny! :-)

  2. It is still unseasonably warm here too this year, it seems to be like that in many places doesn't it. Most odd. Although I am totally happy with the fact that we will not be having any snow anytime soon, I wish that it was a little colder! Happy Christmas! xx

    1. I think we usually have more snow than you...but we have NONE!
      Merry Christmas to you too Amy!

  3. It's been really warm here, too. I've been in shorts and flip flops all week. Just a few more days and I'll be in the land of snow. I can't wait, but hope I don't catch a cold from the temperature change and germs on the plane. Love the photos of your rural drive. Have a good evening and happy baking!

    1. Hey...I miss my shorts and flip flops!!! hahaha!
      Oh gosh...I hope you post from there...gorgeous part of the country!
      Enjoy your evening Laurie!

    2. I'll try to post from Colorado. Not sure that I'll take my laptop and posting from my phone is challenging. It makes me want to sling it across the room sometimes. Lol!!

    3. oh...take your laptop...I will miss you!!

  4. what a beautiful adventure you brought us along today!
    Enjoy your time with Miss V !!!

  5. Mr. Toad looks SO festive! Personally, I prefer having a white Xmas to a green one. We have snow here in Edmonton but it's not particularly cold out. I haven't plugged my car in ONCE this winter yet.

    1. I remember one snow...went to bed Christmas Eve...woke up to a Winter Wonderland!!!
      The kids were thrilled!

  6. Some wonderful farm shots Linda! And those Hens and Chicks?
    I can't keep them alive..are they indoors?
    Maybe that's the trick..snowbirds?:)
    Still gloomy here and our squirrels are as plump as chickens.. could package her lashes..
    Love spaguetti.

    1. They are outdoors in the Summer...indoors in the Winter! Yes...Snowbirds, for sure!
      I have 2 different pots of them!!
      Oh gosh gloomy here too...some misty rain this evening...blah!!
      We had fun today...Miss V and I♥️
      Enjoy your evening Monique..

  7. Hey that's what we had for dinner tonight spaghetti and Cesar salad and crusty bread YUMMY ! Lovely photos , we are west of your cottage and the photos you took of the farms and land is exactly what it looks like here, this area is a large farming community lots of lovely land and forests and of course lake Erie shores are a few minuets south of it all . You saw sunshine ? wish we did no sunsets for us here for about 4 days BOOHOO ! I need the sun cant take anymore of this gloomy crap lol ! Oh the Starlings are going bonkers on my suet's they are trouble makers at the feeders lol ! Yup still the odd Robin about here to . I guess the weather is warm enough for you to keep going the cottage thats awesome ! Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

    1. Most of these were from last Friday Elaine...a beauty sunny day!!
      This week has been pretty gloomy too...
      We will be taking a drive out again on Friday...gonna be cold...brrrr!

  8. Nice interesting views to and from the cottage . . . loved the starlings and nice to see Red again . . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie...
      Yes...Red was asking about you...I told him you had been sick...but are better now!!
      He sends his fondest regards to you...oh...also... asked if you had any peanuts! hahaha!
      Have a great rest of the week...Peter coming??

    2. Hi Linda . . . :)
      lol . . . Tell him no peanuts but I have some Almond Nuts he can have, apparently they enhance love life so I am told . . . lol. I have broken two nutcrackers trying to crack their shells and I am considering using a big Mallet. If his teeth are up to it he is welcome to them so tell him to catch the next boat over . . lol

      Yes Peter is coming at 7.30 tomorrow and the day after so I'd better get to bed and charge up my batteries.

      He and his Mum and Dad are moving into a rented house in the next road up from me so he will live much nearer. They'll stay there for about 2 years and then I will help them with a deposit to buy a house . . . :)
      Have a great week too . . . :)

    3. It will be great to have Peter and his folks so close!!
      Nice Father to help out financially too...great job Eddie!

  9. Love the barn shots, Linda and cute photos of Miss V. Yes, it was good to get out with little Gwynn yesterday and enjoy her hugs and squeals. Do you make the same banana bread all the time? Maybe sometime you could post the recipe. You mentioned on my comments that I have bought lots of ornaments this year. I have bought 5 that I couldn't resist. I'm being good to myself. :)) Deb

    1. Hi Deb...I have posted the is a cheater...I use a boxed mix, and add to it...
      I will email you!!
      Good for you for being good to yourself!! Well deserved!

  10. Love your photos . . .
    The red barn and the bright green is just plain yummy . . .
    I truly think we are going to by pass winter and go straight to spring . . .
    December Dandelions . . . very unusual . . .
    I did notice today 4-6 Cardinals and many Juncoes at the feeders off and on for most of the afternoon. Add about ten squirrels . . .
    I think they smell snow!

    1. Straight to Spring???? Fantastic!
      I just put some fresh seed out, as today is a lot chillier!!

  11. hahaha...oh, I love the Robin and the little hat you've given him! Adorable!

    My shopping is done....need to wrap and do some shopping next week.

  12. Some beautiful barns in your pictures for this post.

    1. Hi Furry!
      Merry Christmas to you!

  13. I love that one with all the birds.

  14. The barns are glorious - such amazing photos and the lighting is perfect.
    Love all the critters... Red is my favourite.
    It's 12:23 a.m.and I still have not had dinner. So hungry but will probably just have a snack.
    Cooler tonight but still mighty mild for the week before Christmas!

    1. And...I took those from the car!
      It is a lovely drive, once you get off the QEW in Grimsby..
      You should eat better, Suzanne!

    2. Oh, I eat very well - thanks. Was just late that night.

    3. Love Mr. Toad's top hat.

  15. Your drive back and forth to the cottage is similar to my drive back and forth to Algonquin :) Love those farmland shots. Your frog has a smug look to him with that fancy hat. I'm still seeing an occasional robin and even a heron at the marsh. Maybe they'll be hanging around all year? I throw apples out for the robins. Enjoy these fun days with Miss V!

    1. Isn't that hat fancy? hahaha! Had to have that for him!
      Always have fun with Miss V♥️

  16. i'm SO happy you're getting warmer weather... cottage weather to enjoy the old girl even more.
    your posts are not only full of beauty.
    but GREAT smells too! banana bread! pascetti sauce!!! i'd want to come and wake up from a nap there too!
    ok. going now to read all the posts here that i missed while on my WONDERFUL trip. jacob is a HALF inch taller than i am now. and blake towers over me! just growing too fast. of course i'm shrinking too. lolol.

    1. Hi Tammy...
      We are heading out there on Friday...with Miss V!! she is so excited!
      Sooo happy you had a good time on your trip...
      Looks like we will ring in 2016 with the old girl!

  17. Our internet connection has been awful for the past week or so, so no getting online to visit favourite places. I can't believe how the weather is for December, but I will take more of this anytime :)

    1. Well...I am glad you made it here Linda...
      Enjoy your weekend!

  18. Oh, I love those red Canada barns, Linda. You make me want to fly right back over there for Christmas! Hi to the sweet cardinal and squirrel, and little Miss V. It sounds like you might be having a Green Christmas - Mr Toad is on to it!!

    1. You should!! You would love the Winter here!

  19. Oh Linda, lovely pictures. I'm so behind....fighting a cold and so much to get done. Looking forward to feeling better tomorrow so I can start my baking, and make my toffee.

  20. Everything looks so green and warm! Last night we got a huge dump of snow - yikes! But it is going up to +3 so it will all melt pretty quickly, thank goodness! Rain tomorrow, yah! Enjoy your preparations for Christmas!

    1. Bit colder today...just on our way to pick up Miss V and head out to the cottage!
      Enjoy your weekend, Devon!

  21. Beautiful photos of the barns, farms, red barns, flowers, critters etc. So nice that you are still able to go to the cottage this late in the year!


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