Thursday, 3 December 2015

Wednesday With Miss V......

 When I picked up Miss V on Wednesday...

She had been to Springridge Farms with her Daycare...

They had made Gingerbread cookies!!

She ate a small one after her lunch...

But saved the main attraction to share with her Mommy♥️

We then played with a gift form dear Betsy...

A Jacquie Lawson advent calender...

This day...she decorated a Christmas tree...

She really enjoyed it!! Wonder what will be next??

Thanks Betsy....very thoughtful of you♥️
For anyone looking for a lovely blog...Betsy is in my sidebar at "My Five Men"
If I knew how to cut and paste I would....
You will love her blog....she is truly a lovely person....Love you Betsy!!

While Miss V was napping...I got the lights on the tree...
Check out all the needles on the floor...geesh!!
I really must look into an artificial tree.....
When she woke up...and had her ice cream...she helped me decorate!!
I fiddled with it a bit after she left...tee hee hee!

               It was another great day with my sweet granddaughter....

Got some more decorating done today, as I am having dinner guests on Saturday night...
I am putting way less out this year...
Will be less to put away!!
Just trying to set the mood...

Hope you all had a great day!!
Sunny...windy...a bit of rain today...but still quite mild!!
Went out for burgers for dinner...delish!!
Tomorrow we will take a drive out to the cottage...
See what's new out there!! 

Enjoy your evening...
Any snow where you are??
Any decorating where you are???
Any presents wrapped where you are????

                     Cheers!  :o)


  1. Linda, your tree is gorgeous. And I doubt you will be happy with a fake one. I tried that and went back to the real deal. :) Oh my goodness, the eyes on that child. Big and brown like my little Gwynn's. It's going to be a fun Christmas, eh. The grands are getting to the age where it is so exciting now for them. Christmas dinner parties are the best. We are off to one next week and I can't wait to see her house all decorated. Have fun with your dinner guests. I'm done cards, now on to the baking. Deb

    1. You are probably right Deb...but the darn mess! I am getting too old...hahaha!
      She is really into the Santa thing this year...her Mom bought her a kitchen! She will love it!
      I am looking forward to my guests...just hope I am ready!

  2. Betsy is so pretty!And so is Miss V and your tree..:)
    So you are on Blogger..when you write your post..

    start copying the web address of your friend..
    you do this by ..

    highlighting it in the address bar ..then do ctrl c..

    then go to Blogger.. and write your post..but where you want to add the link to your friend..look above and see on that..a new box will ctrl v and the link will be there:)
    and you are done!
    Our tree is up too!

    I miss a real one..but this way it can be up till Epiphany:)


    1. You are such a good teacher...I will try...AGAIN...I have a works on there?
      I want to see your tree.......
      Betsy is a real doll!

    2. I think on a Mac it' s command c and command v..a pc likes to control and a Mac commands;)
      Try it!

    3. I will....promise!!

  3. Your tree looks lovely! I can remember fiddling with the arrangement after Taylor 'helped' at that age! haha...he put all the ornaments on one branch! Glad you're enjoying the advent calendar...she really decorated that tree, too! She's a natural!
    A dusting of snow this morning which melted away during the day. Grey and wintry looking outside, though!

    1. She decorated about 10 trees! Loved it!
      Easy on the iPad....
      She put them all in a clump too...I loved it!
      You had snow? We had rain.....

  4. I just had to pop over to take a gander at little Miss V. She is growing up oh so quickly, Linda!!! Sounds like you two had the perfect afternoon.

    Your tree looks so festive especially with those little touches from Miss V:) I often say I will get a fake tree but, alas, I just never can bring myself to do it. Maybe this year:)

    No snow in our forecast and as the weather person would say, it has been unseasonably warm around here. Don't mind saying I'm liking it, mucho!!!

    Thanks for sharing, Linda...

    1. Thanks ~~Louise~~...I guess you have not seen her for a while...yup...getting big!!
      Have a great weekend!!

  5. Your tree looks so pretty. I put out a few decorations today. Can't do too much because I have painters here. I don't want to get in their way. That Miss V is a cutie! And, I agree....Betsy is a sweetheart.

    1. I would love to have my whole house painted...perhaps in the Spring...
      Yes...on both counts!♥️

  6. A blogging buddy sent me one of those Jacquie Lawson Advent Calendars too! Isn't it MARVELOUS?!

    1. It is awesome!! Miss V was quite enthralled!!

  7. Love the pics of Miss V...always. Is that a Beatrix Potter mug in the first one? My daughters were gifted with many pieces when they were young and I hope to share them with Elsie.

    Your tree is beautiful. We have always gotten the real deal and I grew up with the same. I actually love the smell of the vacuum once the needles fill it up!! And I'm a true Type A, I let the children decorate away and then fiddled long after they were in bed. They never noticed.

    Good news, demolition has started at our lakehouse!! I am so elated!

    Have a great dinner party---want to hear all about the menu, I'm sure it will be delish! :)

    Jane x

    1. Yes...a Bunnykins mug, Jane...I gave my kids all of theirs...I found this one...and a heavy dinner bowl at thrift shops!!
      Elsie will love using it...Miss V always points out the sweet bunnies!
      Yup...always had a real tree...guess I always will...until I am really old! hahaha!
      OMG!! You must be so excited!! Are they tearing down the whole cottage???
      It must seem like forever to you..
      Will report back! hahaha!

  8. Your tree looks beautiful. I don't do much in the way of decorating. When I had a harpsichord I decorated it, but that was years ago.
    As always, Miss V looks sweet and very intent.
    Was at a school concert tonight where my "nephew" was singing. He's not actually my nephew but his Mom is one of my best friends and I have always been Aunt Suzie to her kids. Etobicoke School for the Arts. Amazing talent - had a great time.

    1. Yes...I used to decorate my Harpsichord too! Just kidding..that must have been quite beautiful!
      You feeling better??

    2. Doing a bit better, thanks. xo

  9. You can see the magical sparkle in gorgeous Miss Vs eyes already - you are all going to have a wonderful time watching and being with her - she is just the perfect age for Christmas - enjoy♡

    1. HI Rosemary...thanks for stopping by!!
      She is quite into Christmas this year....loves singing Christmas songs!

  10. Sweet Wednesday with your precious Miss V . . .
    Best days ever . . .
    Pretty decorating . . .
    Tiny helpful fingers, needles and all . . .

    1. Had fun, Lynne...
      Next week...something different...again♥️
      Your wee ones around??

  11. Lovely tree, Ms. Linda. And Miss V. looks so cute eating her lunch. I'm on my way to my daughter's with lots of home made food for dinner. And Chanukah presents for my grandkids. Have a nice drive to and fro the cottage today and enjoy your dinner guests on the weekend. We're supposed to keep this mild weather all of next week. Take care...

    1. Hi Hester....glad you dropped by!
      Same to you!

  12. Your tree is gorgeous - so thick and lush. It's a shame the needles drop so soon though. V looks so cute eating her cookie. :) We had a snowstorm last night - about 15 cm. worth. It was beautiful this morning in the sunshine but has clouded over this afternoon. No snow in the forecast though. I hope you have a nice time at the cottage. Enjoy the weekend. xx Pam

    1. I saw that you got snow!! Not a flake here...fine with me!!
      It was very chilly at the lake...brrr!

  13. Lots of fun! Your tree is beautiful isn't it! Hope that you enjoy your entertaining! xx

    1. I guess it will grow on me...I need to stop obsessing about it!!
      I plan to have a swell time...roast beast with all the fixins!!

  14. No snow here today.
    All we had has gone away.
    We didn't want it anyway.

    I haven't done much in the way of decorating yet, but I did get out the Nativity set.
    (Which is also sounding like poetry... I'm on a roll tonight.

  15. that sweet tiny profile...
    it seems that only a few weeks ago she was just a little baby.
    it's flying by. slow it down cc girl! slow it down!
    your tree is beautiful. i especially love the tartan around its base.
    my own glass topped table by the window is covered with a floor length tartan.
    so christmasy! xo

    1. Hi Tammy....
      Have a great weekend!

  16. Miss V melts my heart every time you share new pictures of her. What a sweetie. I'm having fun with my Jacquie Lawson advent calendar too. You don't have to be a kid...haha.

    Your home and tree looks so lovely.....sending love and hugs.

    1. Thanks are a sweetie!

  17. You had some help with your tree too
    From that little gal who stays with you.
    She made a real job, it is so swell
    And it looks a treat and great as well.
    You are right about our dear friend Betsy
    She is lovely and has a shop on etsy.
    She has a blog called My Five Men
    And completely outnumbered at her pen . . . lol
    She is so kind with a heart of gold
    And we all love her, both young and old.
    I had some help with my tree this year
    From grandson Peter, I love him so dear
    He tried so hard to please ~ he's only two
    And his eyes lit up when lights came into view
    The look of wonder on his face was splendid
    He loved doing it so much he just wouldn't end it.
    Each bauble hung made him say, "More!"
    Perhaps next year, he'll say, "Encore!"
    Next year I will delegate more when he's three
    And maybe he can do the whole Christmas tree.

    Have a lovely weekend . . . .Eddie . . . :)

    1. Awwww....what a beautiful poem, Eddie....thanks so much!
      Just taking a breather in between getting ready for my guests!
      Enjoy your evening....


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