Monday, 22 October 2012

Back To February 2012....

  This is my next choice of blogs to re-post...

 I took a whack of photos while in Florida last February...

 Did a lot of posting....

 Hope you all enjoy this one...

 click here...Forgotten Beach Fence  


Always need to add a few pretty flowers at the end...

Not sure if I like adding this "linky" thingy...

WOuld it be better to just post a few favorite pics???

Or continue with this theme???

Let me know....after all...YOU are my audience...and your opinion counts!!

                           Cheers!    :o)


  1. Love the photos of the old snow fence and all the fantastic shadows. The link took me to it just fine.

    1. son showed me last night!
      So...should I do this maybe once a week??? Or just photos???

  2. I love these flowers and I like that photo with the fence also.
    Definitely do as many photos as you feel like sharing. I enjoy that and I bet everyone else does too :)

    1. Thanks Candice...I am still pondering what to do...
      perhaps I should just pick a day every week, and put up an old post...
      That sounds

  3. I'm glad you reposted that post. I did check it out and LOVE the photos of the fence in the sand. Amazing how time and nature can bury something like that. The flowers are gorgeous including your hydrangea blooms in the above pics. Beautiful photos!

    1. Thanks would be hard to not make flowers look beautiful!!

  4. i cannot believe you were the other linda!!! she is a great gal. a lone rv'er! but man.
    the beauty of this blog is just mind blowing. (ha. showing my age) i used to overuse the
    word "neat!" strictly from 'leave it to beaver.' oh. did you get that in canada?
    it's an old old old tv show! very sweet though.
    i am going to go back to the beginning of your archives. i know you're doing the
    retrospective thing. i think that's so cool! but i want to get a feel for the whole place. if you ever get bored being a mom and a blog keeper . . . you could be a professional photographer! you may be one. that's why i have to go now to the archives.
    see ya!

    1. Hey Tammy...Glad you could make it!!!
      Of course we got leave it to Beaver in Canada..."you look lovely today, Mrs Cleaver"..hahaha....Glad you are enjoying my posts...Not a professional anything, but thanks for the compliment!!!


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