Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Wet....Cold.... & Hungry....

This young female Cardinal, caught my eye today...

She was on my kitchen window sill...

Carefully eating the seed pods on
my Rose of Sharon bush...

I had no idea that they actually
ate these seeds...

She was...Wet....Cold...Hungry...

How did you all weather the storm??

We are unscathed, here at home...    

             Hope you all had a great day...

               Hope you are not...




                                Cheers!   :o)


  1. We are also unscathed.

    Poor Mrs. Cardinal. :(

    1. yes...she does look kinda pitiful, doesn't she??

  2. No complaints at all...especially when you see the devastation out east! :(

  3. I'm so glad to have this update. We are only seeing the US perspective on CNN. It's just horrible. Haven't found any Canadian coverage, so if it has passed by you, then we should be alright as well. Glad there was nothing in town and hope for the cottage.

    1. Everything is fine.....where is the new baby boy!!!!

    2. I saw a photo of a tree on a house in Toronto, but that was the only Canadian picture I saw.

  4. Good news! I do wonder about the birds. That's quite a photo you got. Poor little fellow!

    1. I was surprised to see her...
      My feeders got all the seeds knocked out in the wind...
      and the juncos were busy on the ground eating those!!

  5. oh linda . . .
    glad to hear that so far so good for you canadian friends. except for the tree on the house in toronto!
    poor little cardinal.
    she was brave to come so close to your window!
    i feed the birds all winter and my cardinals love the sunflower seeds.
    it's funny. they all eat in shifts. i think of it as my bird cafe'.
    first the crows. big black and shiny. they sit in the trees and CAW loudly if i don't have it out there on time. very demanding fellows!
    then the little black birds . . . waddling all around grazing like miniature feathered cows!
    then the sparrows and the cardinals. they seem to get along just fine. they eat together even with their difference in size. occasionally a blue jay will fly in and scatter them all. big blue bully! but even big blue bullies need to eat.
    i love them all. and they need feeding. i can't imagine being wet cold and hungry.

    1. Feeding the birds is just another one of my passions...
      But...a certain pesky little "red" squirrel, has forced me to cut back...
      He immediately empties everything...and tried to set up housekeeping in our fan vent...we finally had to put chicken wire all around it...to keep the little beggar out!!
      Now...we wait until the bluejays announce their presence, and we toss some peanuts for them...the cardinals are late evening feeders, so we also give them peanuts...but, as you say...they do love black sunflower seeds...but so does little

  6. We too have squirrels along with hedgehogs, frogs, bees the list is endless
    Just don't know how we manage to have so many animals to feed this year. It has been tough on them so far.

    1. Hedgehogs???? Do you feed them???? I don't think I hahve ever actually seen a hedgehog...they sure are cute....

  7. I'm dry, warm and full here. The storm wasn't bad at all, mostly wind and some rain and a bad thunder storm in the middle of the night. Safe and sound and thankful. :)

  8. Came through the 'storm' unscathed here. Great pics of the cardinal!


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