Saturday, 20 October 2012

One Year Old today.....The Blog, I Mean!

   Today I celebrate one year with "Woke Up Got Out Of Bed"

            Funny, how time flies, eh???

           Seems like yesterday, I was encouraged to put my ramblings
                 where all can see...

               The best part is...all the lovely "bloggers" that I have "met" along 
                              the way...

                                I am extremely grateful to everyone who has taken such an
                           interest in my day-to-day means a lot to me...

                        You are always so kind and humorous with your comments..

                               They are the real reward for me... 

                       I have written 226 wonder I am tired!!!

                             What I am going to do, is repost a few of "my" favorites..

                                      Hope you enjoy reading them, as much as I
                                         enjoying writing them....

                                          I am going to just start today with a few of my
                                            favorite photos...

          I haven't really had a chance to go thru the posts...
             I just realized today, that it had been one year...
               Need some time to get organized!!! 


How self-indulgent, eh???

            Hope you enjoyed my pics...It is so difficult to choose
                      just a few.....

               Hope you are all having a great day...windy,cold and damp here...

          Yesterday was georgous at the Lake...20 degrees and sunny..
            The beach is even wider now...we were able to walk both ways...

                That is something we have only ever done once before...
                  In all the 15 years that we have been there...

                      I will organize those pics and have them for you later in the

         Now.............Start sifting thru those old posts!!!!
               I am sure there are lots that my recent visitors have not seen...

                    Perfect day to do this....:o)

                          Cheers!   :o)


  1. Happy 1st Anniversary of your blog! Time flies when you're having fun. It was fun to see all the great photos your chose today. I enjoyed seeing the cottage and beach in all seasons. The winter ones with the ice are beautiful. What is that stone castle-like structure down the beach? I'll look forward to seeing some 'reruns' that I have perhaps missed. Blessings, Pam

    1. Thanks first visitor, to my anniversary blog!!
      I actually did a post on the "castle"...built during prohibition, and they made booze in the basement, and the boats from New York, would come over...enter right into and under the castle..and pick up their booze!!!
      Our cottage was built in the early 30's, by Americans....lots of Americans along the shore... more winter pics to come..promise!!

  2. Congratulations with your blogging Linda, it really takes some doing and your posts are wonderful and welcoming. Lovely photos, just adore the cottage in the snow, picture perfect. Well Done! Looking forward to many more years.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Lisa... I better get busy!!

  3. Well, happy one year! That is just wonderful! And you celebrated in such a neat way with all of those memories captured in photos! I'm so glad we found each are a sweet lady and my blogging is richer because of you! xo

    1. The feeling is mutual, Betsy...
      Thanks so much for saying that...
      But....I get so much more from you...
      Hope the Birthday celebrations went well...

      Here's to many more blogs!!! :o)

  4. Well done on finishing one year of fantastic blogging. I'm glad I came across your blog or vice versa. Other than cutie Vivian I love the icy photo from the beach the best. Enjoy browsing back through the old posts. I"m actually getting to do that with transferring some things to my website. The sun is shining here today after a dull Saturday. I'm going to get some laundry done and hang it outside.

  5. Happy One Year Blogiversary!! If that is even a word.. Happy 1 Year!!
    Time goes fast here in blogland that's for sure. Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.
    Were you talking about my crochet throw?? It is so easy, out of my head.
    Email me and I will give you the pattern.

  6. And you thought you wouldn't have anything to say!! :) Congrats and keep up the good work.

    1. Me???? Nothing to say!!!!Now, that would be rare!!!
      Thanks for all your support, were my inspiration!!

  7. Happy Anniversary on one year of blogging!!!! Did I once hear you say you wouldn't have anything to blog about? Huh?? Love your posts and pictures. Delightful!

    1. I did say that!!!! Who was I kidding, eh??
      Thanks for your sweet comments...on NEARLY every blog!!!
      You are a dear friend....for sure...

  8. Happy blog-anniversary! I agree that blogging can be so rewarding! I just love the pix of your Grand Daughter :)

    Sandy xox

    1. Thanks Sandy...Vivian is cute!!!


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