Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A Room With A View.....

                    This is the view from my "office" of our 4 bedrooms

              in our house. It used to be my daughter's room....long after

              she moved on...I decided it was time for ME to have a place

              for my do my blog...and read other people's lovely 

              blogs...I arranged the desk, to look OUT the windows...there

              are 3 of them...instead of staring at the wall....I enjoy my time

              in MY space...watching neighbours come and go...children and

              their moms walking to and from across the street

              playing basketball in their driveway...I remember when my son

              played street hockey with all the other young boys on the

              street...the times we gathered as neighbours to watch the

              fireworks we all chipped in on...some neighbours have come

              and gone...but on our small court...11 houses in all...there are

              still 8 houses of families who have lived here since the


              our foundations being poured...put up with all the trappings

              that go with the building of new houses...and 27 years later...

              I can still enjoy the view...from MY room...:o)

              And when Vivian visits, she can do the same....and we can

              recall the memories with her...and then she will also become

              part of this house, that we call home....

                     Have a great  day...

                              Cheers!  :o)


  1. Hi Linda
    There is something very rewarding about living and growing in a place, it wraps it's arms around you like a big hug I feel. My son was born in the house where we now live and fourteen years later it still feels very much like our nest!
    A room with a view is so much more.

    1. Yes...we had thought of moving, after all the kids moved out, but we are so comfortable here..

  2. Lovely view from your window. I use one of the bedrooms as a library/computer room as well. The closet is chock full of yarn, patterns and craft items. I'm slowly moving in a few plants from the outside to overwinter. I love it, it's my version of a man cave :)

    1. I use one of the other bedrooms as a sewing/ironing room...and the 3rd bedroom actually has a double bed in it...and...Vivian's stuff!!! I will be bringing some plants in as well..if this lousy weather keeps may be next week!!

  3. Oh, how wonderful! We moved many times when I was a child. I'm so thankful that my boys have always lived in one house. I think it grounds them in a way that I never was. Your view there is lovely!

    1. Thanks Betsy...My youngest, Vivian's Mom, was 6 when we moved in here..and now she is 33 and a mother herself!!

  4. Such a lovely post, and what a wonderful view

    1. Thanks for visiting, Greenthumb....stop by often...

  5. Your view is beautiful and the colours in the trees are amazing this year. It is good to have great memories. We have been in the same house for 40 years and it is full of wonderful memories. I like to craft, sew and knit so you can imagine how much stuff I have.

  6. Nice view from your second floor perch. I've never lived in a house with a second story. But I would face my desk to the windows like you. Isn't it nice to have a space all your own? (Except for Vivian, of course!)


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