Sunday, 21 October 2012

Sunday Afternoon...At The Other Lake....

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  Enjoy your Sunday....sunny here...but kinda windy!!

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 What to do on a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon in January????

Why not take a short drive down to Clarkson, a small village near the shores of Lake Ontario.

The wind was coming off the lake, which made it a bit nipply...but so nice just to get outside for a short walk.  Don't get me wrong. we walk a lot, but usually just around the same square path, thru our neighbourhood.

This is sooooo much nicer...almost like being at our own Lake...but, alas..not today  :o(

We enjoyed the seagulls,mallard ducks, and even some beautiful swans. Oh yes...of course...the canadian geese were plentiful...and poopiful!!

There was a good assortment of driftwood and logs...too bad I couldn't drag them to the car!!

Lots of canadian geese!!!

 Even caught a furry squirrel running along...guess he was looking for some bread to wash ashore, form the people feeding the ducks and swans                                                                                             
The bright red branches of the dogwood,really shows on the beach background

Of course my boyfriend found a walking stick...he always matter where we go!!!

and, of course...believe it or not....beach glass!!!
What a great way to spend a sunday afternoon...
         cook dinner...chicken scaloppini!


                                This is where we were...Richards Beach...

                  Hope you all had an enjoyable Sunday afternoon

                                                                       We did!!!



  1. Hey, this is where I run every Sunday morning. I think I was a bit ahead of you, though! Next time keep going east on Lakeshore and pop into Rhododendron Park which is the every next park.

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  3. Or Jack Darling and walk west toward Hamilton into Rattray Marsh. Lovely!

  4. Linda,
    That is a beautiful way to spend the day! Especially after all the computer file deleting!?

  5. What a splendid day to spend at the park! The sun just seems a little brighter these days!

  6. Coming home to a nice home-cooked dinner- after a brisk walk- is one of my favourite things to do! Lovely pictures!

    Sandy xox

  7. It looked chilly on that walk, I'm sure you enjoyed the warmth of home when you got back.

    1. As I was!!!!
      Enjoy your day...

  8. Lake Ontario in January?
    You are very brave.

    1. As I recall, it was a lovely day...
      Don't mind the long as the sun is shining!!
      Hope you arrived safely from your journey!!

  9. How are the Lake Water levels near you? They are low here at the moment, maybe a foot and a half or so. At least it seems like it.

    Is Lake Erie low too? Where are they keeping the water? Is less water going over the falls?

    1. Check out my Oct 19th post...shows the beach...we hardly ever have a sand beach...
      I know the lake is way below normal...but, better for us...the late fall storms can be very damaging...from the wind and waves...hmmmm..that gives me an idea for another re-post...Thanks Martha!!!

  10. Happy blog anniversary Linda!
    I can see why it makes you sad to close the cottage for the season- it is a very special place. How lucky you are to have it!!
    all my best,

    1. Thanks Joan...We are both 1 year old!!!!
      We are luck to have the cottage...and...your home is to-die-for!!!


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