Friday, 19 October 2012

Friday Lunch At The Lake.....

Last Friday, we made our way to the Lake....just in time to have lunch on the beach deck....Peameal sandwiches and homemade Pea soup...
Such a gorgeous day...sun wind...calm Lake...even a sandy beach!!!

Still some tomatoes ripening....

We would have stayed overnite....but we had a date with her Mom was meeting a friend for an early dinner....We picked her up at 4pm...she was a crying....slept like a baby!!!!

Sorry about the tag in this picture....She was pretty tired...

We drove back out the next day....but it was cloudy, cool and rained from 4pm into the night...but...we got a few jobs done...and I [of course] took more pictures...

Restacked and tarped the boyfriend split some more logs, and I loaded a bunch onto the sun porch for future fires...We stayed the night, and had a beauty fire that night...It actually got warmer during the was up to 19 degrees, when we left Sunday around 1pm..

Grass all cut....still plenty of leaves on the trees...

And the Mums are plentiful....

                           We are headed back there today....

                      Hope you all have a great weekend...

                           Back with more photos!!!!

                                    Cheers!   :o)


  1. I love seeing photos of the lake. I'd love to wander around and collect some rocks to paint on. Vivian looks so peaceful when she is asleep. And it was worth the drive back on Friday to spend time with her. Amazing you still have some tomatoes on the plants, they must be in a well protected area. It's cloudy here today, with chance of rain. Enjoy the weekend at the cottage.

    1. There were still some tomatoes yesterday...they are in a big pot, and yes...protected!!

  2. Such a romantic and magical place with log fire, great food and blue skies, everything I dream of Linda, you lucky lady.... enjoy.... Vivian is a little dream too.

    1. Thanks Lisa...home today, as too chilly
      Yesterday was and sunny...had a fire on the deck!!

  3. It looks so beautiful and relaxing there although you did do a lot of work. lol Do you ever stay there in the winter? Have you posted winter photos of the lake? Enjoy the weekend. {Vivian is so sweet sleeping in her bassinet}

    1. We do stay in the winter...and yes, I have posted about it...
      She is almost too big for the bassinet!!!

  4. I can tell it's fall just by your photos...still gorgeous but they look like the air is a little more crisp and the sun shines at a different angle!

    Love that Viv! What a little doll she is!

    I picked tomatoes yesterday...probably the last!

  5. BRRR!!! The water looks cold. The wee baby is adorable. She has outgrown her bassinet.
    Our garden has been cleaned out and now ready for next season. I still have a few of the tomatoes, but I find them tough.


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