Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Meet My Beautiful Rex Begonia....

I have had this Rex Begonia for about 2 years...

I had put him outside at the beginning of the summer...

Kept him in a bright but shady spot...

He LOVED where I put him...'cause look at him now!!!!

I brought him in last Saturday, as I was afraid it was getting too cool at night for him...

I "googled" to see if he had a special name...came up with a few...

Curly Emma...hmmmm..could be...

New York Swirl....love that one!!!

Plum Purple leaved Rex...maybe....

All I know is.......he looks fabulous....and even rewarded me with a few

                    dainty pink flowers....enjoy the view...


                   So far......this is the only plant that has found himself back 

                          into the house....

                 I have a few geraniums to over-winter...and my "spikes"...

                        Although.....they have seen better days!!! :o(

                             Anybody else bringing any plants indoors???

                   Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving....

                       Not too much Turkey, I hope!!!!


                                     Cheers!  :o)


  1. Such gorgeous colours on the leaves of that begonia. I've bought a few plants inside, some have been moved to the garage and some have been sunk into the ground, pot and all to stop the winter kill in pots. The garden is mostly all put away for winter now. We had frost for the past 2 nights and fog in the mornings. Rain predicted for tomorrow. Fall is here for sure.

  2. Thanks Linda...but it seems really FAST and EARLY this year...I really have to get my act together!!! No frost here yet...sunny, windy and 15 today...

  3. What a gorgeous plant! It looks especially nice in that lovely pink pot :)

    1. HA HA...I was going to include that in the post...but I thought I would wait and see if you noticed!!! That is the lovely pot you gave me with the tulips, right?

    2. Yes, that's the one. I love it, too!

  4. Oh, Rex is a beauty, that is for sure! Wow! I'll have to look for one of those...what a gorgeous plant!

    I haven't brought anything in yet. I have a miniature rose bush that is just lovely and still blooming. I'll probably bring it in just to see if it lasts. And a big palm house plant that is still out. They are in a protected courtyard that stays a little warmer. We had some frost in the open areas already!

    1. I have a palm as well...but I think it is too big to bring in!!

  5. Linda, that is a gorgeous begonia! I didn't know you could over winter spikes. What do you have to do to them to keep them and where? I have 2 of them. Thanks. Pam

    1. Pam...I just bring them in, in whatever they are planted in..if you have them in a big pot...simply repot to a better size...I keep mine in my "office" upstairs, and they do very well...and get BIG...I have 2 that are in their third year, but not looking as good this year...probably the funny summer we had..but I clean them up, cut off any stragglers and hope for the best...let me know how you do! I will probably do a post, when I bring everything in..if I ever get to it!!

  6. Beautiful Begonia. I have never had any luck with them. Thanks for stopping by Linda.
    From one Canadian to another. I have also been married to the same fella for 46 years.

    1. Welcome Linda....let's stay in touch!!


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