Saturday, 22 December 2012

Shortbread 101....

My recipe is as old as the hills...

AS you can see from the photo!!!

Basic ingredients...

Butter.. 1/2 cup
Sugar...  1/2 cup
Flour... 1 3/4 cup
Rice Flour... 1/4 cup

Run sugar in food processor for 25 seconds...

Add chilled chunks of butter...

Pulse until creamed together....

Add flours....

Pulse until just combined...

Resembles pie dough...

Form into balls...

Put on baking sheet with parchment paper...

Press down with a fork...

Bake for 30 minutes,,,325 degrees...until just gold brown underneath..   

Take in the awesome aroma....ahhhhhhhhhhhhh...



I have had this Snowman... 3 tiered tin... for many years...I fill each section with a piece of waxed paper...and tiny morsels of buttery heaven...:o)

This tin went home with my son.....

He LOVES shortbread....:o)

Hope you are having a great day...

Sunny.......but still pretty gusty....and snow!!! 

     Dinner menu for this fine Saturday...

      Dijon encrusted grilled lamb chops...

         New Potatoes with fresh chives ...[can you tell the chef is a potato person]tee hee hee

              Fresh yellow beans...also with chives...

                      Salad...avacado and tomato...[another fav of the chef]   

        Enjoy your evening...

                                  Cheers!  :o)


  1. OH, this is TORTURE! haha. Lovely little shortbreads...I'd be popping those in my mouth! ha. There just isn't anything better than baking with real smells and tastes divine. yum. Such pretty little things, too. What a great tradition! Thanks for sharing the recipe, too!

    I'm a potato person, too. yum. I could eat them every meal...prepared in any way. lol.

    1. So glad to hear you are a potato person too!!!
      I could eat NOTHING but potatoes...
      Love them any way, shape or form...:o)

  2. It seems there are always delicious smells drifting through your house. There is nothing like homemade shortbread. I tend to cheat and buy it from a Scottish man at the market. He and his wife make the most delicious Scottish meat pies, fudge and shortbread. But I bet yours tastes better :)

    It was really windy and cold today, but the sun was shining brightly.
    The kids spent a happy morning have tea parties (Miss S), playing video games (Mr. R), and both painting, and colouring pictures to take home to Mommy and Daddy.

    1. I usually make at least 4 batches...but since my son moved out of town...and doesn't visit as kind of got away from me this year...
      so nice when you spend time with the grandkids...we had Vivian for a few hours yesterday :o)

  3. Your cookies sounds delicious! I'm guessing that snowman tin will come back for a refill one day. :)

  4. I know where you live and I'm coming over with an empty suitcase lined in waxed paper!
    P.S. Is Devon coming to the crochet class????

    1. A suitcase??? I better get busy!! hahaha...
      I gave Devon a refresher last spring..but I think she needs to branch out from her afghan....right Devon??

  5. Oh mercy sakes do those look good!!!!!!!!
    : )
    Merry Christmas Linda!
    xo Kris

  6. lordy lordy. can smell your house from here!
    so beautifully simple. in their buttery goodness and their little tins of love.
    again ~ you're like my favorite darling mother! she was a 'potato' person. EVERY meal had potatoes in some form or other. when she would be musing "wonder what i should fix for dinner..." my dad would say ... "well ~ i know we'll have potatoes. LOL!" and we did! in so many wonderful ways! i love them best to this day. i'm a tater lover too.
    happy sunday dear elf!

    1. Looks like I am in pretty good company...:o)

  7. Yummy! I love shortbread cookies. I make them too. Regular ones, whipped ones, chocolate chip ones and cranberry ones. All so good and all with butter. I stamp them with a fork criss crossed sometimes and sometimes with a pretty patterned cut glass dipped in sugar. All good. :0 And not one calorie either! lol Enjoy!!

    1. Wow...that's a lot of different types...
      I only do the one kind...and mine are zero fat as well!!!


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