Monday, 3 December 2012

Three Little Christmas Mice.....

 You may remember the sweet little Christmas Mouse I bought a few weeks ago...


I found her boyfriend the other day!!!!...

He is dressed in the same festive plaid... 

But with knickers...

A bow tie....

And a snowflake embroidered on his shirt!!!!

Aren't they the cutest couple!!!!
But...then....What do my wondering eyes see?????

An adorable Baby Mouse....

So cute...all in Grey and plaid...

Knickers and Vest...

I think all he needs is a scarf...

I will get right on that!!!

Enjoy the little Mouse Family...   


         Hope you are all enjoying your day...

             We are off for a drive to the Cottage...

                   See what's happening out there...

                         Have a great day...

                         Cheers!   :o)


  1. Those little mice are so cute. So glad you found the mate and baby to complete the family.

    1. So am I, Linda...I thought they were really cute...
      Still haven't figured out where I will put them!!

  2. These are really sweet Linda. Are they hand crafted?

    1. No Pam...I got them all at Winners!!!!
      On 3 seperate occasions!!! Don't you just love Winners!!!

  3. What a cute little fambly. Makes me want to wander around the Country Attic... or maybe the Emporium... or at least an antique shop of one kind or another.

    1. Like i said...Winners!!!
      Or I guess where you live...TJMaxx...or those stores!!
      But they do look old, don't they??

  4. So sweet. I have a crafted Xmas mouse I've inherited from my family. It sat on our family tree for as long as I can remember (I'm 53). He now comes out and plays on our tree for the Month of December. He's never had any mouse friends, but over the years he's been joined by a giraffe, a red robin and a green crocodile! Such great memories, thanks for sharing Linda.

    Dot (from down your way)

    1. Well Hello Dot Gillis...Welcome...
      I tried to view your blog, but was unable to...I am not allowed!!!
      Glad you have a sweet memory of your little mouse...
      Come and visit often!!!

  5. Cute Christmas Mice. Were you at the One of a Kind Christmas show??

    1. No...not this year...I have been other years..but COULD NOT fit it in this year!!!
      I still have to do my cards!!!

  6. What an adorable family of mice. I don't know why people think they are horrid in real life...okay I do know why but it is too bad because they are cute as can be.

    1. Thanks Lori...they are cute aren't they..

  7. oh my gosh.
    you have your own little mouseton abbey.
    lady christine, sir knickers and baby grey.
    i love that little family in their cozy chair home!


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