Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Wonderful Weekend On The Water......

see the purple martin feeding??

 Last weekend proved to be the busiest weekend on the Lake...so far this year...
Waterskiers....canoeists...jet-skiers...pole floaters...{not really sure what this sport is called...guess I should look it up!!!....nope! not gonna! Ha!}

And I even spied a floating dock down by the point...near the Provincial Park...

My boyfriend went in up to his knees...to cool off...that was after it had been kind of rough in the afternoon, and then the winds switched to the North, and calmed the Lake down... We enjoyed the sunsets on the beach deck...this was only one example...I have some more awesome ones to share...

This was the only night....Saturday....that the Moon was visible...too overcast the other nights...This weekend it should be over the Lake...now that is special!!! Hope I can get a few shots of that!!

Okay...so I caved in, and looked it up!!!

It is called Stand Up Paddling...SUP...now we all know!!!

Spent a busy day here...
My boyfriend was out on the road, so I decided it was a good day to streak my hair!!! And I also applied a collagen mask to my face...I guess I should just get a mask...and stop worrying about what I look like!!!

While my hair and face were cooking...I did a bit of blog work...

I am sporting a new header....and a new profile picture...thanks to all of your lovely comments...{liars!!!}..I used the one from a week or so back...I also like it...all gauzey like Doris Day...Actually a dear friend in highschool, used to call me Doris Day...HA!

I also organized my closet...and filled a big bag to donate...that always makes me feel good....also found a few things that were lurking "underneath" other things!!!

I also got Sweet Cheeks birthday gifts sorted out...

After showering...and throwing in the 2nd load of laundry...I headed for Wal-Mart...

Needed lots of small things...

Then I headed to Superstore, to check out the Joe Fresh clothes...they are so cool...I picked up a couple of things for Miss V, that had been marked down....I do love a bargain!!!

I then headed to the grocery store, to pick up some fish for dinner....

After that...around 4pm...I headed down to Daycare...and brought Sweet CHeeks home with me!!! Gave her a delightful bath...nice clean sleeper....snack...drink...all ready for her Mom to pick up at 5pm...Now, all she has to do is give her dinner...cuddles...and off to bed!!

What did you all do today???  Were you busy????

On the menu tonight...

     BBQ'D Cajun Tilapia...grilled peppers & mushrooms...grilled taters...

          Hope you all enjoy your evening...

             I think today was possibly the hottest to date...

                Hopefully some rain in the forecast!

                                   Cheers!   :o)


  1. It certainly does look like it was a very busy weekend on the lake. That's so nice to see people outdoors and enjoying nature. I like your new header photo and your new profile photo. (you do a great job on your hair) :) It sounds like you had a very busy day. It's too hot here to do much although I was in town today for appointments and groceries. We have to eat I'm afraid. Hugs. Pam

    1. Thanks Pam...I have done my own hair 4-ever!!!
      I have only been to my hairdresser once since January!!! I also cut it myself!
      I did have a VERY busy day...and I like it! ha!

  2. It looks wonderful and although I am not big on going out on boats, in this heat, I might be tempted.
    Or at least to sit at the edge of the water. Beautiful photos, Linda !!

    1. The closest thing we have to a"boat", is our peddle boat! I am not a real boater, either...so that is why I sit on the deck...admire the view...and zoom in on people! Wonder if anyone is zooming in on me?!
      Thanks for visiting Candice...

  3. Sounds like a very fun weekend and day today! A little home salon treatment before some shopping...love it. ha. Tomorrow I'm coloring my roots, whitening my teeth and doing a facial before I shop! ha. Great minds....

    1. How do whiten your teeth in one day?
      Do share your secret treatment...

  4. You seem to be in rare form! Haha. You're having a good time, and that's great. I love your new profile pic and I do see some Doris in you, actually. It sounds like you had a really nice and productive day. :)

    1. I wonder what she looks like now?...I should google that!
      I did have a productive day...I guess they are the best kind!

  5. Nice new rose header, and new profile too. Way too hot here, would of loved to paddle in the lake. Wednesday is busy for us, grand kids all day, dinner here then take them off to soccer to meet up with mom and dad. Son in law calls this Camp Granny !

    1. Thanks Crafty...it is wayyy too hot here too!!
      Have fun with the grandkids...and try and stay cool!!

  6. Lots of good stuff going on there! Paddle Boards are huge here! We want to get one too!! What..no picture of your new hair????

    1. Same hair...just brighter!! I usually streak it every 6-8 weeks...it gets kinda dull in between...

  7. Good morning Linda...so glad you found my blog...so I could get to yours...first off...love the name of it...and the pics in this post are awesome...I just told my husband that I want to get a paddle board for the bay here. Do you love it???...Is it super hard to do? talk soon...xo, Mariaelena

    1. Hi Mariaelena...thanks for stopping by...
      I guess i confused people...WE don't have a paddle board...I just took pics of people using them on the Lake... We old farts have a peddle boat...too old for those other things!!!hahaha!

  8. Yesterday started out good for me. I went to Ladies' Prayer and took my coffee along to sip on. It was mid morning when the headache started and I took some Ibuprofen which did nothing. Turns out my coffee was decaf. I won't bother writing here how the evening went... Suffice it to say I am once again in fear of my favorite beverage.

    1. SO sorry that you suffer from these terrible headaches...
      Are they migraines? or just darn stupid headaches?

  9. shhhhh.... silence... i am walking into the rose on your new header...
    such beauty just leaves me in silent awe. it is amazing.
    then... scrolling down... picture after picture of glass calm water and dear people on it. and then the setting sun. the moon . . .
    a perfect ending.
    then more scolling and the post i missed the day before... and to be rewarded with a little bunny straight from her bath.
    ready for birthday celebrations on friday!
    cheers dearest cc girl. xoxo

    1. Tammy...your words are far better than mine...
      Thanks so much...You are the best!!

  10. I love those paddlers! Can you imagine if we ever got down there, how in the world would be get up???? We can't even get off a mat on the gym floor. It would not be graceful or as adorable as those two. Love that photo sequence :)


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