Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Beaming...Blossoming...Beauteous Begonias...

These are the shots of my Begonias...

As promised...

Taken yesterday...

After the rain...

No time for picture taking today!!!!

3 loads of laundry...

1 Blueberry Buttermilk Breakfast Cake...

One trip to daycare to pick up Sweet she has a bit of a runny nose....

She was sooooo happy to see me!!

SO rewarding, eh??

Spent the afternoon with her...

Made more pasta salad...

Bathed Sweet Cheeks....
Made 2 banana with raspberries and one with blueberries...

Am I rambling or what?!

All of these Begonias are in one basket that I made...and man...

Oh man...

Are they gorgeous or what!? 

No time for editing these...

This is how they came out!!!

Big blossomy Begonias...

Almost Rose-like...

Small petite Begonias...

Love them all...


I will be quiet now....just for a while though!! ha!

enjoy the pics!!

Hope you all had a great day...

I am not done yet!!!

More laundry to fold...[ahhhhh...the joy of housework,eh?? ]

Tomorrow I have to plan the food and such for the cottage...

We will be going in the afternoon....YAY!!!!!

On the menu tonight....

      Baked Salmon filet...Pasta Salad...cherry tomatoes with goat cheese...

                Big slices of perfectly ripe Avacado...


Thanks to all of you who visited and commented on my daughters blog!

You are THE best peeps ever!!!!!   For sure!!!

                   Cheers!   :o)



  1. The begonias look fantastic! Wow. You have so many types I've never even seen before. I hope Vivian is feeling well soon. It's so nice that you're able to help out with her. It sounds like you've had a very busy day! Put your feet up and rest tonight. :)

    1. I did have a VERY busy day...I am sure Vivian will be fine...perhaps it is her teeth bothering her...I love to help out...anytime I can!
      I am going to bed now!

  2. Oh, I was wondering what to make for dinner tonight. Pasta salad! Thanks for the idea.

    I planted a pink rose today. It smells like what heaven must smell like.

    1. Glad to be of help!
      Let's see a pic of that beautiful pink rose!

    2. Ah, i had to cut it back so all it is right now is a thorny bush. But she is just waiting to bloom like she means it.

    3. I bet it will be gorgeous!

  3. I'm just taking a quick visit around some blogs this evening. It's been busy all week with our wee grandsons here and we are enjoying it so much. Wish it could be like this all the time. Oh well. I enjoyed all your recent posts of your flowers the cottage and sweet cheeks. Have fun! The weather has cooled a bit here after a sweltering weekend. Phew. It was hot!! :)

    1. Enjoy your visit with the wee ones!!!!

  4. Beautiful flowers!
    I wish I had more time/concentration for my gardens, but I am growing children instead, other people's children. There is a good in loving children too, maybe more good than I can imagine. But it sure does make me tired.
    Here comes the rain again!

    1. There is tons of good in loving children, Martha...and I am sure you do a wonderful job!
      To be honest...I really don't spend all that much time working the garden...usually a good cleaning every few weeks...and that is that!!

  5. such gorgeous flowers!
    And blueberry is my fave fruit for cakes, after bananas :) I bake cakes for money quite often and I always make the cake itself using buttermilk instead eggs :)

    1. For money? Now, that sounds interesting!
      I also use Buttermilk...nothing better!

  6. Beautiful colours of begonias.
    Finally no humidity this morning, it will be a fun day to walk around downtown at the annual sidewalk sale.

    1. Thanks Crafty...beautiful morning here...wee bit windy though!

  7. Those certainly are beauteous begonias! I love begonias - they are so thick and waxy and gorgeous! Despite be so busy you still manage a blog posting. Kudoes!

    1. I love begonias too!!! I do a few posts at a time...that way, I can edit and publish!!


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