Tuesday, 5 May 2015


Yesterday started out sunny and warm...and breezy...

Thunderstorms were predicted for the afternoon...so...

I thought I should get Miss V a wee bit earlier...

So that we could get a park visit in...before the storms...

Well...the storms never materialized...although the sky was very dark...

And the wind was very gusty...

 I had paid an early morning visit to the back garden...

And was delighted to see a few White Trilliums were in bloom....

They had hitched a ride with a few cedars into my back yard...

There are also Burgundy ones...but...they always bloom on alternate years...

Very odd...but that is what they do!!

We made it to the park...nice and windy and hot...

Miss V managed to find such fresh blooms to enjoy!!


She is the recycling Queen now...

Gathering up stuff as we walked back home...♥️

Last week I purchased a lovely big bowl for the front planter...

Full to bursting with Pansies and Daffodils...

Will plant them when it has finished its magic...

My Pussy Willows that I had snipped for Easter... 

Are rooting and sending out leaves!!

More planting for the garden...perhaps I will take these to the cottage!

Yesterdays dinner was Vegetable pasta...

Miss V's 2nd favorite meal at Nana's...

Her 1st is Fish!!!

We will have that on Wednesday, when her Mom goes to Yoga class...


Last but not least...

I picked this Magic Wand up at the $ store...

It flashes...


And does like a disco light thingy!! 


She loved it!!




Hope you are all having a great day...

No sun today...but still warm...I did 2 hours in the front garden...

More raking...hand raking...planting bulbs...watering...clipping...trimmimg!

It was fabulous!!!

Looks like a new front yard now...Good job Linda!! hahaha!

On the menu tonight...

An oven dinner...

Crispy moist pork chops,roasted potatoes and carrots...gravy...

I think tomatoes and avacadoes as a starter...yum!!

            Enjoy the rest of your day...

               What kind of trouble did you get into??

                     Cheers!    :o)


  1. Oh, I love your little Queen of Recycling in her leopard rain boots! Too cute. And, you are teaching her well. =) She is just so precious, Linda... but you know that better than anyone. I so wish I were close enough to have my Littles every week. I'm impressed that fish is her favorite. You must be a wonderful fish cook... which I am always wanting when it is on your menu. I just started a hodgepodge of things from the freezer and pantry in a slow roast. I needed to run to the store, but a thunderstorm blew in so... I'm just making do. It's smelling pretty good though. Have a wonderful evening. blessings ~ tanna

    1. Yes Tanna...we are very lucky to see her so often....
      Making loads of memories for her we hope♥️
      Hodgepodge in the slow cooker...sounds wonderful!

  2. I love the yellow glow on Miss V's nose...just like a buttercup under your chin!

    1. Ha! When we were eating lunch I noticed the yellow! Cleaned her up!
      Good eye, Betsy!

  3. Our weather is so similar..always..She is definitely the cutest recycler..Her eyelashes..:)♥
    Gardened today..feels so good to be out there and feeling the sun on my face.
    I love magic wands..

    My boys don't;)
    Trilliums here too..scilla..pulmonaria...anemones..jonquils..

    1. It felt great to be in the garden....and not JUST raking! Hahaha!
      I even planted the bulbs from my beautiful Spring planter that my daughter gave me!
      Magic wands rule!

  4. aww she is really, really cute:)

    1. Gloria....you are really,really nice♥️

  5. Well what could be better than a magic wand!!! Just what every fairy princess in training needs I would say!!!! All of the flowers are so beautiful, funny about the trilliums though hey! xx

    1. Hi Amy....
      Yes....the magic wand was a big hit!
      Enjoy the rest of your week.....

  6. I see you have another Beetles' tune ~ this time "Yesterday" as well as "Woke Up, Got Out Of Bed" . . . lol
    Great photos of little Miss V.
    She loves her little jobs doesn't she.
    I am having little Peter this week and hope if it is fine we can get into the garden and he can do some tidying up with a little dustpan and brush. I think he will love it. . . . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie...
      "all my troubles seemed do far away"....LOVE The Beatles♥️
      Oh...Peter will love the dustpan and brush....he will clean that yard lickety split!

    2. Up late again tonight because my internet was down and I rang the service provider ~ we got it fixed.
      "It's been a hard day's night!" to quote another Beatles song . . . lol

      Love the term "lickety split" . . where did that one come from . . lol
      Yes Peter will love it but trouble is it is raining cats and dogs right now. . . .night and cheers . . . :)

  7. Love your starter. Yum. I had toms with sardines and garlic for lunch. But an avocado would have been heaven to add. Great picture of MissV. You are one rockin' gram to give her such yummy and fun meals.

    Cheers and boogie boogie.

    1. Can't beat tomatoes,goats cheese,sliced red onion,black olives,Basil,avacado....splashed with olive oil and cracked black pepper!
      She does love Nanas cooking♥️

    2. All sounds great, Linda. But I have an idea that you
      are one mean cook. I bet everything is killer, good.

  8. Miss Vee is such a dolly,,, I love her sparkly wand! Isn't it wonderful how the Trillium's take turns to show their color!

    1. Hi Laurie!
      I am excited to see you!
      Yes....Trilliums are pretty cool that way!

  9. What kind of trouble? Well I chatted to my sister in Australia. We are twins..eight years apart!
    Jane x

    1. Who is the youngest and prettiest?

  10. I thought I'd spied some trilliums in the woods as we were out on our drive with Tim yesterday, but Rachel was driving and I didn't want to make either her or Tim crazy by asking her to stop so I could shoot pictures.

    1. Ha!
      I drive my boyfriend crazy like that!
      What is their problem?

  11. Today's blog is extra specially happy, funny and funky, LSK. Gosh, Miss V.'s eyelashes are so, so lovely. And that magic wand! The BF and I met some friends in T.O. for a foreign film this afternoon, then ate dinner at Panera's on the way home in our "hood." Your vegetable pasta looks yummy....

    1. I really like the way you and your BF get out and about so much!
      Devon called today! We had a great chat.....♥️

    2. So, so nice that you caught up with Devon! Next time, please send her a telephone hug for me. Have a lovely day. :)

  12. I love Miss V's overalls - I wore them until I was wellllll into adulthood - so comfy. And I must get myself a sparkly wand! I bought myself a bumble bee bubble blower on the weekend. Yup... I'm just a kid at heart. But still a sick kid so I didn't get into any trouble today. Spent most of it in bed. And no. Not that kind of trouble!

    1. I remember overalls....and jumpsuits! And now they are back in style!
      The $ store has everything for a kid like you!
      Chicken soup is what you need! Take care.....

  13. Lovely photos and post ! Yes the temps were warm the winds were gusty and we had rain lots of it by the afternoon , cloudy this morning but the sun is trying it's best to push through them temps are warm 12C getting warm as the day goes on , Supper sounded YUMMY ! Nothing like getting in the garden is there ? Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

    1. No rain here....hope the cottage got some!
      Rather cool this morning.....
      Have a great day Elaine....

  14. That is so good that she picks up all the recycling she sees! What a good girl she is!

  15. a dandy lion bigger than her tiny nose!!! and OMG those eyelashes.
    i'm glad the weather is turning for you and your amazing GREEN thumb! :D and DITTO DEVON'S comment!

    1. Yes....the eyelashes♥️
      Miss Recycle!


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