Tuesday, 12 May 2015

The Weekend...Part 2...Birds♥️

the Goldfinch were crazy!!

Just caught the backside of this Red Breasted Mergansers pair...

Doves....of course!

This tiny Song Sparrow was serenading us all weekend...

Just beautiful!!

He was eyeing the Martin House...

As well as a few Swallows...

Sure hope he moves in...

I could listen to him all day long!!

Lone Woodpecker...got himself plenty of peanuts...

See the orange slices in the background??

These I put out for the Orioles...

They were enjoying them...but very shy...

I got one shot of him...enjoying some nectar...

Hopefully better pictures this upcoming weekend...

They were scouting around their old nesting spot!!

Keep in mind...I took most of these shots from inside...

So....not as clear as I would like...

These happy little hoppy guys are White Capped Sparrows...

So cute!! and so fast!!

Captured one guy at the feeder, while I was eating dinner!!

Male Purple Finch always a pleasure to see...


This is my biggest excitement!!

This sweet little Wren, has taken up housekeeping on a tiny bird house I had just put up!!

His singing is even more glorious than the Song Sparrow...

Sorry...but it is true!

After a dirt bath...he proceeded to gather building materials and get to work..

Hope he is still there next weekend!!

Again these pics are thru the window...I can see the birdhouse from our den...

Can't wait to watch his antics...

Hope you are all having a great day...

Cool and windy and cloudy here today...

Had some rain overnite...good for the garden...which grew like mad last weekend!!

I have been grocery shopping...and am going to start some laundry...

I have a tree trimmer here...so I must stay here, while he works!!

Think I'll whip up a Blueberry Buttermilk Breakfast Cake...

Got some Blueberries at the store...

A nice comfort meal tonight..

Roasted Peameal bacon...scalloped potatoes...fresh yellow & green beans...


What's cooking in your kitchen on this Tuesday??

Sunny??  Rainy??  Tornadoes??  Snow??  It is different everywhere!!

Enjoy the rest of your day...

                        Cheers! :o)


  1. Great selection of birds . . . . yippee . . . we have goldfinches too but not very common . . . . we also have two varieties of wrens, 'Women's Royal Naval Service' and the feathered variety . . . haha.

    I believe I am right in saying that Mrs Wren the bird is very fussy about her housing accommodation and the poor little chap tries his best to prepare one for her but is told in no uncertain terms she wants a choice of three otherwise he can keep his marital prospects to himself. The poor sod works night and day flat out, singing romantic courtship songs to her as he beavers away, while all she affords to him is the occasional flutter of her eyelashes, just showing slight interest and no promise whatsoever of any marital bliss. She then condescends to inspect the three finished houses and rejects two of them outright and makes him tear them apart in order for any chance of her surrendering to him the passions of his heart. And then she helps him destroy the third one and she then succumbs to his romantic overtures and helps him build an entirely new one to her own specification. The poor little wren-pecked wren bird. Lawdie Bless My Sanity I think I'd rather be a bachelor wren and go out on the tiles occasionally . . . . lol I see you have two houses . . . . . . rofl.

    1. We Wrens have always been picky birds,Eddie.
      Jane x

    2. Yes of course Jane, you were a WREN , , , , lol. How many houses did Chris build . . . . lol

    3. Hi Eddie...
      Hi Jane...
      Very informative Eddie...thanks for that!
      There is another birdhouse in the same tree...and several others close by...
      Oh...I do hope she likes him♥️

    4. Oh she'll like him if he builds enough houses and tweets a few love songs . . . . if he is persistent she will cave in to his manly charms eventually . . . . . lol

    5. I might just hold you to that theory, Eddie!

    6. Eddie, this is our THIRD house in Canada!!!
      Jane x

    7. Well, Jane, you ARE a wren then as well as a WREN . . . .
      I hope Chris sang you a lot of lovely songs . . . . lol . . :) x

      . . . oh and Linda . . . I mean of course nest rather than house . . . but you realized that . . . a sort of 'battered' nest !! . . .

      Jane if you are wondering what all this is about and whether I am truly 'barking' you can see all about it on Betsy's blog at 'My Five Men' . . . in the comments section . . . lol

  2. Lovely bird photos, the wren has been busy here, building next in 2 of the birdhouses. I made some lemon loaf to take with us to snack on tomorrow when we go to Ottawa for tulip festival. The wind is so strong today, had to take down a few things before they got blown away. I always think the white crowned sparrows are wearing their bike helmets :)

    1. I will keep my fingers crossed for you too Linda!
      Very strong winds here too...cottage has gusts to 85km/hr...geesh!!
      Aren't they the cutest wee birds??

  3. I'm excited to see if the wren has babies. We'll need weekly reports.
    Cooking tonight? Grilled Mediterranean veg on courgette/zucchini spirals.
    Jane x

  4. Okay, now you really impress me with your knowledge of birds, please tell me that you consult a bird-watching book! Hmm, your blueberry cake sounds delish. Menu here is baked chicken breasts with Dijon mustard/honey/bread crumbs and fresh green beans. Take care and hope the rest of the week is warmer and sunnier!

    1. Nope....these ones I knew! I am S M A R T !
      I should have you over for a coffee and a piece....it was one of Devon's favorites!
      Your dinner sounds delish...ours was good too!

  5. You get so many beautiful birds!

    I love birds:)

    My finches fed on a long feeder on the tree we had to chop down:(
    I have to remedy that..taking into consideration Squirrelville/aka my town.

    So no electricity since 3.45
    HOWLING winds..apple blossoms shivering on their limbs..
    Almost hail rain ...not quite..
    Generator just got going..but I think we will eat Tostitos and salsa.
    Once a year..not a real meal;)

    1. Get your self a feeder Monique....or just seed! Hahaha!
      The Squirrels are a pain....for sure!
      That sounds like a terrible storm! We had high winds here....but no rain!
      Tostitos & Salsa.....yummy!
      I am sure you will make it beautiful!

  6. Aw, your little wren looks so industrious! I love to watch them...and yes, their song can be heard in the house with the windows shut tight! haha....

    Song sparrows are so sweet...love to watch them sing. I named my etsy shop after them!

    1. They are the best singers....ever!
      Song sparrows sound like a Red Winged Blackbirds to me!
      Love the birds!

  7. My favorite photo tonight...the Dove. How gorgeous is that. I love my doves here, too. I`m jealous as no one has moved into any of my 4 houses yet. I know it will happen but I`m not known for my patience. ;-) I was gifted this Mother`s Day with many bird-themed gifts. Everything so beautiful. Tell me Linda, do you feed your birds all summer?

    1. It seems that the same birds come back every year....give them time....you are new to them!
      A lot of them probably live in your evergreens....
      Yes I do.....sort of.....not as diligently....but yes....and no.....clear as mud? Hahaha!
      I'm gonna say yes.....
      I enjoy watching them!

  8. Smiling at all your feathered friends. My Grandma instilled a love of birds in all of us and she knew all their songs. My parents are great birders and we grew up with feeders galore...and squirrels too. Birds are such a delight. A huge variety to tantalize our eyes.
    Dinner tonight is probably soup. Again! Can't be bothered with much else these days. Your cake sounds amazing, Linda!

    1. Oh Suzanne....sending get well wishes to you.....
      The cake is incredible!

  9. Very nice bird pictures! So different than we have here on the west coast.

    We are having hamburgers, baked asparagus and roasted potatoes.

    1. Yum.......burgers.....love them!

  10. Your pictures are stunning, Linda! And you sure do know your birds! I'm so happy that the little Wren is making a home in your birdhouse, it makes us feel like landlords of sort (the nice kind!). I'm afraid all I seem to attract is house sparrows and they came by the thousands when I put up a feeder last summer. Had to take it down as they scared away all the other type of birds. Not sure if anyone is taking up residence in my houses. Oh, how I wonder what's going on at the lake!

    Your dinner sounds great...just wondering what Peameal bacon is. Like a ham? And we need to see some of your cake recipes! I made a roast beef tonight and some asparagus with Parmesan. We had tuna salad last night and hubby thought I was trying to starve him!

    The rain seems to have ended but its nippy, about 50 degrees and not much warmer in the coming days. :(

    Jane x

    1. Jane, it must be so frustrating about your lake house...not sure how you are coping....I would be a wreck, for sure!
      I am not fond of the house sparrows...their "cheep....cheep....cheep" drives me crazy!
      Peameal bacon is Canadian bacon...we buy a large piece, and roast it! Delicious! Much leaner than regular bacon...
      Leftovers make great sandwiches!

  11. You have some sweet birds to watch all summer long Linda. I like the wren and haven't seen one before. Enjoy the birdies. ;)

    1. I hope the Wrens nest!
      Love their beautiful song!

  12. I love the goldfinches, they are so pretty in their bright yellow summer attire! Well, the males anyway. haha! I think we have the same birds although the orioles have only shown up once or twice. I will try putting out some orange slices.

    We just had hotdogs for supper since we went to the Big Town today for BG's heart checkup which turned out that the doc was called away and he didn't get to see him! But, we had a nice big lunch in town so we weren't very hungry at suppertime. What is Peameal bacon? I know bacon, but not Peameal bacon.

    I hope to get the rest of my flowers planted tomorrow. Rain is moving back in tomorrow night and it's supposed to rain through the weekend. Hope your week is a good one!

    1. Hi Cheryl!
      There must have been at least 30 Finches, at all the different feeders!
      Peameal is Canadian bacon....delish!
      I haven't even bought any flowers yet! Nipply this week here!

  13. Another one of the many things we have. Common. Love my feathered friends ! XO Krs

    1. Yes Kris....we do have a lot in common!
      Have a great week!

  14. Beautiful, beautiful little bird friends!! They just make us smile!! What is peameal bacon? Inquiring minds need to know. ;) blessings ~ tanna

    1. Hi Tanna....
      Hope you are not under water down there in Texas!

  15. I spent the day at work and came home achy and exhausted. I cooked up some scrambled eggs, a piece of ham, and two toaster waffles last night. They were perfect. and then I went to bed early.

    Summer is over for a spell and spring has returned. My Darling turned the furnace on...

    1. My boyfriend turned our furnace on!!!
      Stay toasty!


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