Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Bits & Bobs From The Cottage.....

Gathered together a few shots from the past weekend at the cottage...

I had purchased a few Begonias the week before, and finally got them potted up in a nice fresh basket...

Don't you just love Begonias?? So dainty...and lacy them!!

My Dead Mans Parasol gets bigger every week...

He is a member of the Rhubarb family...

A very dramatic plant...and HUGE!!

My daughter Lissa and boyfriend soaking up the afternoon sun!!

Still a bit chilly...

When there is a brisk south wind off the Lake, we sit on the West side...where it is somewhat sheltered by a row of huge shrubs!! 

A cosy place to sit!!

The Turtles are on our way to the cottage...

See them every year!!

We stop to say HI! and take a pic...

Lily of the Valley partially blooming...

Why does it always spread INTO the lawn, instaead of back INTO the bed? hahaha!

Snowballs are forming...

A few more weeks for those..

This Tulip was splendid!

Such vibrant colours!!

With the late day sun hitting it...


These 2 were playing very the afternoon sun ♥️

Got a few baskets all potted up...

Hopefully they havent shrivelled in this heat!!

I tucked them away, but the wind also dries them out...

I got a few different leafed Begonias this year...

Top basket on the left...

Will be interested to see the flowers!

Our view while eating dinner....gorgeous!!  Can't wait to go back!!

We have Miss V today...having her nap in the big girl bed ♥️

She has put her toes in the pool..."Cold Nana"...yes...very cold! You will have to wait a few weeks!!

We will be off to the park when she wakes up...very humid and breezy out!!

I took this shot of the Moon last night, just as I was headed to bed...

Hope you are all having a great day...

The trip I mentioned, is this Sunday...

Boyfriend and I will be flying to The on Canada's East Coast...

Business/Pleasure...5 days...

A very beautiful part of our country...

And the very best part...I will be meeting up with a fellow blogger!!!!!

Her name is Pam Gordon...over at "Playing With My Camera" my sidebar!

SO excited to finally meet a blogger!!! Her blog features a lot of the local countryside and special events she attends down there. Her home and photography is so beautiful, and her gardens as well...she truly lives in a beautiful part of Canada...Wish me luck!! Hope she doesn't think I am too kooky! hahaha!

Making Summer Pasta my daughters request!!

Have a great evening...

            Cheers! :o)


  1. Yes, begonias are fabulous aren't they!! So many different colours and flower and leaf types too. I hope that you have a wonderful trip and love meeting Pam! I can tell you from experience that meeting other bloggers is wonderful! You will talk non stop I expect and really enjoy it! xx

    1. My of my favorites! Hahaha!
      Oh I am thrilled to meet up with Pam....she seems to be a lovely gal!

  2. your flower photos are amazing, very exciting trip you have planned! I think its wonderful to actually come face to face with blogging friends!

    1. I think so too Laurie!
      How fun to meet people with the same interests!
      Can't wait....
      Hope your daughter and baby are doing well...

  3. I have never been to the Maratimes..lucky you..I know I would love everything in that corner of our country.
    Have fun.

    What a moon pic!

    Thanks for sharing all your plants..ideas..and family.

    1. I have been several beautiful down there...and I love the architecture of the homes!
      Lots of water, too! You would love that!

  4. How fun to meet a fellow blogger . . . I did it last year . . . and of course my sister is a fellow blogger . . . :)
    As always a great selection of photos . . . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie....
      Yes...very anxious to meet Pam!
      Y ou should visit her would learn a lot about our Atlantic Provinces...

  5. Oh, lucky you. I love the east coast. It should be a wonderful time to visit and have fun meeting a blogger. That's always a special time. Deb

    1. Oh me too Deb! I would love to chat over a cup of tea with you!

    2. Maybe you and the boyfriend will have to visit the beautiful city of Ottawa sometime,

    3. We' never know!
      And time in Kitchener!

  6. Just having a giggle at Big Red in yesterday's blog. I also loved the dragon fly one, very arty. Today's photos are wonderful! Cute turtles, BF and daughter are cute too. And of course, the flip flops snuck into a photo. Nice that you had little Miss V. today. I've enjoyed a couple of vacations in the Maritimes, happy for you. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate! :)

    1. Gotta get those Flipflops in!
      Miss V was excellent....such a pleasure having her for the day!
      The weather looks pretty good....19*c for most days....very nice!

  7. Beautiful pictures, as always!

    1. Thanks! It is the subjects that are beautiful....

  8. You're going to have so much fun! Can't wait to hear all about it!
    I don't think I know Pam! I agree it would be fun to meet another blogger.
    Gorgeous flowers in their new basket homes! I bought a bunch of stuff at the
    garden center today...a nice project for me tomorrow to get things planted!

    1. Have you never met one? I would have thought you would have so many followers...
      Have fun in the garden!

  9. The turtles look like they are having their own little parade. Very sweet. The East coast is one of my favourite places. Been many times to all the Atlantic provinces. When we lived in Quebec we holidayed in PEI for many summers. They all have their own distinctive beauty.

    1. Yes they sure do, Suzanne!
      Love the landscape and architecture!

  10. Double lucky you, flying down East and meeting Pam. Say hi from me. The blooms all look lovely. I planted up some begonias in with some deep coloured coleus in a big planter. Sure hope that chilly weather doesn't return.

  11. Fantastic shots. I love the yellow.

  12. Beautiful pictures as always, Linda. Those turtles look rather 'snooty'. Haha. I can't wait to meet you and I think I'll have to visit some of your blog followers that I've not visited before too. A lot of Canadians are in blogland now and it's so nice to learn about other areas of our great country.

    1. Thanks Pam....
      They have their noses in the air!
      Oh me too Pam....and yes....I have some really nice,funny peeps!
      I will give you the inside scoop! Hahaha!

  13. You have turtles in your neck of the wood?

    1. Hi Blue....
      You betcha!
      How are you?


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