Thursday, 4 February 2016

Continued From Yesterday.....After Lunch...

After lunch...we headed down to the basement...

This has become a favorite of Miss V's, since we brought her kitchen home!

She discovered her Uncle Ryan's old keyboard from the 80's, and she loves it! All kinds of beats and tempos...Our favorite is "Wham's" "Wake me up before you go go"...It always gets her rockin'! And...she wants me to join  her! What fun! 

She also loves her Auntie Lissa's Rocking Horse that my stepfather made for her in the late 70's...We brought home our cute "fireplace" heater from the cottage last can get pretty chilly downstairs!! She loves that too! "Turn on the fireplace Nana"....what a hoot!!

As her Mom doesn't want her napping anymore...really???I wanted mine to nap 4ever!!!...different strokes...

We headed out for a bike ride...

She helped Papa get the mail...

Had to get off her bike...

And stand on a tree stump...♥️

And then thru the schoolyard...

and back home...

What a beautiful sunny day it was...

And so balmy at 15c!!!

Unheard of!!

Are we finished yet???


 After we got home...and she put her bike away...have I mentioned how tidy she is??

She wanted to rake...but the beds were too muddy and soggy...

"Can I sweep,Papa?"

Absolutely sweetie..♥️ 

 At this point I headed inside...

Not before capturing this pic, as she wanted to walk down to the corner again...

With her Papa...and her purse....

A gal and her purse!! And...LOVE that shiny hair♥️

After a snack of banana/raspberry loaf...which her and I had made last week...

Topped off with a few berries...and a nice glass of milk...

I suggested she head up to her room, and have some quiet time...

Of course...I had to check on her...

And this is what I found!! 

What a full day we had!
She and her Mom stayed for dinner...
She ate all her fish and fries...
So...a bit of ice cream was in order!!
PHEW....Nana and Papa were tired...
Enjoyed every second of it ♥️

No flowers for you today...
Except for the beautiful flower above....

Hope you are all having a great day...
Sunny and cold here today...and still breezy...
Did a bit more packing...arranging...choosing...never ending!!

I managed to get a manicure and pedicure this morning...
A stocking stuffer gift from the boyfriend!  :o)
Nice shocking pink on my toes!!

Tonight we are having crispy Pork Chops...roasted Yams and Zucchini...
Cleaning out the fridge!!
Whats going on in your kitchen???

We will see Miss V again on last visit for awhile  :o( 
Her Mom needs to go to work...Valentines Day is coming up, and it is their busiest day of the to Mothers Day!! Truck arriving with millions of flowers to be get to visit  with Miss V.....:o)

Have a great afternoon and evening...

                Cheers!  :o)

                       linda ♥️


  1. Wow, I don't think that she has time for a nap, she has far too much to do!!! xx

  2. What an action packed full day and no nap . . . my word.
    I thought you might have fallen asleep and sang to he "Wake me up before you go go!" . . . lol

    Peter does not have a nap either because his Mum and Dad want him to sleep well through the night . . . :)

    They certainly keep us on our toes don't they? . . :)

    Have a lovely evening . . .

    1. HI Eddie....
      I believe that kids need a nap....until they say they don't need a nap!
      On our toes? For sure.....
      But...I do love having her!

    2. Yes I know . . . but wish I was 15 years younger . . . lol
      Knowing what I know now of course . . . :)

      I agree they should have a nap . . . . and so should we . . . lol
      A friend in Louisiana has the right phrase, "Laudie Bless My Sanity!" . . lol

  3. Her tidiness.....Like Nana, like granddaughter. I love that she tidies up. She's a lucky little girl to have such attentive grandparents. I think my kitchen is going vegan for awhile. The hubby wants to drop a few pounds. He has a race coming up in a few months. I could stand to drop a few pounds, too.

    1. Yes...but if I get the crayons out...she tells me to tidy up! Ha haha!
      I thought you were vegetarian?
      You still bicycling?

  4. I was just catching up with you. How did I miss all the February posts? What a difference from last year, huh? And a wonderful day with Miss V who is getting so big. I love that she has to have her little purse with her when she goes out. So cute!

    Just went food shopping today and got a lot of fruit and veggie. Hopefully less meat will help with losing weight and with my thyroid. Having spaghetti squash with tomato sauce and meatballs tonight. Your dinner sounds wonderful and I just might copy it for later next week.

    1. Glad you found your way back, Kathy...
      Love spaghetti squash!

  5. Love those boots. We just mailed out Thomas DVD's and books to the grandkids in BC. They love going to the mailbox like Miss V does, but they expect their own letter every time they go. The weather has been gorgeous again today, sure hope winter isn't just procrastinating and will arrive later when we really don't want it.

    1. There has never been any mail for her....but....she loves the McDonalds coupons!

  6. WOW ! I would need the nap after a full day like that with Miss V , she is growing like mad and such a sweety . Lovely photos ! Thanks for sharing have a good day !

  7. It's always so much fun at Nana's :) Your sweet granddaughter is so precious and growing so quickly. I used to love when my kids napped. I think I needed that quiet time more than they did!

    1. Thank you Martha....
      Yes...mine was mommy time...perhaps because she works, it doesn't mean the same!

  8. She's such a cutie and looking all grown up lately! I bet you see little bits of your own daughters in fun!

    1. Sometimes!
      My daughter says she acts like me! Sweet revenge!

  9. I think Miss V iso a beautiful little flower.
    And your day looked like fun for everyone.
    I rather like napping children and was disappointed when they outgrew them.
    Mommies need quiet time too.

    1. Why thanks Martha♥️
      Ilove napping children...

  10. She is a really cute princess OMY! And love always she look happy and fun Linda.
    Blessing her !!
    Loads of love for you both!

    1. We try and keep her busy! And we love having her for the day!!

  11. I know your pretty girl keeps you busy, Linda, and it's great that you have your boyfriend there to keep the momentum up. Emily brings Elsie over on Thursdays when she watches her and I am on my toes for the few hours. She has a huge amount of energy and my house isn't 'child-proofed' much... have to work on that. Even Emily, at 28 years old, says that Elsie wears her out. lol!

    I truly thought V's pose on the floor in your IG pic looked like a much older child---maybe the way she was lying on the floor. I love her haircut. So much thicker at this age.

    When do you leave for Florida? Soon it seems. How I'd love to fly down and visit-after all you are now in my country!!! lol! Funny, we are going to Canada in April. But Vancouver, far away from you. Alan wrote a paper that is receiving an award so we are going to be there for that and then to spend a few days sightseeing. We've been once and I simply loved it. Got my renewed passport photo and application today. Sad that I haven't been out of the U.S. in 10 years.

    Love and many thanks for the sweet birthday wishes. 29 again, of course!


    1. Yes...i am lucky that my boyfriend works out of the house...he helps a lot!
      Emily is Elsies Mom??? And she gets tired? hahaha! wait til she is a Nana!
      yes...Vancouver is right at the other side of Canada...beautiful there! The mountains are gorgeous! you will have a wonderful time. GO to Victoria if you quaint!!
      My birthday is next....geesh...definitely not 29!

  12. I love when you share "Miss V Days!"
    Makes me happy to see her little moves and ways!
    Purse in hand, sweeping up, walking to the corner,
    quiet time, dancing, keyboard fun . . . everything . . .
    I especially love her grandparents who treat her to
    beautiful days with memories . . .

    1. Thanks so much Lynne for your lovely comments...
      They echo my heart♥️

  13. Wow! I need a nap just reading this. Lots of fun things. You and Papa are so wonderful with her. She is one lucky girl.
    I agree that the photo of her on the floor in the bedroom is deceiving. She looks so much older.
    All ready to go? The south beckons. And you will greet it with colourful toes! ❀ ✿ ❀

    1. Oh too Suzanne!
      2 more sleeps!!

  14. I remember that friend of mine..being sooo busy at Valentine's in the flower shop..
    I love seeing Miss V..and her purse and her leggings w/ hearts.I would dress like her..her pose on the floor is so darn cute..
    I love her shiny hair made me smile w/ she is so tidy..LOL not my Littles.. one is..the other 3..well you would just have to see it to believe it:) And their mommy repeats and repeats..

    I had them 3 times this was system restore;) Worth every vacuum sweep and mop glide..really it's a messy messy time of the year..isn't it?

    we had so much fun w/ them..Lucas has a class on puberty at school..well..

    and the other 2 are going..ewww...
    LOVE them all to bits.
    Isn't this winter amazing?
    Well yours even more than ours habitually..but geesh I think it's the mildest in my memory.

    I remember when Caroline would tell us to keep them up..she wanted them to be ready to go to bed at night..there's a reason for all that:) And it all works out..
    She's edible.

    1. Perhaps by Nature, boys are a wee bit messier than girls!
      Puberty? kinda early for
      I know...but it is kinda sad when she is really tired...
      I do remember...but I think the naps are very important...
      Have a wonderful weekend, Monique!!

    2. Yes..sometimes TMI....:o)

  15. OMG.
    those pictures...
    every one is just so wonderful.
    maybe erika has trouble with her getting sleepy enough in the evening?
    but i'm like you... seems like i remember having to take naps forever!
    no doubt a break for our mom. LOLOL.
    i thought of you and miss V when i did my latest post...
    the little beings on it are ALMOST as adorable as she is! XO♥

    1. I guess! But they need 12 hours a day...and 2 of those should be naps! Oh well....
      Coming over to see your post....

  16. What a wonderfully busy day you had with Miss V. yesterday. Makes me lonesome for my little New Yorkers, looking forward to being there in a couple of weeks. Happy for you that you'll see her once more before your month away. Have a nice weekend, drive safely and I look forward to your Florida posts.

    1. Yes...very busy indeed!
      She is here now....just about to go for a walk!
      Enjoy your grands....
      See you later!

  17. You had a very busy day that day Linda. I think its great that the little ones like the old toys still. Mine are looking forward to playing with Uncle Mark's Lego when they come to visit this summer. ;) Valentine's is a very busy time for florists and card shops! I've worked at both and enjoyed the busyness of it as it soon quiets down afterward. We got about 20 cm. of snow yesterday but it's cold and sunny today. Enjoy the weekend!

    1. I'll bet You are counting down the days already!
      More snow? Not a flake here....

  18. Now there's a story in photos!! 'Quiet time' here includes a nap... don't you wish you had half of that energy?

  19. You will never hear anyone asking me if they can sweep at my house :)
    She is adorable.

  20. You had a wonderful day with sweet little Miss V! You are so lucky to be able to spend so many days with her. My kids grew up far from their grandparents, but I tried to get them together at least with my parents every couple of weeks. But it's not the same when their mom was always with them. You are the BEST nana! Very sweet Valentines, and that basket is a beautiful craft carrier. I have an entire wardrobe for craft supplies, but am whittling that down in the decluttering. Thanks for sharing your day with that happy little girl! And happy travels!

    1. What lovely words Wendy....thank you!
      I never knew any of my plan to spend as much time as I can with her♥️
      First leg of the trip under our belts!

  21. If I commented already I'm sorry--didn't bother to check. I get confused over what I see on blogs and on IG! lol!

    What a fun day, it's so nice that she has her own room/retreat

    You really make each day so special for that it!

    Jane x

    1. Yes you did! You doubley liked my post!
      We try Jane...she is very Important to us♥️

  22. She sure is a sweet kid, a beautiful flower indeed. You must be so proud. :)

    Hi Linda!

    1. Hi Blue.... sweet of you!
      She is precious♥️

  23. She is just the sweetest little thing! I wish I could really know her! And you, of course! I see she has the vintage Fisher Price Play house. My kids had all of them, and I could just kick myself for not saving them. They were never made so well again. I have found a vintage FP farm and my grands all loved that!
    I can't wait to hear all about the beach!
    xo kris

  24. It seems she is like an old soul....sent to cheer us up! Always bubbly...always do know her Kris....since the first♥️
    Beach time soon!

  25. Oh my goodness, to think I almost missed this precious Miss V. post:) I can not believe how quickly she is growing Linda. Really, kids grow like weeds these days, lol...LOVE love, love those goulashes, lol...And, she rides the bike down the road all by herself! Well, of course nap time is out. How in the world would she be able to all those FUN things!

    You are so fortunate to be able to have quality time with her Linda. I'm counting the days until my yearly Idaho visit. Enjoy every moment and catch up on rest when she's off to college, lol...

    Thanks for sharing, Linda...I think I better check out the other half of this post:)


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