Thursday, 18 February 2016

From The Kitchen........

I always have fresh berries on hand....nothing better or refreshing....

I like mine topped with no fat Vanilla yogurt.....fantastic!

When we make our own pizzas....I like to sauté mushrooms, onions and peppers to add....

This time, I added a bit of diced beef sausage....just to jazz it up....

Sliced and black olives....sprinkle of Pamesan....Goats cheese.....

Cracked black pepper....drizzle of olive oil.....and topped off with fresh basil....

Really delicious.....and not as fattening without all the extra cheese!

I love this meatloaf! 1 egg, some milk and panko crumbs....add a package of dry onion soup mix...

Throw in some grated carrot....herbs, squirt of ketchup....freshly cracked pepper....

I like to form mine into a loaf, and bake on a cookie sheet....with a drizzle of ketchup on top!

Paired with roast potatoes and carrots.....some lovely gravy....comfort food for sure!

Lunch one day was egg salad on an English muffin, with my pasta salad alongside....

My very favorite .....of a good juicy burger!

With lots of mayo.....Greek salad...and some pasta salad.....

Oh yes.....and a cold beer! Hahaha!

Quick fried seasoned pork chops are another favorite...

Lots of cracked pepper......and dried basil.....delish!

With our favorite long grain and wild rice.....smothered in sautéed veggies....

All of these made even more delicious.....while gazing out at this!

We have had some beautiful sunsets so far.....

Seems they are more vibrant, when a few clouds roll in....and the sun reflects thru them....

Isn't that incredible!


After the sun goes to sleep....

Mr Moon makes an appearance....

Absolutely spectacular!

Should be full by the weekend.....

Hope you are all having a great day.....

Another sunny...breezy day....

Gonna get cleaned up.....and we are going to get groceries.....for the weekend.....

And then off to the Conch guessed it!


Enjoy your evening.....

                           Cheers!   :o)

                                  linda ♥️


  1. Yum, my mouth is watering!! It all looks wonderful and relaxing....enjoy x

    1. HI Sue.....good thing I enjoy cooking,eh?

  2. You are like we are when we are there..home sweet home w/ sunsets..your long grain and wild rice w/ peppers etc..?Yum.

    The burger plate..egg salad..and we love home made pizzas..

    pretty views..and just being by the ocean.
    How are the veggie prices?

    And fruits?
    We are often amazed that our citrus is often less $$..

    we love Trader Joe's there..Whole Foods..I love..not J..

    1. HI Monique....
      Veggie prices are high....and....not that great looking....sticking to the peppers and mushrooms! Ha!
      Berries are reasonable...bought a few bananas....
      There is a new Trader Joes south of us....haven't made it there yet....NEVER been to whole foods...not even at home! Too $....
      Bought a huge pack of chicken drums tonight...they are mammoth! Boyfriend skinned them...some soaking in buttermilk....some in the freezer....some bubbling in chicken broth....will make soup tomorrow!
      Keeping busy....
      Enjoy your weekend....

    2. You HAVE to go to Trader Joe's..very products..LOVE the place.

    3. We plan to go next is a grocery store...right?

  3. Delicious food, warm temperatures and pretty sunsets. But I'm sure you are missing the snow ... right????

  4. All your meals look YUMMY ! WOW ! breathtaking sunset wonderful post and photos glad you guys are having a good trip . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  5. Looks like you're eating very well! And that pink sky is gorgeous!
    I haven't been out at night to peak at the moon in a long time!
    I wonder if it misses me. haha.

    1. I'm sure mr moon misses you.....get out there!

    2. Taylor and Lauren are in Florida this weekend! A friend is getting married so they are down for the wedding and took a couple extra days off work to make it a longer weekend...took their time getting down there...spent a day in Atlanta, etc. They said the weather was wonderful!

  6. Oh dear god, woman, you put together some wonderful looking meals!! Enjoy your little piece of heaven on the beach! -Jenn

    1. Hahaha Jenn......thanks so much! I love to cook.....and eat!

  7. Gosh, Linda, those dishes look divine!
    What am I missing?
    I'd take them all . . . yum.
    Loved the sunset and the moon . . . :)

    This year is so much better for you than last year's disappointing weather. So pleased for you . . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie....
      Yes indeed....especially enjoying eating dinner outdoors!

  8. Your meals look delish, but you are on vacation in the land of seafood. You need to go out for some local fish or shrimp. Have you had oysters on the half shell, shrimp creole, grouper or catfish? Oh wait, you need to try alligator, too.

    Your sunset and moon are beautiful!

    1. Boyfriend loves!
      We had Grouper chowder last week....tried buying catfish at the supermarket.....all out!
      We pick and choose when we go out to eat....remember....$1 US costs us about $1.40!
      We are going for grouper for lunch tomorrow....
      Thanks....but no thanks to the Alligator! Hahaha!

  9. All look delicious dear Linda!!! Love how look yours strawberries. I love my yogurtwith blackberries too !!!Lodas of love !!!!! a hug to Miss V!!

    1. Bought blackberries today!
      Miss V is in Canada! Miss her very much.....♥️

  10. You are making my mouth water.
    I'm purposing to enjoy the snow while it lasts and thinking a Florida beach and boat ride sound absolutely wonderful.

    1. I have a new Facebook friend who is a boat captain in Daytona Beach.
      Haven't seen him in 40 years, a friend of my brother who lived with us for a while when I was 11 and 12.
      It's got me thinking about ocean cruises.

  11. Wow, wonderful, creative food prep and the photos are lovely also, even on the iPad. But it must be the talented photographer. :) Checking in from Washington, DC., a little detour with my son and grand daughter before heading to NYC with them. Glad that your weather is cooperating, a little chilly here, but no snow on the ground. Have a good weekend!

    1. Yes....talented photographer!
      Enjoy your trip!

  12. I just had dinner but you have me absolutely starving!! Everything looks delicious. I know you love to cook, we could do up some incredible meals together, Linda!

    So glad you are having a great time. That sunset is gorgeous!


  13. don't forget to have some key lime pie!
    and good grief.
    when are you going to open your restaurant?
    the lines would be all the way around the corner!

  14. You're killing me! It all looks so delicious and I have only had yoghurt and cereal so far today. Such tasty looking meals.
    Beautiful sunset and moon. So glad the weather is co-operating. Great to dine al fresco!

  15. Lots of yummy looking food coming out of that cottage kitchen!
    Glad you are enjoying yourselves!
    xo Kris

  16. All the food looks yummy and I can attest to the taste of it. Delicious! Pizza is my favourite food of all time - how come you never made me pizza?

    1. Gluten free? Would have been too complicated! Hahaha! Next time you visit...ok?

  17. I love your "Eats Ideas" . . .
    Some keepers there, for sure . . .
    I like thinking of the two of you, watching sunsets, dipping the toes, time together . . .
    The best . . . I am sure . . .

  18. All of your meals look so delicious and it must be great to have access to fresher fruit and such than you'd get at home. The sunset and moon photos are gorgeous!


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