Thursday, 11 August 2016

Bits & Bobs.......Here & There

What a week...


Took a morning stroll the other day, and watered and grabbed a few pics...

You can only stroll in the morning...or else you will surely melt into a puddle of mush... is just that HOT!!

These first few pics are from at home...and then we will slide out to the cottage for a few...

There are lots...

Hope you enjoy narrative necessary...feel free to ask questions along the way!!

As you can see we are at home....NOT at the cottage...too darn hot!!!
We are quite happy to spend tonight in the lovely a/c, and then head down there tomorrow. I hate to think what it looks rain...not a drippy drop...nothing...bone dry...humidex into the 40's...that is about 100f!!!

So...enjoy the tour...I will be adding a few words along the way, just so you won't get too lonely all by yourself....


Miss V's sunflowers...still some blooms to come...her Pumpkin plant is no longer with us....:o(

We brought home a few rocks, to put beside our deck here at home...

I love the way it looks...but...I need a few more!!

I will get my boyfriend on that this weekend! 

Now...we have switched to the cottage pics...

You may or may not remember...a couple of months ago, I said that we were having our kitchen sink and bathtub at the cottage...reglazed. The kitchen sink is a large farm sink and the tub is an old claw foot. Our cottage was built in 1931, so that makes it...85 years old...give or take. I assume the sink and tub are can imagine the shape they were in. The kitchen sink was very rough on the bottom, and and had become very porous and stained. I bleached it often, to get it white again. The tub had a drip, which caused a stain around the drain, and the water would sit in the middle, so that became porous as well. I had contacted Bathtub King, to refinish, and they wanted WAAAAAY too much handy dandy guy Lloyd, got a car guy that he knew to do the job. He has painted cars, and used the same method, with the proper paint!! He was also a fraction of the cost! Needless to say....I am one happy camper with the results! If it lasts 1/2 as long as the original....that would be fantastic!!   I am sure you will agree...they look fabulous!! I took these pics a while ago...they are not the best, but they sure show the inprovement!!




My boyfriend picked up the orange vintage bowl for $2...

My son was more than happy to take it home with him!!

My latest crochet is a cardigan for Miss V...I am further along now...will show you another pic next week...

The afghan below is nearly just needs a border, and perhaps some tassels!!

It is a gift...shhhh!

 A few beach finds...I do love small coloured rocks...I have several glass jars that I keep them all in...aren't they cute??

Can you believe I have a watermelon on my wee plant? hahaha! I put her on the sunporch before leaving last week...just in case any critters got any big ideas!! 
FINALLY...a sandy beach ♥️

Gorgeous Anemone and friend....

Not so gorgeous Caterpillar on my glass!!

Apparently he is a dangerous one....causes itching and swelling...

I did NOT touch him! 
My eldest daughter lost her cat Maximus, of 16 years...I painted her this rock from the first attempt...I really think I could get into this...with the proper tools...anyway...she LOVED it!  

Okay...are you still with me????

Lots of pics to look thru...took me forever to organize Picasa Web albums are no longer it is GOOGLE photos...taking me longer to do my thing...but...I am pretty smart, so I won't let this deter me! hahaha!

Hope you are all having a great week...

I know some of you got rain, and less humidity...

NOT HERE.....still a steam bath...

Boyfriend home safe and sound yesterday...

He...Miss V and I had a lovely swim in the refreshing pool....

Gonna BBQ a few chicken kebobs tonight...rice and veggies...YUM!

Maybe even an after dinner swim....tee hee hee!!!

Off to the cottage in the morning...

I will report back on our return...

Have a great weekend everyone!!

               Cheers!   :o)

                     linda ♥️



  1. That anemone and friend:) Wow Linda..

    it was 120 F on our outdoor thermometer in the sun this aft..we had Noah today..and yes we ate lunch utside..but the rest of the day? Indoors.
    I have loved this summer though..

    because I have an indoors..:)I am certain..


    The sink and bathtub? Great!

    1. You must have melted in that heat! We got 5 drops of rain around 4pm....big deal!
      Yes....the sink and tub look great!
      Enjoy your evening....

  2. We are having your same steam bath on the other side of the pond where temperatures are recorded in Fahrenheit. A good day to find some air conditioning.
    I loved your tour, the rock for Maximus (I'll need one soon for Little Cat. She's 16 too...), and the sink and tub look spectacular!

    1. Hahaha! I knew what you meant Martha!
      Oh dear...hugs to Little Cat ♥️

  3. I hope your cottage blooms haven't all withered up! We've had rain the last few days and we sure needed it! Didn't cool down or blow the humidity away tho! Horrible!
    I love that wee watermelon. How adorable! I have some baby butternut squashes about that size that make me smile. :)
    Poor kitty Max. I know she'll miss him. I love that rock....what a great idea! Oh, the possibilities!
    Oh, and your sink and tub! Amazing! They look brand new! Wow! What a great project to get it!

    1. I am pretty sure my tomatoes will be fried! Hahaha! And they were still green last weekend!
      A few drops of rain today...all north and south of us...:o(
      Love the wee cute....I am sure it will be shrivelled....*sigh*
      She misses him terribly...was with her a loooong time....she has Mr Winston now! Cutie pie...oh....and 2 other cats....and 2 dogs!
      Love the sink and thing I ever did!

    2. I had to come back and look at your succulent again. My oh my...I need tips! Yours is amazing and
      mind don't seem to be doing well. I don't over water...just once a week. Sometimes they rot at the base and drop their leaves. I'm using vintage planters similar to yours. Hmm....any ideas?

    3. These are Hens & Chicks....I bring them inside for the Winter....outside in Summer.
      There is only a bit of soil, and I use small stones from the cottage...I only water every 3 weeks or so...
      I will have to tip the water out of the dish tomorrow, as we got a lot of rain! Finally!

  4. Lovely post . . .
    Your flowers, bits and bobs . . .
    Oh my the 50's bowl find . . .
    Miss V's sweater, the afghan . . .
    And the relaxing on the kitchen sink and claw tub . . .
    Excellent results . . .
    I enjoy your posts so much . . .
    Looking forward to photos of your midnight swim . . .
    Come on . . . just a few pics . . .

  5. Reglazing not relaxing . . .

    1. OH make me laugh! And I like that!
      No midnight swim....actually raining lightly here...yippee!
      Have a great weekend Lynne...

  6. I love your sink and tub. They remind me of an old farmhouse....which I totally love. Very cute idea of painting a rock for your daughter's cat. And how cute is that watermelon. Lovely photos of all your plants. We're still in Colorado. It was in the low 70's today. The kids had to go starts on Monday. I went for a 13 mile bike ride this morning and a hike later this afternoon.

    1. I love that you and the kids are so active together...enjoy your time left in Colorado!

  7. Your posts can never be too long, Linda. I love seeing your plants...did I spot a potato vine? i grew 2 in pots and the color is so brilliant it looks odd against the soft blooms. Ideas?

    Not a fan of caterpillars up close although as a child we loved to pick up those small yellow ones. I was attracting quite a few with my dill last summer and my milk weed. I have a lot of pretty butterflies this year but also some weird moths. One blended in on my patio umbrella, colors like a sparrow and as large as my palm. I literally screamed. The Husband had to shoo it away. Sorry---I'm an animal lover but my tolerance for bugs has grown slim over the years.

    Envy your pool and how wonderful you take off so often for your cottage. Love to hear of your adventures and relaxing times!! ;-D


    1. I find the potato vine looks best with whites...I have a Gerbera daisy and some White Impatience in there...I think in the fall, I'll get a few white Mums!
      I am not a fan of buggies either...i hate them even more, if they are INSIDE!! hahaha!
      We are off shortly to the lake...wee bit of rain overnite, but not nearly enough!
      Enjoy your weekend Jane!!

  8. Look at the lil' squirrel! Love the pics! Especially that lovely flamingo figurine! And I don't know how you call those succulent plants in photo number 5, but we have them here as well and we consider them our own aloe vera :) because they behave the same and have the same healing powers.

    1. HI Dez! a wee Chipmunk! Way cuter than Squirrels, but just as pesky!
      Those are Hens & Chicks...not like the medicinal values at all in these...just pretty!
      Enjoy your weekend, and thanks for stopping by!

  9. So many goodies in your post, Linda. That is one fantastic pot of succulents, so elegant. I can't make mine grow like that! As soon as I get them going, the cockatoos attack them and break them up. We really need to use something to scare them away. You must be pleased with the sink and bath, and the guy who did it. He could put the others out of business :) Goodness, it is as hot over there as it gets in a Queensland summer - YUK. Keep cool my friend. Happy Weekend!

    1. No Cockatoos flying around here Patricia! hahaha! nobody disturbs mine...I bring them in for the winter, as I love to watch them all year long!
      Love the sink and tub! Couldn't be happier!
      Off to the cottage....enjoy your weekend!

  10. Wonderful photos of your plants! The succulents are really beautiful in their long tray dish. I love the vintage bowl. What a difference in your sink and tub with the painting! They look so beautiful. I just love old porcelain kitchen sinks. We had a double one in the flat I grew up in and the faucet was like yours but with a bar of yellow Sunlight soap in the soap rack. I like the memorial rock and you've inspired me to make one for our sweet Marshall who crossed the rainbow bridge last Friday. Have a wonderful weekend. I hope you get some rain (we are) and keep cool. xo Pam

    1. Oh you should are a good painter!

  11. love your meandering...
    the stones lovely. and the tiny watermelon! oh my.
    and the sink and bathtub. who knew a wonderful car painter could do that! never thought of it!
    the bowl is perfect for ryan.
    and the maximus stone is a perfect little reminder. you're a dear.
    hot here too. temp 40. mid 40's with the heat index. i'm hibernating. seriously. 110 !!! ???
    but for YOU up THERE! not fair! not fair at all. at least here it is normal.

    1. Watermelon still growing! Hahaha!
      We got some much needed rain today...thank goodness!

  12. Pics galore! Enjoyed my trip through them.
    Sink and bath look great. What a lovely sweater for Miss V - lucky gal.
    Well we had torrential rains today. The one day that a friend's daughter got married. Outside! Unbelievable. They had a contingency plan, of course, but it hasn't rained all summer!

  13. Wow ! Your sink and tub look fantastic! My Aunt in the city has the same sink.
    Love how your blanket is turning out. I need to add some colour to mine a work in progress. I might be running out of yarn. eeek....It was one of walmarts jumbo balls that I've had forever.


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