Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Hostas & Swimming...

My larger Hostas in my backyard here at home...

Are later bloomers...and their flowers are white...

I think they are magnificent...

And I think that I prefer them to the earlier blooming Mauve ones...

What do you think???? 

Today was our day with Miss it has been for every Wednesday for a very long time...come September, that will change. She will be in JK, and not near us, like her daycare is. We have been coming to terms with this all Summer...knowing that all good things come to an end. We will have her for PD days...a few holiday days...and if she is breaks my heart to let her go. She is growing up so fast...I want to stop the clock for a while. I shouldn't complain...some people rarely get to see their grands...or they live clear across the country...I am very grateful for all the time we have been able to spend with her...but I SURE will miss her after the next 2 weeks.Onward and upward, eh???

I took a short movie of her today...she is actually swimming!! I know...with her Elsa vest on...but SWIMMING!!! So proud of the progress she has made this summer...We will definitely get her out for a few more swims...

 Just because my White Rose of Sharon is so beautiful this year...♥️

This was our dinner last night....I made fish tacos for the FIRST time...and I must say...they were delicious!!

I used Cod filets...BBQ'D with Cajun seasoning...

Coleslaw...chopped red onion...avacado...sliced yellow peppers...chipotle...

I will def make these again...delightful and easy!!

Tonight will be spaghetti and meatballs...with some crusty bread...too darn tired to make salad!!!

Miss V is spending the night...lots of stories to be read♥️ and of course...a nice warm these times!

Hope you are all well, and enjoying the weather...we are warm again, but it sure was nice to have a break on Monday....

I think we are to get rain overnite...fine with me!!

Not sure if we are going to the cottage tomorrow or Friday...

Only time will tell...

           Enjoy your evening...

                Cheers!   :o)

                     linda ♥️



  1. I've always liked white bloomers . . . lol
    Actually I like the mauve blooms as well as the white but white somehow is more opulent (good word is that ~ I say it used tonight so I borrowed it).
    Dear little Miss V ~ yes I can read your aching heart and feel for you. The magic of the little ones we feel we would like it to be for ever. There will be new things to replace them as time goes by . . . . and the holidays to look forward to. I might be having Peter for just one day a week soon because he will be going to play group for two days a week soon. It will do him good.
    Lovely pool shots and boy, I could eat one of those cod fillets . . lucky b/f having you making nice things to eat . . . :)

    1. HI Eddie....
      I love white flowers...think I'll put together a post soon, with all my favourites!
      I know things change...just breaks my heart...
      I just tucked her in ♥️
      It will be perfect having Peter once a week...great for both!
      My boyfriend is lucky indeed! 44 years coming up!

  2. Great photos, Linda. Wow! Your pool is beautiful. I understand how you feel about letting go. We will have two grands in school starting next month...little Bradley starts JK. They sure do grow fast. I know you will miss Vivian but I'm sure you'll find excuses to get together. She has such a change ahead and I'm sure she will miss her grandparents, too. Imagine just starting school. :)

    1. Everything changes, eh Deb? We will work things out....I will do my best to help out!
      Your wee grandson must be at a great age....enjoy!

  3. Mine are late blooming but are a lavender color. They are in full bloom now and the humming birds and bees sure are busy with them!

    Love seeing those fish tacos again! Yum. I need to try to make those~

    1. Yes, Wednesdays will be so different! Aw. :( I know you'll miss V. I bet she's excited for school to start~

    2. The Hosta next to this one, has a mauve tinge to it. But the flowers aren't as big.
      Yes...make the tacos...excellent!
      She will be wearing a cute!

  4. She sure is growing up. I love the white blooming hostas. I've seen references to fish tacos. Yours sound very yummy. -Jenn

  5. I like the whites best too..except for a tiny mini one I have given Miss V so much:)... Love..
    I felt a pang too when the last one finished pre-school..we used to get to pick each one up..spend the ends at K..because they are in the real school all day..but you will have days,and sleepovers..we still take each one out ind.on their bdays,,for lunch and is a sad time when that ends..:( Esther Williams made a mini Esther out of her.

    1. They fill your soul...I seem to tear up when she is telling us a story...I want to keep her just the way she is...
      She IS Esther Williams! Hahaha....

  6. O dear! School?? My Miles and Riley are starting this year too. I really wish I could be there (Alberta). You are lucky that you will get to have Miss V on those occasions but I also hear ya about missing her. We get so used to spending the time with them eh? Make me really enjoy those weekly visits with Miss d.....
    Love Hostas and I have LOTS of them. I enjoy their flowers but absolutely love the leaves. You have inspired me to take pics of my lot and blog about them.
    Fish tacos are a staple here at the Corner :-)
    Enjoy your day!

    1. You understand Susan....they are so precious...
      You should blog about your for me! Hahaha!
      Loved the tacos....

  7. Fish tacos must be the in thing. We were just talking about them last night after a character on TV was making them.
    Letting the little ones grow up is both satisfying and sad. You have built a good solid foundation for your relationship with Miss V(irginia) (ha ha!) and that will last for many years to come. Soak it all in and savor the sweetness. And cry if you need to. I'll bring some tissues if I ever get tehre.

    1. I like to be current! Hahaha!
      Thanks for your sentiments Martha...I know Virginia will be fine...but I will miss her!
      Bring some tissues...YOU may need them after we meet!

    2. I do have a travel pack or two in the glove compartment. I promise not to use them all up before I get there.

  8. You and your boyfriend have given Miss V so much and the same was given to you. I know you are going to treasure the fewer bits of days even more. And will you have her most of next summer? I feel as if you've brought us all along for the fun times! What a waterbug she has become!

    I had fish tacos in San Diego and they were such a new and delicious thing for me. Just need to make them myself one of these days---I'm always looking for new ways to have fish.

    Have a wonderful time at your cottage. We are going up on the 2nd for the 4 day Labor Day weekend. I am so excited. It will be an adventure for sure! Thanks for being a pal through all of my ups and downs, sweet lady! And I'm here for you anytime.


    1. We will have to see when next Summer rolls around...perhaps a few days here and there.
      I'll bet you can't wait to get out there...take lots of pics!
      Gonna wait til tomorrow for the cottage...gonna be too hot...sticky and rainy!

  9. Hostas are so lush - yours are beautiful.
    Aw... I know you will miss her so much. The times they are a-changin'!

  10. Yes, Miss V is growing up. She'll miss the extra time with you too, I'm sure.

  11. Aw! That just tugs at the heartstrings to think of your little angel growing up, but she will always have those secure roots to come home to. Your hostas are so beautiful and the fish tacos look wonderful! I love your blog header, too. xx Karen

    1. Hi heart is heavy...but, I have to be more positive, and not be selfish about my time with her...she is a growing girl for sure!

  12. Oh, I feel sad for both of you Linda. You have been blessed to have her every Wednesday for so long, and she will miss you a lot too. You will treasure the days when you do see her as she grows up and goes to school. I am so looking forward to seeing my little Canadians again, later in the year. They have changed so much!

    1. Thanks Patricia...I will adjust...I always do...I am sure you miss your wee ones too :o)

  13. I really like the white hosta that you have Linda and I haven't seen them here before. Perhaps because I wasn't looking. They really stand out. Your pool looks so inviting. We are enjoying another humid day here then a break tomorrow as the weather clears a bit. Enjoy the weekend!

    1. HI Pam...still darn humid here...feels like 39c!

  14. Oh! How can little Miss V be ready for JK? I get the sadness you feel with my youngest now graduated. It is so bittersweet.

  15. Oh my yes on the white Hostas . . . my favorites . . .
    And their fragrance is sweet too . . .
    Yay for Miss V the swimmer . . .
    They grow up so fast . . .
    What a treasure it is to live close to our grands . . .
    One for you, one for her . . .
    I will be thinking of you as you begin your new days . . .
    My youngest who I have been blessed to spend the most time begins his senior year in high school.
    How fast the days go . . .
    Enjoy today says so much . . .

    1. Thanks Lynne...very thoughtful words.


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