Friday, 14 September 2012

Get Better, Buddy....

 You have seen this handsome guy here before.

This is my son's cat, Buddy... :o)

He is 8 years old, he was adopted at a pet store near the cottage.

He spent his first night with the family, at the cottage.

We have babysat him several times...once for 3 months, as my son was working on a movie in Montreal.

Whenever my son had to go away, we would get him for the duration. He loved coming to our house, as he lived in an apartment, and he loved to sit in the chair, and watch the birds, and the goings on in our backyard.

The last time he stayed with us, was in my son moved into his new house...we had him for 1 1/2 weeks...and enjoyed every minute of it.

The last few months, he has lost weight, and become kind of lethargic...

Seems he is a diabetic...or so the Vet thought...My son followed the Dr's orders...changed his food...started giving him insulin injections...and he seemed to improve...he was more himself....

BUt...yesterday....when my son returned from work...he found Buddy really down...and he had vomited a  few times...kind of like bile...needless to say..he returned to the Vet that evening....they kept him over night...

My son, Ryan, is very upset....he loves his little Buddy

We love him here's hoping we get news.....and Buddy begins to get better..

             Will keep you all posted on his progress...fingers crossed...

Spoke with my son this am....had a better night...had a bit to eat...
       Might have to stay another night....:o)

                                Enjoy your weekend....

                                   Cheers!         :o)


  1. Get better Buddy, sending special thoughts from Shadow, our cat.

  2. I hope Buddy gets better. It's hard when a beloved pet is sick.

  3. Wishing you well BUDDY!

  4. Hope all is well and Buddy gets better quickly!

    1. What a beautiful cat! As a cat person I know the love (even though my cat is EVIL).
      Keep us posted on Buddy.

  5. Sweet pictures. I hope Buddy gets well soon.

  6. Get well, Buddy! From ~ Marmalade, Whiskers, Tiger, Socks, Oreo, Domino, Charcoal, Grey, Jack, Velvet and her 4 new ones...oh, and Betsy. :) xo

  7. Oh poor old Buddy!! Ryan will be upset I'm sure. Let's hope Buddy is on the mend and can have another visit with his Gramma!!

  8. What a lovey your little guy is! These photos are adorable! Get better Buddy!

  9. Thanks everyone...will keep you updated...:o)

  10. My little cat became diabetic and lived for years ! with me giving him his insulin shots which was really not hard to do at all. It took a little while for him to get adjusted, some days he had his little sugar collapse and I was sure he was dying but a bit of something sweet perked him up. He died of old age , at 18.. I hope the same for Buddy.


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