Saturday, 8 September 2012


 This is the first Saturday night, that we have been at over 5 months...maybe 6....

There was a big storm out at the cottage last night, and we awoke to no power...

That would not be enough to send us home....the biggee was .....our septic is acting up....gurgling to be exact....

After the Mr had an evening we were really sweaty from working the gardens...the toilet bubbled up!!!


In 15 years at the Lake, we have never had a shower for 
MOI...I did a rinse down....tried calling a few septic people, but of course no one was answering on Friday night.... SO off to bed we went...listened to the wind and rain throughout the night.....and  then there was no power....sooooo

Here we are at home....and it looks like it is going to rain any minute..

Captured these shots of my Ligularia, on Thursday...after I chopped down the mildewey Golden Glows...they were hiding behind... what a lovely surprise...



  Hope you all have a lovely evening...

           we are just about to eat....grilled pork tenderloin

                            mashed potatoes with chives

                                  sauteed peppers,mushroom and onions

                                             Greek Salad...

                        Cheers!   :o)


  1. Good choice to return home. Hope you can get the septic sorted out without parting with too many $$$
    The rain has finally stopped here, our hydro did flash off over night.

    I cooked meatloaf tonight, first time for a real cooked dinner since last spring.

    1. we do too!!!!
      I love love love meatloaf!!

  2. Well, sorry you had to go home...but glad you has somewhere else to go! ha.

    We had storms all night down here, too..and this morning!

    1. still raining here tonight at home..

  3. Orrrr sorry to hear this Linda...pleased you are safe and away from the the storms.
    Every cloud has a silver lining though, your flowers are glorious!
    Take care, hope you get things sorted with ease.

    Lisa X

    1. going to try and get in touch with a septic guy today...fingers crossed...

  4. Didn't notice this post until this morning! Septic issues...not good...yuck.
    Hope you can get someone out to look into it and get it fixed!


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