Thursday, 20 September 2012

Polygonum Cuspidatum.....Gotcha!!!

Today we are going to showcase my Japanese Bamboo...or sometimes called Japanese Knotweed...whatever....I love it..
It can be very invasive, but for the perfect spot, it is very easy to control...
I brought a small piece from the cottage to put right in the corner of my small back yard, after we removed some rather unruly juniper, which were way past their expiry date.
The first photo shows them in early May of this you can see, it really does look like Bamboo...they are very fast growers, and they spread underground.
When they get to be too much....I simply yank them out!!
Sometimes you get a whole rootling, and you can easily transplant, or share with a fellow gardener.

This is how they look mid-summer...nice red branch, and interesting heart-shaped leaves....I usually have to cut it back, as I have some large grasses
                                 growing underneath...

In Mid-July, the blossoms start to form
And by August, they are in Full Bloom...

Mine is situated behind a lot of grasses...this was taken about 2 weeks ago...

                        Hope you found this interesting...

                         Perhaps incorporate some Bamboo into your landscape...

                             Hope you are having a great day...I included a Buddy
                           update on the end of yesterdays post...

             Staying close to home today...banana breads and blueberry breakfast cake in the oven...Beef Barley Vegetable soup on the stove....

                      Cheers!  :o)


  1. A neighbour down from our daughter's has Japanese knotweed growing to cover one of those big green city electrical boxes. I am amazed at how fast it grows in the spring to cover that box. They just mow around it all summer to stop it from spreading.

    Hope that Buddy is improving.

    The latest photos of Vivian are adorable. You just have to see them and cuddle them every day don't you, as they change so quickly.

  2. Two things on my WishList for the New Home .. bamboo somewhere and bird feeders. Hoping all is well .

    1. Thanks Candice...We had to stop putting so much birdseed out, as the crazy little red squirrel was thinking he was moving in with us!!! Just Nyger seed for now...for the finches...good luck with all your wishes!!!

  3. You could pass along a little rootling to me! Lovely plant!


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