Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Something New....And....Some Old Things...

  What a traumatic day I had yesterday...

It may seem silly to some...but when the lens on my beloved camera would not close...and was making strange noises...I went into panic mode...

Very dramatic....I know...but I really love my camera, and I felt very naked without it....

I first called my talented techy son, and followed his advice...but to no avail...

I then went on-line, and discovered that I was not alone, with this particular circumstance....again...I followed all the tricks to see if I could get it to work...

But...once solution   :o(

The top picture is the way my "old" camera looks today...stuck with an open lens...for all the world to see...embarassed...exhausted...needs to go into early retirement...It has been a hard worker for me...and my son before that...

Let's here one last hurrah for my Canon Power Shot.SD 870 IS....YEAH!!!!

But look who I have now...

Isn't she a beauty...another hand-me-down from my son...What a guy!!!

He swears by his I-Phone, and he also has a glamorous 35mm...

SO.....he helped his old Mom out...gave me a few tips...and off I go!!!

Now....onto the Thrifty part of this post...Picked up this adorable dish last weekend ...50 cents...looked on E-Bay....going for $9.99...Not a bad purchase, I would say...I have already given it to my son, as he LOVES vintage things...
Grabbed 2 more vintage paint-by-numbers....$5 for the pair...they are soooo East them...and the frames are OAK....very heavy...

This darling little oil painting was $1...seems to me that it looks like Italy or somewhere in Europe...with the village on the Sea...tiny sailboats in the harbour...and even a mountain volcano in the background...can't really make out the artist's signature...would love to know who she/he is...very sweet painting...

 Next...this hand painted creamer....lovely flowers...delicate...Gosh...I love creamers...Made In England...I am sure it is worth far more than the 50 cents I paid for it....

The gold edging only adds to the beauty...

And the tiny flowers encircle the handle..

Along with the scallopped edging...

I believe the tiny blue flowers and the yellow ruffly tulips are my favorite on this piece...

Will certainly include her in my next tea party   :o)

                                                The smaller one, was included when I bought the larger one!!!!!!  And it is Royal Doulton.....How fabulous!!!! The vintage tablecloth below and left....also 50 cents...always happy when I find cheery!!!

            So....what do you think of these thrifty buys???? Pretty cool, eh?

                  So glad that I got me a "new" camera...

                      Can't wait to try it out....well, other than the shot I took of my "old" girl and the new know what I mean!!!!

                Hope you all have a great day...kinda cloudy here...

                   Have to get going...get off this computer...and do

                       some grocery shopping....

               I am also feeling kinda poorly...cold coming on...hopefully I won't give it to sweet Vivian and her Mom...if I see them today, that is...:o)

                            Cheers!     :o)


  1. That little jug is wonderful, will be a lovely addition to a tea party. Lots of great finds for you. Good luck with the new camera. My camera was busy this morning as there was a pileated woodpecker on our old dead tree, so now I've got a 100+ photos to sort through. Hope you feel better soon.

    1. Love those pileated woodpeckers...they remind me of Woody Woodpecker!!
      I hope I feel better as well...thanks Crafty...

  2. I wish I had sent our old camera out to be repaired when it played that trick on me. I think I shall miss it always.

    Love your treasures! You are making me want to go hunting. :)

    1. I tried everything...the "net" said it would cost more than the I am pleased with the new one...can't wait to get started...but too cloudy today, and I am pooped!!

  3. Hi Linda

    The same thing has happened to mine, hence no recent posts. I recognize the name on the hand painted creamer GLENEAGLES. YOU DO KNOW THAT IT IS A FAMOUS PRESTIGIOUS SCOTTISH GOLF COURSE. Possibly where Tiger Woods plays the Open Golf Championships. I used to work for a golfing company when I lived in Scotland and I used to book Wealthy Golfers onto this course. Google it!
    The creamer may have belonged to this establishment once over! Keep hold of it! HA HA It may be worth a fortune.

    Pleased you are up and running again, I hope I am soon, loads to share!
    Take care

    1. I usually do google them, but not this item...$33 on Ebay...for just the creamer!!!...I did pretty well, eh???? Thanks for the heads up...good luck with your camera...did you get all of that rain???

  4. Yay, a new old camera! Can't beat that. I'm sure it will serve you well for a while. I love creamers too and the flowered one is so pretty. Great paint by numbers too. I think I gave away all the ones that were at my mil's a few years ago. I had no idea they'd be collectibles. I hope you feel better.

    1. I love paint by numbers...and this one especially as it looks like the East coast...hoping to feel better tomorrow...:o)

  5. yay for a new camera!!! Looks like it takes wonderful photos....all those neat thrift store finds! The Brits really do know how to make lovely dishes and pottery, don't they? I would have picked up that creamer, too! :)

    1. I can't believe it coat me pennies, and it is for sale for $33!!!!
      Hope to put the camera to use this weekend...

  6. I hope you're feeling better today. It seems I am buying a new camera every two years because they don't last that long. Where did you go thrifting?

    Sandy xox

    P.S My banner was black indeed. I took care of it now. Thanks for the heads up!!

  7. Argh..why is my profile picture black now??

    1. I told you!!!!
      I thrift out near the cottage...Beamsville, Grimsby, Dunnville and Pt never know what you will find...hope you get your glitch fixed!!

  8. Hi Linda...
    I still have and love my little old Canon SD600 although the lens is making a grinding noise when I turn it on and off. (uh, oh!) Good luck with your new camera. Love all your finds...isn't it so fun to hunt for treasure?
    Take care, Laura

    1. yes...especially when I actually FIND a treasure!!!

  9. Wow love your camera and your amazing finds. Where do you go to find such amazing things? We were just at the Canon store today and we had a camera which was dropped and now the lense won't close. Even though it is still under warrenty they want almost $150 to look at it. My son says he got the camera on sale and it will cost more to fix then it is worth. It did take amazing pictures though. As for colds it is usually the grandkids that give them to us (I am just getting over one too)

  10. Usually Christian stores seem to have the best stuff...and the nicest people work there as well...there is one in Clarkson...Bibles for Missions...on Truscott...I buy a lot of stuff there...but all of this came from out near the cottage...DO yourself a favor...get a new camera!!!


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