Monday, 5 November 2012

Safe From Sandy....Sadly Soaped!!...

 Took a drive on Saturday....

Almost there...cloudy skies...

When we arrived...everything OK...

Just a few twigs...just like normal...

Did a walk about...   

But something felt strange... 

Lots of leaves...

Found a Duck Decoy on the Beach...

Then we figured it out...

We had been soaped on Halloween!!!

There are no "kids" that live near the cottage...

SO...our guess is...those dreaded "teenagers"...

The scary part is....they actually opened our latched driveway gate...

And went onto the sunporch  [we had left the shutters off]...

And even soaped my big mirror on the sunporch well as the
windows looking out from the kitchen...

Our neighbour came to the rescue...lent my boyfriend a razor paint scraper..

So he  [and I] got to work....

Darn those pesky "teenagers"....

One year we got egged...that was really the egg had dried by the time we found it...

I guess.......when you live gotta make your own fun!!!

Too darn was at our expense....  :o(


             BY the way......

                The sandy beach is gone....:o(

                      But our little cottage is from Sandy...:o)

                           Hope you all had a great weekend...

                              Enjoy your day...cloudy again...

                               Cheers!   :o)


  1. I'm glad you made it through the storm all right. But, really, the "teenagers" could find something better to do than make things harder for others.

    1. Tell me about it!!!
      Thanks for visiting..

  2. Darn kids!!! At least it came off easily enough. Better than the eggs!!!
    Still, frustrating. When my girls were teenagers, we would get tp'd every weekend! It got to be such a frustrating thing, because we have huge trees in our front, and our front yard is lined in rose bushes. The tp would be a nightmare to remove!!! I got to the point where I would chain my two labs to the front tree so they would alert us when the kids arrived. It was such a pain!
    Have a good day!!
    xo Kris

    1. That would be VERY annoying...for sure..

  3. Oh dear! But I'm glad your little sweet cottage was still safe and sound!

  4. I have never heard of such a thing Linda. We have mischief night here in England, but to be honest it has fizzled out. Not much fun to clean up!
    It's a good job you have a great sense of humour.
    Take Care X

    1. That's for boyfriend did most of the clean up..
      I just roam around and take pictures!!!

  5. That's disappointing that the 'teens' had to soap your windows. I didn't see any evidence of pranksters around here this year. It' been pretty quiet the past few years. I'm glad Sandy was kind to you though. :)

    1. Nothing silly around here at home...
      Perhaps the "country" kids are more bored!!
      I am also glad the "old girl" came out ok..

  6. So good to hear there was no damage from the storm. Drat teenagers that have nothing better than to make work for others. At least the soap could be scraped off. I guess it was a case of simple things please simple minds with those teenagers. It's a bit of a dull day today, but the sun is trying to break through every now and then.

    1. You are right,Linda...
      Nothing but crummy cloud here...and COLD!!

  7. Thankfully, the cottage came through Sandy unscathed...that's the most important thing!

    1. It is are so right...

  8. When my Dad was a boy, it was customary "in the country" to go around on Halloween tipping over everyone's outhouses! Especially fun if someone was in one at the time. You were considered a big kid when you were allowed to join in this mischief. Yes indeed they made their own fun in the Lanark area. Be happy you have indoor plumbing! :)
    Annoying clean up for sure.

    1. I think when our kids were teens, didn't we have "devil's night"??
      Of kids were "angels"..and never participated!!

  9. i should have a better sense of humor about it i guess.
    i call that vandalism. and total disrespect. not cute.
    even with grey skies your pictures from the cottage are just beautiful!!

  10. Thanks Tammy...I guess kids will be harm done :o)


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