Thursday, 1 November 2012


A few weeks ago...I stumbled onto
a blog...

She had a picture of an afghan that
she had crocheted...

I commented, and she was nice enough to share her pattern with me...

The blog is

Her name is Linda..such a lovely means beautiful, you know...hahaha...

I changed her pattern a bit...

And came up with this...

HDC in the back loop...[for you non-crocheters...half-double-crochet]

Looks like knitting...yes???  

I still have a lot to do...but...I just started this on Monday night...and it is coming along fantastically...I love the look, feel and weight...

A big thanks to should visit her blog...very nice  :o)

It gets finished up with a fringed edge....

Will be looking forward to posting the finished product...

Not sure how long it will take...

I have already got plans for a couple of crocheted cowls for my daughters...

Fabulous pattern...and they are FREE on the internet...  

Will share that when I get started.... 


Here I am this afternoon with Vivian...

           No comments about the double chin...or triple...whatever..

                 For those of you who don't know me REAL WELL...

                        I am VERY vain...don't much like the notion of
                                  getting OLD...  

                    Oh well.........Vivian likes me...

                                  Just the way I am!!!!

                                                       And I LOVE LOVE LOVE her....

                 Hope you all had a great day...

                             Still crappy and rainy...damp...dark...YUCK...

                             Cheers!   :o)


  1. What lovely crocheting you do! Beauteous Vivian loves her Grandma no matter what she looks like :)

    1. It is a nice look, isn't it?? [the afghan....not me]
      We should get together next week...crochet and chat...

  2. That afghan is going to be beautiful Linda! I also worry about my grey hair and double chin these days but my grandson doesn't care. He calls me Gaga anyway. :) Hugs, Pamela

    1. Like Lady Gaga!!!! Or Granny Gaga!!! hahaha...
      I think it is going to be just what I wanted it to look like...:o)

  3. What are you talking about? I see one chin and two lovely girls. :)

    what a lovely piece of crochet...I love everything about it...the color and!

    1. Run and get your glasses, Betsy!!!! I think you missed a few chins!!hahaha

  4. I agree with Betsy, only one chin and two beautiful ladies. I should know about chins, I have a couple myself. It's a nasty family trait, or a double blessing depending on how I look at it, and truthfully, I prefer not to. :)

    Maybe one day I will learn how to crochet and the still remember how three weeks later. Or maybe finish a project. Yours is beautiful.

    1. oh...thanks Martha...mine is more like a saggy chin/neck combo..hahah I think my Mom was nice enough to give me I get on in years...
      Good luck with the is really pretty simple...lots of "how tos" on the internet...

  5. Beautiful! Everything! I'll be out finding materials to do something tomorrow. The baby is waaaaaaay overdue, but they are not waiting until Monday to induce. I'm very busy with Zoë and loving it. Cheers.

    1. Fingers crossed that everything goes well..
      Give Zoe a squeeze for me!!

  6. what? i see no double chin. i see a lovely happy face holding an adorable baby vivian!
    i wondered when we would see another shot of her. i have exhausted all the archive pictures. lol.
    and people that can crochet or knit . . . my idols! i cannot. nor do i want to. i just sit back with my mouth open and admire. my mother crocheted while even watching tv!!!
    i bet you can do that too. it's lovely.
    she used to crochet the most adorable little sweater sets as baby shower gifts.
    i mean they were exquisite. i always wondered if the young mothers realized what they were truly getting . . . a treasure of time and love!
    and seriously . . . if you're really worried about a double chin (which i really don't see in your picture) there is a secret i learned ages ago.
    why do so few men have them? why do they have less wrinkles in their faces?
    they SHAVE!!!! they do facial and neck exercises without even realizing it. LOL.
    just pretend to shave your face and neck EVERY single morning. you have to tip your head back just as they do. and pull your upper lip down. i know your 'boyfriend' has a beard. so you might have to watch ryan for a refresher course. lol. but trust me. it will firm up and lift your entire face. now it may take weeks or even a couple of months or more. but you WILL see and feel a difference. don't stretch to the point of pain though. just do like the men do. it works. it really truly does. LOLOLOL. and they thought they could keep it from us.
    hugs dear heart,

    1. I do remember hearing that somewhere before..
      think it is tooooo late for moi!!

  7. Hi Linda. Love the crochet blanket! I love to hook! I knit too, but more crochet than knitting. That pattern does look like knitting. I have a small hand mades business that keeps me pretty busy this time of year!! Your granddaughter is beautiful. I always say I have more chins than a Chinese phone book. Oh is what it is.

    1. Thanks Kris...I noticed those cute headbands you made...adorable..
      I was going to try one for Vivian, but my daughter said she doesn't really like them...oh well...onward and upward...I do love to crochet tho...very relaxing..

  8. A fun photo story of favorite places and things . . .

  9. Hi Linda, sorry I missed this post. Love how your throw is coming along.
    You must be finished by now.... Thanks for the shout out!! I am very careful when taking pics for my neck has also started to get that double chin look. HA HA


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