Monday, 14 September 2015

Wet Weekend Recap....

Friday wasn't too bad at the cottage...

We sat out on the beach deck until dark...which unfortunately is getting earlier and earlier...

I had quite a few Datura come up in different spots this year...Sad to say, I have not witnessed ONE bloom this year...only the befores and afters  :o(

Oh well...still lots of summer left...perhaps I will be treated to a few blooms! 

 Lots of colour still left in the old garden...

If the sun stays warm...and no frost...these will bloom for at least another month  or so! Perhaps 'til Halloween!

Baskets are still looking pretty darn good...

Love the Nicotiana!

And..of course...that gorgeous Peach Begonia ♥️

I brought out my old camera for my boyfriend to use...

AFTER he took the above of me with MY camera...

Here he is with the point and shoot!

Most of the pics were unprintable!!

Mostly of me...looking very irritated with a camera in my face!!

It was fun, though!

We stayed out long enough...

To see a few Ducks fly by...


Enjoy the sunset..

And then...

It was Overnight rain...

An all day Saturday rain...

Thank goodness the Blue Jays were on FOX...

And Notre Dame on ABC...

No cable at the cottage...just whatever comes in!!

The boyfriend was happy... His 2 favorite Teams!! hahaha!

I got some crochet time in!

  I stuck my face out the kitchen door to get this shot of these beauties!

On Sunday...there was a bit of relief between the rain drops...

I got down to the beach for a few quick pictures...

Isn't that sky amazing!

Picked the lonely tomato...

A few hints of Fall...

Hope you all had a great weekend...

A bit cooler today...remember last Monday????

Beautiful sunshine...lovely open!!

Did a grocery shop...

Have chicken soup bubbling good for the soul,eh??

I have built a is soaking in the flavours as we speak...

It will be baked to a delicious delicousness...

And accompanied by a Roasted Yam...

Sauteed Bok Choy for the boyfriend...

Broccolli for moi...and a sliced tomato with olive oil and avacado slices...


I think for right now...

I will go and enjoy the late afternoon sun, in my lovely back yard.... 

With my boyfriend...

 What have you been up to today???

                            Cheers!  :o)




  1. We're a little cooler today....a beautiful fallish day with coooold morning and warm afternoon. Feels wonderful
    to have the windows open this afternoon! I'm defrosting the freezer looked like the north pole in there!

    1. Beautiful here too!
      You have a deep freeze?

  2. I used to grow Brugmansia..overwintered indoors.. too much effort..may start again though,depends on how challenged I want to be..and that is less and less..Datura are I stopped those when Lucas was born..there were so many scared me..but my middle name is: "whatif" of them..
    You have inspired me for different begonias next year:)

    And I only want to be behind the camera;)
    Jamais in front.
    I get you.

    Rained..rained and rained..all skies..maybe 1/2 hr ago~

    1. Brugmansia are so beautiful!
      I know the a Datura seeds are dangerous...the pods break er the winter, and the seeds get mixed into my compost....they come up in the strangest places....I would never let Miss V near them...she is not a gardener...yet!
      I think guise Begonias were the most beautiful...EVER!
      I will look for them next year too!
      I don't mind my picture being taken...but....they were just silly! Hahaha!

    2. :)

      I saw her watering the garden..she IS a gardener♥

    3. Oh Monique!!! You are so right! She even fills the watering can, here at home!
      She IS a gardener ♥️

  3. Great pictures! Finished hooking my pumpkin pillow!

  4. Lovely photos . This weekend Papa has been sick with a head cold so lots of chicken soup , cups of tea and TLC here , I did pop out every now and then to take some photos to lol ! It has been sunny with cool breezes and I am loving it ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

    1. Thanks Elaine....hope your hubby is better!
      That was a soggy weekend!

  5. Action packed stay at the cottage . . .. always something to see and to do . . . love all the photos and commentary . . :)

    Rained cats and dogs here but fortunately passengers did not get too wet getting into and off the bus . . . and saw lovely little Rosa. I am hoping to take Peter to see her soon . . :)

    1. Love the shot of the old boy with the camera . . . rofl

    2. Hi Eddie....
      I saw your wee Rosa...she is a doll!
      The old boy was becoming a little annoying! Hahaha!

  6. What beautiful shots you have here Linda! I love your header of the sunlight through the grasses. I'm glad you got at least one good day at the cottage. We "enjoyed" that rain yesterday too ... well the garden needed it! It was a good day for crafting, which I did (swap items). Today warmed up nicely, so back to shorts again this afternoon. Have a great week!

    1. Thanks so much Wendy!
      Yes...the gardens got a good drink!
      Today was lovely....warmer as we go along!

  7. Looks like you are enjoying every minute of summer that we have left, even though the chicken soup part screams Fall. I for one am happy to have the heat of summer gone. It has allowed me to simmer large pots of spaghetti sauce and beef stew for future meals.
    Your basket is very pretty. Begonias are so pretty.

    1. Hi there Lori,...thanks for stopping by!
      I am ready for some fall cooking....yummy comfort foods....

  8. Your flowers are still so pretty! We had a couple of nice cooler mornings, but it quickly warms up. I've been purging closets. It amazes me how much stuff will fit into them.

    1. Yes...they are hanging on!
      We are warming up again....fine with me!
      I love cleaning out closets...I find all kinds of neat stuff!

  9. Your photos are wonderful and I especially like the morning glory shot. It was cool today but you could feel the heat returning later in the day. We are in for more summer this week.. I cleaned up the bird feeders and my plants today. My mums are doubling in size this last week. :) Deb

  10. So the BF is giving you a taste of your own medicine - hee hee!
    Lovely shots - yes, you do have a lot of colour left in your garden.
    Sat on my roof for an hour or so at dusk and then wandered in the Distillery for a bit with a delicious Café Mocha. Then home for a late dinner of pigs-in-a-blanket and braised baby carrots. Pecan cranberry cookie for dessert.

  11. A rainy weekend for you brought some DELICIOUS for me . . .
    Love the cottage looks and thoughts of the two of you "camera playing!"
    Stones, water, sky, rain drops, greens and flowers . . . lovely images . . .
    Our weekend was similar, although we weren't at a cottage on Lake Erie . . .
    Let's call it a wooden sanctuary . . .

    1. the weather is much better now...loving the return of summer!

  12. Lovely always. Sunday's weather was shock to the system! I'm not ready for autumn...and I'll not mention the W word.
    Jane x

  13. sounds as though you made the best of it! xx

  14. Love all your photos.. What a beautiful part of the world you live in. I will certainly be back to visit.
    Thanks for sharing
    Shel xx

    1. Hi Shel...thanks for stopping by...hope to see you again!!


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