Monday, 21 September 2015

The Beginning Of The Weekend Was Delightful!!

As promised...

My neighbour brought me some of his garlic from home...

I will plant mid October...

We will be Garlic growing buddies, Monique!

Bought a selection of grape heirloom tomatoes...

They were delicious in a Greek Salad on Friday night...

Never heard of Ferns...and green at late September!!

Cut the grape tomatoes in halves...grabbed some fresh Basil from my garden...for the Greek Salad...I added the other goodies later....Got the onion roasted potatoes...skinless chicken thighs...bathed in buttermilk and coated with Panko...zucchinni with sliced red onion and parmesan the oven...back out to the deck...for a the clouds were starting to roll in...

enjoyed the bonfire...

If we only knew what was to come on Saturday...





Along with a cold front!!

Stay tuned!!

Hope you all had a great weekend...

Thanks for all the good wishes for Miss V...she is much better♥️

What was the weather like where you are???

It has calmed down now...but was pretty wild at the lake...thought we might lose power...and that is NEVER fun!!

Enjoy the rest of your day...

                         Cheers!   :o)


  1. Same saturday of my hanging baskets broke off the front porch..

    beauty day

    light is different.. mornings cooler..

    that poor butterfly..

    wonder what happened..

    a misfit in a 2 winged world for sure now:(
    neat pics:)
    I had boots on today after a summer of flip flops and Jacques seemed height.
    I will be a garlic growing buddy too..made my stakes today:)
    Will be fun to plant and gather..
    have a great week Linda.

    1. Hi Monique...
      Boots? High ones? High heels?
      The Monarchs migrate past the cottage....the Swallows are making it difficult for them!
      I need to stake the garlic?

    2. Cowboy:)
      I used the wrong word..I wrote on small wooden stakes..which varieties I was planting where..:) I will draw a little plan..but I like seeing the markers..last yr I wrote w/ sharpie on plastic..not a good idea..wood this time:)

    3. Ha! Cowboy boots would look awesome on you! I understand...but I do not know the varieties of what he gave me...will see how I do with these!
      Are you ready for Autumn tomorrow????

  2. One of my favorite weekends ever!
    Friday's weather was perfect.

    1. Your daughters wedding looked must be really of luck to them both♥️

  3. Love your pictures...That first one is exquisite, and you fee are cute too. HaHa Our daughter in OR grows elephant garlic. Roasted with some Brie on crusted bread...yum.

    Sending hugs.

    1. Yes I have bought the elephant garlic...roasted and squeezed out! Delicious!

  4. I love your window-sill photo. Or is that a table? Very nice shot.

    1. The tomatoes or the garlic?
      One is the dining table inside...the other is a 3 legged table on the kitchen porch...
      Thanks Deb!

  5. Friday was nice here Saturday rain all day chilly and windy , yesterday beautiful , today beautiful again . Wonderful photos . Glad to hear Miss V is better . Lots of lovely veggies there . Our ferns are still green as well . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

    1. Yes Elaine....Saturday was hideous! Yesterday beautiful! That is why we stayed another night!
      Enjoy your week...

  6. Garlic and tomatoes...mmm, delish!. You are having much variety of weather - soon the leaves will be all golden for you. Those ferns don't look like Fall - they are the same as my daughter's, come out in May. Spring is still springing over here, with cool mornings, but a hot day (29) forecast today. Nice bonfire!

    1. This week is was last week....unfortunately the Saturdays are awful!
      Enjoy your Spring!

  7. A nice break for you.
    Isn't the weather very changeable there? . . . . and when it is rough it is very rough . .
    Loved the bonfire shot . . warmed my hands because it has turned a bit colder here . . .
    Little Rosa is still not well settled . . . wants to be held all the time and takes ages to feed . . .
    Seeing her tomorrow . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie...
      With Peter tiring you out...and Rosa being are having quite a time!
      We are warm again...,but cooler is inevitable....Autumn is creeping in!
      Good luck with Rosa...did you try the soother?

  8. Will you come and make all those " dinner delights" for me/us . . .
    Sounds heavenly . . .
    Beautiful pictures, photos, settings . . .
    I enjoy each and every one of your posts . . .
    Happy the wind and storm didn't end up in a "power out!"

    1. Sure thing Lynne! hahaha!
      Thanks for your kind words...much appreciated!!
      Yes...boyfriend does NOT like it with out I am ok with it!!

  9. I've never grown garlic. Do you suppose the deer will eat it too?? I can't wait to have a bonfire when we get home. Haven't had one since early July and it was just to burn brush in the middle of the day! Have a good week.

    1. Not sure Pam...the Deer seem to be a real problem with gardeners...
      Enjoy your last few days...
      Pics of the bonfire!!

  10. What lovely post and what gorgeous tomatos :)
    I love your tan feets :)

    1. HA!
      I will miss my flipflops for a few months!

  11. you are such a creative cook, always such yummy meals you make,
    beautiful photos and I am so glad miss V is better!!

    1. Why thanks Laurie...
      I tried to see your posts...but there is nothing there!!
      Hope you post soon...

  12. Those tomatoes and garlic look good! Yes, we went to Mahone Bay. Beautiful spot, isn't it?

  13. Beautiful photos. Mmmmm... garlic! Yes, the weekend was a bit of everything weather-wise, but loved Sunday and Monday.
    Had lunch with a friend in the Distillery today and having coffee with another tomorrow. So lovely to still sit outside.

    1. You are a social butterfly for sure Suzanne...enjoy!!

  14. Toes in the sand all year round would be a perfect home for me! Love the fire!

  15. It really is amazing how the weather can change from one day to the next isn't it! xx

  16. There's nothing like fresh garden garlic.



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