Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Remembering February....Welcoming March..........

Now that February has gone for another year....

Let's remember it in a few pictures....

The day before our trip....Miss V joined us for the day....

She made some Valentine heart cookies....properly decorated with sprinkles of course♥️

She said they were yummy....even before they went in the oven!

She had a wee bite out of one!

It will be nice to make a mess in the kitchen again with her....

Cakes....muffins.....cookies.....oh my! Hahaha!

In February we also made a bunch of Valentines....for her to share.....

I guess Easter cards will be next!....

The Birds in February are so fun.....

Scurrying along the beach....digging for treasure....or.....relaxing....

Nothing more from the Mockingbird....I think there is nesting going on....

The February flowers have been nonstop.....

Every morning....new ones to snip and enjoy....

February's food has been delicious!

Especially enjoying it while watching the sunset....

Soup has been very comforting on a few of the cooler days...

Gosh....I love soup.....I could eat it everyday!  Yum!

Let's not forget the February crochet....

Getting bigger....loving the colours....I have until end of April to finish....

It was a great project for my lap in February....

And lastly......but certainly not least.....February Sunsets....

So difficult to pick only a few....

Love being here...to be part of this.....very lucky indeed....

Hope you have a great day.....

Welcoming Miss March.....hopefully she will be a lamb.....

10 more days for us here....

Can hardly believe it is almost over.....


The other reward awaits....

To give Miss V a big squeeze.....♥️

Another gorgeous day here.....

Perhaps that drive down to Anna Maria Island....

We both had a wee bit too much sun yesterday.....

               Welcome Miss March....

                              Cheers!   :o)

                                     linda ♥️


  1. Gosh those sunsets are astounding . . :)
    And little 'Miss' V ~ bet you 'miss' her . . .

    1. HI Eddie....
      Miss her like crazy...
      Spoke with her today...she said " hi nana....are you at your house yet?"
      Awwwwww...breaks your heart....
      Will see her soon enough!
      How are your sweet grands?

    2. Thought you would be missing her.
      I saw Rosa yesterday and she is coming along great . . .
      Having Peter tomorrow and Friday as usual. Thurs I am taking him to meet his girl cousin who is 6 months older.
      I'll do another post soon.
      Wonder if they will fall in love . . . lol

    3. Is that legal in Britain? Hahaha!

    4. Well only if it is by mutual consent . . . . lol

  2. It's hard to believe March is here already! Those sunsets sure are beautiful..the food
    looks yummy. There's just something about eating outside that makes it taste even better!
    I'm loving those cute little pink cookies! Aw. Adorable!

  3. It is a lucky feeling..mixed in w/ gratitue and awe being there..because it is so vast and beautiful and ever changing..we feel so close..to God I find:)
    Whichever one you like or believe in.

    Your little sweetie must miss you too..I wonder if they do?
    I have no recollections under the age of 10 unless I see photos..
    You eat so well there..I admit to taking many shortcuts there;)
    And eating the same meals a few times..

    continued fun to you and beautiful vistas.

    I bet nana has a few things to bring home;)

    1. When I spoke with her today, she asked if I was at my house yet....I thought I would cry....so sweet....
      I told her we would bake cookies...and cakes...and make Easter cards....she said that was a great idea!♥️
      Weather is fabulous.....

  4. Replies
    1. You have great taste! Hahaha!

  5. Love miss V you know. How sweet is she :)
    Not only beauty is sweet.
    Lovely pictures.
    Send you love and blessings !

  6. Beautiful pictures, especially the sunsets. Wow! You had a jammed packed February. Have fun while you are there and drive safely back to Miss V. She's waiting to make those Easter cards, you know.

    1. Hi Kathy....
      I will....lovely thought!

  7. i loved this post.
    you have the gift of making one feel like we're there!
    and that picture of the boyfriend on the beach... that is so beautiful.
    and cookies with little miss V!
    i love soup too. it's something i never tire of. no matter the season.

    1. That pic of boyfriend, was when the moon was full....we went for a late walk....it was awesome!

  8. Lovely photos ! We are to get hit with the biggest winter storm this afternoon and over night snow freezing rain they have warnings out all over but when I look at the radar it looks like we wont be in the heart of it all mostly the north east will . Send over some warm sunny weather please . March is coming in like a lion and hopefully leaving like a lamb soon lol ! Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

    1. Stay safe....it will all melt anyway!

  9. Lovely memories of February. March is arriving like a lion with a storm later today, hope it gets the nasty weather out of its system and from now on it just gets nicer and nicer.

    1. I see that....my kids sent me photos of the snow.....
      Beautiful here....

  10. Those sunset photos are gorgeous! I didn't realize you still have 10 days to go there. You must be missing little Miss V and vice versa. We have sunshine here today but it is a cold wind blowing. Rain for later tomorrow but at least it's not the big storm the southern Ontario and Quebec and northern NB are getting! Have a great week in the sunny south! xx Pam

    1. Miss her very much Pam....but I guess you know that feeling....
      Lots of snow at home...oh well....it is March!
      Off to see the Blue Jays on Friday....

  11. Such beautiful memories, Linda. Little Miss V is just too precious. Wonderful photos of your time - the delicious food, flowers and sea-birds, sweet companion and oh, those sunsets! I know it will be hard to say goodbye. Enjoy these final days for me - it is gray and rainy here. xo Karen

    1. Hi Karen.....
      The sunsets are the best here.....keeps us coming back!
      Enjoy your week.....

  12. The flowers, the sunsets, the delicious food! And you have your blog to keep these memories safe. I, of course love to read and pretend I'm lying on a beach popping strawberries into my mouth! lol. Snow and ice here today. I did all my running around yesterday so I could cozy up here today. Some laundry action and speaking of soup, I'm making a new one in a little while called Creamy Lentil Spinach Soup. If it's fast I'll post the recipe.

    Adorable pictures of Miss V making the cookies. Are they shortbread? I've never seen such puffy cookies!! Your secret?

    Hugs to you,


    1. I do the same, when a storm is coming...then I can relax, and watch the storm....
      Those are Pilsbury....pre cut....hahaha! It works well with her....she is better at making banana loaves!
      Can not wait to kiss her!

  13. Happy March Linda. What gorgeous sunsets, worth travelling south just to see them. Your food always looks so decorative and tasty - you can come cook for me anytime. Enjoy the flowers and the beach for the remainder of your time. And you must be looking forward to playing with Miss V once again :)

    1. Hey Patricia....never been down under....say when!
      Very much...can't wait to see how big she is!

  14. Wonderful February memories. Just adore all the sunset photos at the end. Sighing.
    Was unusually warm on Sunday and now we have a big storm moving in. Lots of snow tonight.
    Enjoy the time left! ☀ ❀ ❧ ❁ ❤

    1. Will do Suzanne....it will fly by!

  15. Lovely post. Happy March, Linda! Enjoy the rest of your stay down south. I hope the weather is really nice when you get back. Or maybe you'll bring back nice weather with you :)

    1. Thanks Martha!
      I will bring the warmth...promise!

  16. Mumble, grumble, okay not as much as predicted, but still lots to shovel. But the sun's out, the roads are clear and clean. Love all of your photos. Little Miss V., food, sunsets, crocheting, flowers. Managed to get pampered with a facial yesterday right before the snow started. A destresser! Keep enjoying everything, Ms. Linda. :)

  17. Such beauty! Enjoy your last 10 days there!
    XO Kris


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