Thursday, 10 March 2016

Beachy Bits & Bobs.....

As you all read this....

We are on our way home....

Another lovely Florida vacation has come to an end....

We really had a relaxing....carefree month....lazy lazy lazy....

Thoroughly enjoyed the weather....started off a bit cool and wet...


Ended with the big finale.....wall to wall sunshine....and the sunsets....♥️

But....alas....all good things come to an end....

But....the thought of being home comforting to me.....

I have missed my kids tremendously....and one special little munchkin....

Who is almost her Mommy is not well.....:o(

Nana to the rescue! Hahaha! Hopefully we can be of help to them....


If I don't reply for a few days....

Just hum that old Willie Nelson tune....

"on the road again"....hahaha!

Hope you all had a great day....

Can't wait to see what's going on at home and the cottage....

Want to feed the birds....and give Red a peanut butter crust!

Oh.....and some peanuts too!

Enjoy your evening....

               Cheers!  :o)

                       linda ♥️

ps....thanks for all your lovely, caring comments while I was away...


  1. Safe travels! Our family across the street..all well now..
    by the time you get home..hopefully she will be too!
    Pretty pretty pics..
    Not driving ever again..says me...

  2. Safe travels, Linda! I've really enjoy your posts and all the wonderful Instagram photos. Looking forward to everything you have to share when you get back home.

  3. Oh, I love the sandcastles! If only I could sit on the beach and play too. I might have to settle for clean sand in my back yard box instead.
    Prayers for V's mommy (or is that "mummy"?)
    The weather's been nice for walking. Hope the sunshine is back tomorrow.

  4. be safe!
    God speed.
    see you back in beautiful canada cc girl! xo♥

  5. Pretty beach bits and pieces. We are in for more warm weather. Too bad you have to go home now. But, I know you're anxious to get back home and to see that precious little one. Be safe! See you when you get home.

  6. Have a lovely drive home! Hopefully the weather up in Canada won't seem too brutal when you arrive!

  7. Be safe on your way back home. I can feel your urgency to get back to those you love. A month and the distance can tug at our hearts even when we are relaxing. I really did enjoy your beach and sunset pictures. I do need a sunny vacuum!


  8. Enjoy the travels back to Ontario. You'll have so much to catch up on when you get here.

  9. Thank you for putting that tune in my head. I am hearing it as I type. Have a safe trip home. I'm sure V will be thrilled to have you back. What a special relationship you have with her. You are coming home to very spring-like weather. Enjoy! -Jenn

  10. Safe Travels! I know Miss V. will be so excited to see you. :)

  11. Impressive sand carvings. . . .
    have a safe return journey and you will be seeing family including little Miss V very soon . . . :)

  12. That is some sand castle! Or sand pyramid, to be more accurate, I suppose.

  13. Lovely photos and cool sand castles . Thanks for sharing your trip with us it was a blast . Safe trip home . I bet Miss V will be glad to see you both , hope her mum feels better soon and glad Miss V is better now ! Thanks for sharing , have a good weekend !

  14. Wow, wonderful sand art/castles. Safe drive for you and the BF and take your time! Cool today, but warming up, tomorrow +17, yay! Take care, will follow you back in Canada. :)

  15. Such creativity on the beach - what fun!
    I am sure your family will be as glad to see you as you are to see them.
    Getting warm here so it won't be a shock to your system. :-)
    Safe travels and warm hugs. xox

  16. Happy trails,Linda! Enjoy the journey and get home safely!

  17. Another great trip for the books!
    I always get so homesick!
    xo kris


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