Monday, 28 March 2016

~~~ Easter Dinner~~~

 This was the full Easter Basket I put together for Miss V...

She loved the Kinder Surprise Egg...and her new colouring book...memory game...and sparkly ring!!

She and her Auntie Lissa...{with the bunny ears}...and her Auntie Anna had a rousing game of Memory...she did quite well...and really enjoying learning to play! I must get her a few more of this type of game...

She was the first one at the table...

Eager to dig into her Turkey dinner...

My plate is pictured below...




Not sure why her Mommy was making a face...hahaha!!!

Her Uncle Ryans vegetarian dinner is pictured here...

2 of my kids are vegetarian now...

And my other daughter has Celiac cooking  can be a challenge for me...


Kudos to me...the entire Turkey dinner was gluten free!!!

I even made gluten free appetizers and a gluten free berry and apple crisp for dessert, with gluten free ice cream!!

My daughter Lissa made gluten free brownies..{DELISH}...

And my son brought vegan key lime cheesecake...{DELISH} 

Miss V was happy with a bowl of ice cream for dessert...♥️

And...her bunny hat ...that she made...was perfect for the occasion!

As the adults chatted after the meal...

Miss V retired to the TV room...watched an episode of Paw Patrol...


Tried her sparkling ring on her big toe!!! It fit like a glove! hahaha!!!


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend...

The weather was crazy here...

Started with the freezing rain on Wednesday and Thursday...

The sun managed a wee bit of light on Good Friday...but chilly!!

The weather at the cottage...Saturday and Sunday...was FABULOUS!!!

No wind...calm lake...lots of raking...3 different fires!!!

Ate out at the local fish restaurant...sat out for the sunset....

I will share as soon as I get my photos sorted...

For some reason I had my camera on a very dark setting...?????

Today is absolutely miserable...wind...rain...hail...awful!!

Have changed the bed from top to bottom...

Put all the Easter trappings away....

Dining table back in order...geesh...a lot of dishes!!!! 

But....happy to do having all my kids here...♥️

Soon.....cottage times for all!!!!

Enjoy the rest of your day...

    All put back in order at yours???

    We had turkey last night...with stuffing and gravy...

      Think I'll make a small pot of turkey and rice soup...

         Pork Tenderloin on the menu tonight...

            Cheers!  :o)

                linda ♥️


  1. beautiful table and wonderful dinner, little miss V is adorable as always and that sparly ring makes a mighty fine toe ring!

    1. Laurie! You're back! How are you....oh...I must see if you have posted...I have been kinda lazy lately!

  2. How wonderful to have your family all together for Easter. Joe and I went out to eat with a couple of our friends. This was the first time in many years the family wasn't together. We still had a lot of fun and lots of good food. I'm making chicken rice soup right now. We must think alike. Miss V is so cute. I love that she used the sparkly ring on her toe.

    1. Hi Kathy....sometimes change is a good thing.
      Turkey soup made...great for our lunches!
      Have a great week....

  3. I love the toe ring,,mine is much smaller:)
    Everything looks so good..the care and thoughtfulness:)
    Love the stitching you did..and the little furry friends in the basket:)
    I had a 6'5" son-in-law in a bunny mask:) They he put it around his bicep over his dress jacket..:)

    Our Littles loved memory card games here..I think I still have 2.. my
    Thank goodness for the nice weekend..Friday was a real GF temp wise..and today is miz here..we will have a fire going in a bit..maybe the last?

    1. You have a toe ring? Why not? Right?
      I must get over to yours...I am certain a beautiful post is waiting to be devoured!
      Have a wonderful week!

    2. An Ardene one from about 15 yrs ago from my daughter..never worn:)

  4. i always love your family dinners!
    beautiful pictures. and YUM. oh my goodness.

    1. Thanks Tammy....hopefully you are better.....♥️

    2. thank you dear heart. i am.
      came by to look at this wonderful dinner and these
      beloved faces or yours again! you have a great family.
      somehow it seems like only yesterday when she was the most beautiful baby in the world!
      time is flying by way too fast!

    3. I love when peeps come back to their comments!
      She is now the most beautiful nearly 4 year old in the world!
      Glad you are better...♥️

  5. That turkey dinner looks divine . . .
    Glad a good time was had by all and my word isn't Miss V growing fast? . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie....
      Funny....sometimes she still looks so tiny....and other times she looks like a big girl....kinda sad....I like her little♥️

    2. Yes . . . I do see why you say you like her little . . .
      Yet of course we will like our grandchildren and love them to bits at any age, yet small is especially sweet and interesting watching them take huge strides in development and being totally dependant on us . . .
      The magic will last quite a while longer . . .
      I am very lucky that little Rosa is to follow Peter . . . but also looking forwards to doing special things with him . . . :)

    3. I guess it is selfish of me....but....I love her so much.....and, like you say, they depend on us♥️
      She will grow into a lovely young lady...I am sure!
      And the same for you....but...perhaps you will have more grandchildren!

    4. Not selfish at all . . . very understandable.
      Not sure whether there will be any more grandchildren ~ I don't think either family can afford it right now . . . .maybe when I 'pop my clogs' if they are not too old . . .
      Nice to have someone to share with . . :)

    5. :o)
      I get get it....

  6. I was hoping I would see a post from you . . .
    And have a chance to see and hear about Miss V . . .
    I think I am going to "take your lead" and start referring to my great granddaughter Oakland as . . .
    Little Miss O . . .
    I love watching her learn, . . . each time I see her, more words, expressions, personality . . . love it!
    I am impressed with your gluten free turkey dinner . . . what a wonderful mother, grandmother . . .
    Looking forward to cottage photos . . .
    Wishing you a happy week Linda . . . with some sunny days!

    1. Why...thanks lovely of you to say!
      Love the wee ones...everything is so and exciting!
      Yes...I think Miss O is perfect!
      I am hoping for some sun as well.....
      Happy week to you!

  7. One more thing . . .
    What is the Memory Game ?

    1. You turn over 2 cards...try to match up the pics....the one I bought was Strawberry Shortcake....with doggies...kitties and girls....she loved it!

  8. All looks lovely and tasty . Wonderful photos , Glad you all had a nice Easter to . Yes the weather has been up and down but Sunday was fab here sunny and temps hit 20C . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

    1. When we left the cottage it was 20 the time we got to Grimsby, it was 4 degrees...and FOGGY!

  9. Another fabulous meal, I see. I like the decorated chandelier.

    1. Yes...I can add decorations for every occasion! Good old ikea!

  10. Yum...that all looks wonderful! I love that your kids all bring dishes to share.
    Love the Easter basket....adorable! We had gorgeous warm weather on Sunday but today
    is 30 degrees colder, gray, windy and miserable! Feels like winter! haha.

    1. I forgot to mention...Erika brought roasted Brussel sprouts...delish!
      And....Ryan brought the Parmesan zuchinni!
      Great effort by everyone!
      Miserable here....yuck!

  11. Our Sunday weather was gorgeous! Today is a complete flip from yesterday. So glad we had beautiful weather for Easter when all the kids were here.
    Your dinner looks fabulous and the child is as adorable as ever.

    1. Same here...yucky today...hopefully some sun tomorrow!

  12. Sounds like a wonderful family weekend Linda. Same here. We play those memory games with our grandson, and he's good at it! Practice helps! I'm impressed you managed a gluten free dinner. Lots of that sort of eating in our family.

    1. I hope to play with her again on Wednesday!
      Butterball turkeys are gluten free...I use vegetable broth to baste....I make the stuffing seperate, for us who can have gluten....velotine and Aurora cubes for the gravy...gluten free....carrot and potato water too!
      I don't want my daughter to get really don't mind♥️
      Weather was, not so much!

  13. Wow - totally gluten free... and it all looks amazing.
    Laughing at the pic of Miss V alone at the table waiting to dig in!
    Sweet Easter basket for her. You are so talented!

    1. yes...very challenging sometimes!!
      Thanks Suzanne!!

  14. Wow the turkey looks good. Miss V is so cute, and so grown up these days. I'll bet she loved her Easter basket so much - and the toe ring is so cute and funny. Lots of work doing the gluten free, but I see you are onto it Linda. You are a very talented cook.

    1. Thanks PAtricia...we do everything we can for our kids, right??

  15. Dinner looks delicious. I cook for vegetarians as well, being doing it a long time, so it is common practice around here.
    Weather looks brighter today, sure was wet and damp and windy yesterday.
    That sparkly ring looks to be the big hit of Easter.

    1. I can handle the is the gluten free that is more complicated, as she gets very sick if contaminated...feel so bad for her... :o(
      Yes...the flashing ring was a hit!!

  16. Mmmmm ... your plate looks delicious! No wonder Miss V was first to the table. It's nice to see everyone enjoying Miss V's company. Good for you for making all those yummy dishes and accommodating everyone's tastes and diets! The basket you made up and the little bunny are so cute. Love the last pic of the sparkly toe ring ;)

    1. Hahaha! yes...she does love to eat!
      The crochet was fun...still working on daughters afghan!!
      Have a great week Wendy!

  17. Looks like a wonderful Easter celebration!

  18. Looked like a beautiful day! Yummy food, ad your favorite PEEPS!
    xo Kris

    1. For sure Kris!
      You have fun at your Mom's?

  19. Sounds like a wonderful weekend for you there. The weather sure is crazy and usually what you get there we get a day later. We had our Easter dinner yesterday as Mark and Jenn were away snowmobiling (up north where they have way more snow than we do) until Sunday evening. Have a super week Linda! xx

    1. Saturday and Sunday were great....
      Enjoy your week Pam!

  20. What... wind...rain...hail? Say it wasn't so!

    Hi Linda :)

  21. I love all miss V pictures and all look beautiful. I can see you had a lovely Easter Linda. Hugs!

    1. Yes we did Gloria...thanks for stopping by!


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