Thursday, 3 March 2016

So Far This Week......

This has been a busy week....

My brother and SIL stopped by...briefly...on Monday...

They were on their way back home, after 2 months in Fort Myers....

They got stuck in our visit was cut short....:o/

I made them a lovely lunch of Chicken Salad on a bun...with sliced yellow peppers and lettuce...

Accompanied by my delish chicken rice soup...

My photo was after I had already devoured most of my soup...:o)

They have since arrived home, safe and sound....


Came across a few great sculptures along the beach....

Such hard work!

The other night before dinner...I made some seasoned dipping oil for a crusty baguette...

It was delicious I must say!

The sunsets never disappoint....every night is different....

Wish I could share all of them with you....

I have kept the boyfriend busy with his chores! Hahaha!

His reward is a lot of reading his beach chair....with a cold brew!

Just a few of the nice shells I have found this trip.....

They are getting harder to find.....

Think I'll take these to the cottage....for the gardens around the beach deck....

Speaking of the's a good one!

Our kids have been checking for us every couple of Saturday's....

Last Saturday....daughter Lissa and SIL Jeff took a drive ......

As soon as they opened the daughter said something wasn't right....

There was stuff knocked over....things out of place....then they met the culprit!

A squirrel was running around the living room....up on the dining table....across the fireplace!

Knocking things over.......,,,YIKES!.........

Jeff cornered him in one of the bedrooms upstairs, which has a door to a small balcony....

Luckily the squirrel went out the door to freedom...,and....OUT OF MY COTTAGE!.....

Thank goodness they went out that day! Who knows what damage if he had been in there longer!


Ok....that's been my week so am lying....we had a day trip on Tuesday....

Quite an time! I will share that!

Tomorrow...Friday....we are off to quaint Dunedin for a Toronto Blue Jays game....

Should be a fun day....

Hope you are  all well....surviving the latest storms....

Spring is close....I can taste it! Hahaha!

Please excuse the placement of my dialogue....

Very difficult to place things where I want them on the IPad....

Once you add can't rearrange have to add them one at a time!

The text is even more difficult to place.....I will be back to my regular format soon....

Which is.....a good thing.....and.....a bad that means beach time is over.....:o(

One week to go, and the forecast is fabulous!

Enjoy the rest of your day....

                   Cheers!  :o)

                         linda. ♥️


  1. My two favorite photos are you on the beach ('cause you look great) and the chicken salad sandwich because I am starving right now. Glad you are having fun. Yes, Spring will be here when you get home. Yah!

    1. HI Deb....hahaha!
      Spring better be there....
      I want to open the cottage!

  2. Oh those sunsets! Have a great week in the sun.

    1. Hi Jessica!
      One more week......*sigh*

  3. I've taken to uploading pictures to my blog from home and then writing at work when the moment is right. My tablet is not the best for blogging, but it does have a few games and I can check FB while sitting for the afternoon.
    The photos are great no matter how they're placed.
    Thanks for taking us along on your trip to find sunshine and warm weather.

    1. Have you added the blogger app?
      I might look at " bloggsy" too....
      You are so to have you along! ♥️

  4. I love every sunset you show! That last one is amazing!
    Nice that you had some family stop fed them well!
    I'm watching snow fall! Lovely!

  5. Looks like you're having a blast. And I agree, those sunsets are awesome. Our view of the sunset is not so great here at our beach, but the sunrises are to die for.

    1. I remember the sunsets when we stayed in Boca Raton a few times....
      I do love the sunsets!

  6. Geesh it's pretty..I hate hotels..well maybe the ones I have been in..give me a small space by the sea..quaint.cute..and a bit wild.

    That chicken salad looks fantastic!

    Lucky brother.
    Your houseboy does great work;)
    I rememberone year..and only taht one year..I was stricken when we had seaweed everywhere..I borrowed the rake from the units and raked our strip of beach..till it was perfect..for our kids arrival! LOL I know..I have a nutty side.

    I have already told you how I feel about squirrels;)
    Have fun!!
    So this was 1067?:)

    1. Hi Monique....
      Yes...1067 posts! Phew!
      I hate hotels too...not into all my own space...there are big and small along our beach...
      Lots of washed up seaweed this year....due to the high waves....I wanted to rake....boyfriend said no! Hahaha!

  7. that...and a space between remember and one.

  8. Excellent beach sculpture action there Linda, and lots of lovely pictures of your beach holiday. Love that chicken salad, which I should make more often too. Living right on the sand is magical, and you both are looking good :))
    Those sunsets are totally amazing!

    1. I make great chicken salad...if I do say so!
      Love being right on the sand.....spoiled forever!
      We are cute.....aren't we? Hahaha!

  9. what a wonderful time you're having, sure beats all this snow! That squirrel is very lucky your kids checked the cottage he may have died in there!!They can do a lot of damage, a lot!

    1. Hi Laurie....thanks so much for stopping by!
      Yes....we had a squirrel years ago.....chewed all our wooden windows! Yikes!

  10. Gorgeous photos . . .
    You look glorious with that beautiful tan . . .
    Chicken salad with the yellow peppers sounds wonderful . . .
    Sunsets and wine sounds wonderful too . . .

    1. Thanks Lynne...I like yellow peppers with everything!
      Oh.....sunsets and wine.....sounds like Friday night to me! Hahaha!

  11. Lovely photos , looking good there girl . Oh that chicken salad sandwich looks delish. We are to have nice warm temps next week up to 10C or even 15C with lots of sunshine and our Red wing blackbirds are back now to so things are looking up here for spring already . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

    1. I will be anxious to open our cottage!
      Enjoy your weekend Elaine!

  12. What fur hair - you are way to hard on yourself girlie!! Nice tan and you two are looking good. Seems you did have some sunshine and fun in the sand. Wish I was there to share a nice cooooool glass of wine with you! Enjoy the remainder of your days in the surf and sand!!

    1. Hahaha! I knew you would have to comment on that!
      We have had a great time....aren't we a couple of cuties?
      Will do Ann.....thanks for stopping by!

  13. Great pics, with the sunsets being my favourites. Glorious.
    You and the bf look great, too!
    I bet if Miss V were there, she would insist on helping sweep - aw.
    Thank goodness people were looking in on the cottage. That destruction would not be a nice thing to come home to.
    I am making a big salad tonight and also having some Italian wedding soup. Yum. Enjoy your evening.

    1. Awwww.....she would want to sweep......and " cranking" (raking) too♥️ Gosh I miss her.......

  14. P.S. Yes, we had a squirrel in our cottage one time....wrecked havoc....decided to have babies in my underwear drawer....yes, I said underwear drawer.....found the poor wee things dead and what a mess to clean up! Good luck on the squirrel!! Shopping for new lingerie was the top of the list of things to do immediately!!! If not sooner!!!

    1. Hahaha! I thought you told me that was a mouse!?
      Any reason to mention lingerie....something I do not own.....whatsoever!
      You were....and still are.....the sexy one Ann! Love you!

  15. Gosh that is an action packed post.
    Glad the squirrel was caught early and it is most fortunate that Jeff found him and he is now out of the cottage.
    Loved the shots of b/f doing his chores . . . lol . . . slave driver . . . lol.
    Beautiful sunset photo . .
    Had a lovely day here with Peter and Iris and Sue. Posted about it . . .
    So pleased your weather is fabulous ~ makes up a bit for last year . . :)

    1. HI Eddie....
      Slave driver? You wish......hahaha!

  16. HI Linda:)
    I gather you are on adventure somewhere fabulous, lol...Have FUN!

    Great shots you have shared. Glad that squirrel didn't get the best of your cottage. That could have been a real mess!!!

    That seasoned oil looks so darn yummy. I know, odd but I want it now!!! Is it Dukkah by any chance? LOVE the stuff...Cool sculptures, great post, have FUN!!!

    1. Thanks ~~Louise~~....I emailed you!
      Made it myself!

    2. Hey Linda,
      I'll watch for the email...hasn't arrived yet:)

    3. Sent it again....did you change your email?

  17. You and the BF look super happy and relaxed. And your tan looks great too! Time flies when you're having fun, doesn't it, can't believe that you're nearing the last week. Your photos are so lovely, keep enjoying. :)

    1. Salty air works wonders!
      Just back from morning walk....4500 steps! Boyfriend gave me a Fitbit for my bday! It is fun!
      Enjoy your weekend Hester!

  18. I can't believe you only have a week left. It feels like you just got there. About your cottage, squirrels.... enough said. (you have to say it like "Newman" from Seinfeld, if you know what I mean). That beach looks so enticing and I love the turtle sculpture! -Jenn

    1. Hahaha! I know EXACTLY what you mean! We use that tone often!
      We are here for 31 days.....7 left...:o(

  19. Replies
    1. Thanks for coming along Debra!

  20. Wow, I've missed a lot, but loved todays post. The pictures are wonderful, oh the beach and that cutie on it ..(you) love that tan. We are starting to hear splashing in the pool here, but not quite warn enough for me to venture in.
    Your chicken salad and soup sound so good, and love those sunsets.

  21. Such nice pictures, as always. Oh my, I wonder how a squirrel got in your cottage. Thank goodness he is gone without having further damage. Poor thing must have been so scared! Have fun on your vacation. It looks as if you are.

  22. On the beach? Already? And you have kept the boyfriend busy with his chores?

  23. Enjoy your last week, by the time you get home it should be nice here, well at least on the plus side f zero
    My internet has sucked the past few days, so s-l-o-w I have been unable to visit blogs and when I do get there photos don't load, and they had the nerve to put it up $4 this month, boy did I complain, but it didn't do any good, but at least I felt a bit better about voicing my opinion
    and Blogger makes me load things twice as it won't post the comment the first time round

    1. Give 'em hell Linda....
      As you say...won't do any good! Ask for some free stuff! Hahaha!

  24. These pictures are wonderful! The flowers are beautiful and the water takes my breath away. And the baguettes with oil sounds delicious.
    Enjoy your weekend:)

    1. Hi Sandra.....
      Thanks for coming over!
      Always something happening over here.....hahaha!

  25. your pictures just get better and better!
    i thought that was mango under the chicken salad at first...
    then remembered you had said yellow pepper! either way... DELISH!
    i will try the yellow pepper for sure.
    all the bradford trees are in full bloom here. spring indeed!

    1. Hi Tammy....
      Spring for sure...hope it arrives at home, before me!


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