Monday, 11 August 2014

Bits & Bobs....and the Orange Moon♥️

I built a Lake Erie Inukshuk on the beach...

Had a very busy weekend...

this post will be a few pics taken over the last week or so...

still very hot and humid here...

kind of overcast today...

big rain coming in for tomorrow...
don't Hollyhocks just make you smile....:o)

another small crop of tomatoes...this bunch I added to diced potatoes,onions,peppers and olive oil in the oven...delish!

Golden Glow against the lake...

ferns doing their thing... fountain grass....again!

double daylily...only had about 6 bloom this year...usually have dozens...?

love these Hosta flowers...

hot citron Coleus.....

Brusells....getting taller!
lovely and calm last weekend...actually had a sandy beach...

shed at the end of the day...with my gorgeous Hydrangea bush...

      This was the moon on Friday night at the cottage...

              We were lucky enough to enjoy a firepit after dinner...

                      And get absorbed by the MOON.....

                                Isn't that just GLORIOUS??

         Hope you all had a great day...

           I had a busy one...for sure...

             Washed the slipcovers for the couch...went shopping with my boyfriend...

              Got some lovely fresh Cod for fresh  yellow beans...

                 Cod is soaking guessed it...buttermilk!!

                   We also scored some new seat cushions for our Muskoka chairs at the cottage...

                        6 brand spankin' new ones for next year...waterproof fabric!!

                           Very excited about that!!

                              Also got the boyfriend a new leather recliner for the family room...

                                Very luxurious...creamy leather...nice!!

      Enjoy the rest of your day.....

                   Cheers!   :o)


  1. love your shed. I love sheds…..:)
    Love your hydrangea

  2. Very clever Inukshuk - a future archaeologist will claim to have made a significant find.
    Nice array of flower piccies and loved the use of the sun glasses to get an interesting contrast to the bowl of tomatoes.
    Loved the rest as well, particularly the full moon shot. Did you use a tripod?
    Cheers :) Eddie

    1. Hi Eddie....
      The Inukshuk is cute,eh?
      Think I'll build them all over the beach! See how long they stand!
      Glad you liked the photos...I take soo many, I am finding it very hard to choose!
      No tripod for the moon....was sitting by the fire pit (pics coming)... And zoomed in!
      Last night was supposed to be the best night, but we had some cloud here...
      Enjoy your evening....

  3. Yes, hollyhocks make me smile. A cream leather recliner....oh, I'm jealous. Enjoy boyfriend. :)

    1. Oh I knew they would Deb♥️
      It is very luxurious!
      I am on the fresh clean slip covered couch!

  4. Beautiful moon...gosh, I don't think I've ever seen one quite that shade of orange! Saw some on TV that were pale pink...really pretty. We still have clouds...third day in a row we haven't seen the sun!

    1. I know! I have several was like a Harvest Moon!
      We are supposed to get rain overnite...we need it!
      Hot and humid since Thursday!

  5. Lovely photos ! It is pouring here has been since 4 pm and will continue all night ! My gardens are loving it lol ! Sounds like you had a full week of good stuff ! I was out last night taking photos of the super moon over the valley it is quite a remarkable sight , I love the moon . Thanks for sharing have a good day !

    1. Oh I am glad to hear about the rain....
      Hope the cottage gets some...

  6. Just beautiful moon Linda!
    Look amazing!
    And love the flowers too:))

    1. It was spectacular wasn't it?

    2. We can't see the moon here.
      All these days were really cloudy!!

    3. oh dear...well at least you got to see it here!

  7. Someone supersized the moon...wasn't it fabulous?!
    Jane x

  8. Oh, look at all these wonderful summer photos! Don't you just love this time of year? I'll be so sad to see this season go. That super moon is stunning. There was another gorgeous moon out tonight. So bright and beautiful.

    1. I agree will be sad....let's hope we have a looooong warm Fall!

  9. I love hollyhocks, too. They grow wild along a road near the lake and I have to slow down to have a good look!

    Sounds like you had a great weekend and your day today was marvelous. I'm looking for new outdoor cushions as well and hope I find a sale!

    Jane xx

    1. Hi Jane...
      you should stop and get some seeds...or better yet...dig one up!!

  10. Love the inukshuk - I think every cottage and home needs one. Wasn't the moon glorious? I was in a friend's garden last night (Sunday) and I have never seen anything like it. So low and full and bright. I felt I could reach up and touch it. A friend of mine from North Carolina says you can cook and eat the squash flowers - they have fried squash blossoms. Never heard of that before!

    1. Yes....glorious!
      Oh yes...they are quite a can stuff them!
      It is difficult to get them just before they open...they are best to stuff then!
      enjoy your week Suza!

  11. Oh how i want to visit your cottage, and stroll the grounds with you, so you can explain to me all of the flowers names, and such. That moon, oh my...what a photo! It was huge!!! Glad you had such a good day today. Lots got accomplished it sounds like! And the new lounger for the boyfriend, ah, so nice!
    I am waiting for the return of my camera to get back into the groove of posting. I am so missing it. It is being fixed and should be back soon.
    Happy day my friend!
    xo Kris

    1. Oh how cool if you could!
      We would talk 4ever!
      Hope your camera is back real soon!
      Enjoy your week my friend....

  12. The Inukshuk looks great - just like the ones I've seen in museums. Yes, hollyhocks make me smile too - they are the stuff of fairytales and picture books...and embroidered gardens! All lovely and clever photos, Linda.

    1. Hahaha! Museum quality for sure, Patricia!
      Love Hollyhocks!

  13. Love the little inukshuk ... I have little stacks of rocks all over the place.
    The rain is coming down this morning ... Some of the inside jobs will get done today.

    1. I thought we would get more rain....kinda disappointed!
      My gardens desperately need rain....
      Inside jobs for sure....which one to choose?

  14. We need the rain here as well. Was to rain all day but didn't . Looks like we could get more today. My gardens sure need it.

  15. Your moon photo is amazing Linda!!! I love the little stone sculpture as well! xx

    1. I guess you couldn't see it, with all the cloud from the rain. :o(
      I am going to make more stone thingys!


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