Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Thru The Kitchen Window.....

I have not been feeling up to par the last few days...

I think this roller-coaster weather is starting to get to me...

Is it hot and humid???

Is it cloudy and rainy???

Is it crispy and cool???


I pulled myself up by my bootstraps...

Got into my gym clothes...

Dragged my sorry arse over to Fitness...

Had a great time!!

Saw all the girls!!!

Went out for coffee afterwards...

I forgot how much fun I actually have...

And what wonderful gym Ladies they are♥️ 

After the coffee and chit chat...

I headed down to pick up Miss V...

While we were having lunch...

I took a few pictures thru the kitchen window...

It is a beautiful day out there...

And...now that there is a nap going on...

I am heading outside...

With my camera...

To do some light yard work... 

I am crippled from fitness!!!

Devon...{friend and instructor} really put us thru our paces this am...and I feel it!

The Rose of Sharon that grows right outside the kitchen window,is putting on a grand display right now...

As are my Porcupine Grasses, and of course the Limelight Hydrangea...

Just have to look out my window to see beautiful things...

How lucky am I?


Stopped by the Greenhouse on my way home...

Picked up 3 Fountain Grasses...a cabbage,a mum and a few odd begonias...

Gonna perk up the old front to greet the newest Season...

Have you bought anything for Fall decorating yet???

Am I too early???


Hope you all had a great weekend...and a great start to the week...

Think we'll have banquet burgers..{minus the bacon!} and Greek Salad for dinner...

Rain...supposedly...on its way tonight and tomorrow...good for the garden!! 

       Enjoy the rest of this glorious day...

                            Cheers!  :o)



  1. you are very very lucky! I don't even have a kitchen window :(

    1. Oh yes Laurie....but I can't paint like you♥️

  2. I saw a raccoon and her three babies through my kitchen window last night. One pooped on the wall...sadly I didn't see flowers!
    Jane x

    1. Ewwwwww....be careful with that nasty stuff....

  3. What an inconsiderate raccoon pooping on Jane's wall, don't you think!!

    Well, glad you are recovering and you sound very fit with your work outs . . . . . brill.
    Love all the photos, Linda, you have such a preponderance of flora around you at every corner. My wasn't that a posh way to say, "Hey Babe, love yer flowers and yer grasses and yer fertografee - real cool !"
    Cheers ~ Eddie . . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie...
      Sadly enough....I understood that lingo!
      Thanks for the compliment!

  4. The weather has been a bit dreary here too ever since last Wednesday, well Thursday. It's been noticeably cooler and quite wet but today is sunny and warm although it does feel like fall. August is usually really nice - hot and humid - dog days - and all that. Not this year. Oh well. I have seen fall mums advertised already. I'm not doing a thing until we get home in September. It's still be achy around my house and will stay that way even if it's too cold to go swimming. Haha. Your view from the kitchen window is pretty. Have a great week. xx Pam

    1. Hope you have a safe trip....
      I love the view from my kitchen....I feature it a lot!

  5. Glad you're feeling better. Gorgeous photos!!

  6. Love that limelight hydrangea.
    Nothing like a bit of retail therapy to perk you up, especially if it's flowers!

    1. Absolutely Jessica....buying flowers and plants is one of my most favorite pastimes!
      The limelight is gorgeous,eh?

  7. I always feel better after I exercise. Why is it so hard to remember this!

    1. Good question Birdie....
      I don't know why I stayed away so long!
      Hope I can get out of bed tomorrow....'cause I'm going again!

  8. Views of lovely plants through the window. Hope the exercise time perks you up, if it didn't I'm sure a visit Miss V did. I did see some mums today, was tempted but didn't get any. I've started a bit of clean up in the garden, getting ready for a garage sale on Saturday, had a surprise visit from daughter and SIL with a gift bottle of wine ... now getting ready to make tea and watch Coronation Street.

    1. Nice! Wine is always welcome!
      I think Ken looks thin....and Deidre is a pitiful crier! Hahaha!

    2. And...yes...Miss V's visit always cheers me up♥️

  9. Pretty flowers! :) It's hot and humid here..90F degrees today. I work an auction outside in that tomorrow and they are calling for thunderstorms all day, too. Lovely. I will be a hot, drowned rat. haha.

    Your hydrangea is especially beautiful!

    1. We are coolish this evening...rain expected...and humidity!
      Try and stay cool and dry tomorrow...buy something cool!
      Wish I could look thru the trash with you! Hahaha!
      I do love my Hydrangea♥️

  10. I love yours flowers not always I know the name because they have sometimes different names but this pink beauty I had in other house.
    Just beautiful!
    I think you need a little more time with miss V think if when I look her make me smile of course for you is awesome dear:)
    I adore my twins but sometimes I miss when they were little:)

    1. Hi Gloria....
      I think they are also called Hibiscus flowers...depending on where you live...
      Yes...they grow up too quickly,eh?

  11. I'm sorry that you haven't been feeling yourself, I hope that you will back to normal very soon. I am crocheting some autumn leaves - does that count as fall decorating! Take care over there and look after yourself won't you. xx

    1. Back feeling punky today again...I need to snap out of it!
      Autumn crocheted leaves...sounds very interesting...
      You will show us...right?

  12. All looking wonderful Linda ! Gardening , riding my bike and walking Miggs is my work out and yup I feel it all lol ! I know the up and down weather can take a toll on one kind of messes me up to ! Lovely photos ! Thanks for sharing , Have a great week !

    1. Great ways to get exercise Elaine...i think I also like to see the ladies...they are very nice!

  13. Oops, my comment must have disappeared into cyberspace. I so love your flower photos, you truly have a gift, Linda. Nice to see you back at fitness, you sure seemed very energetic! Enjoy the cottage and I'm looking forward to having my daughter and family return from Costa Rica tonight. Thanks for the suggestion, I bookmarked your blog on the iPad. :)

    1. Well thanks Hester...I enjoyed being back...nice to see your happy face..for sure!
      Enjoy time with your daughter!

  14. Glorious pinks. You have sooooooooooo many flowers between cottage and home. Absolutely beautiful. Yup - I feel better when I exercise too, although very limited these days. But still, when I finally "make" myself do it, I always think, "Why don't I do this regularly?" Human nature I guess. :-)

    1. Love flowers!
      Went to fitness again today....fabulous!

  15. Just like Hester, my comments disappeared into cyberspace! Wha?!??! Glad you got to fitness twice and I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did! Hope to see you next week, as well, as it's my LAST week. Love the Rose of Sharon, such glorious blooms and aren't you lucky you get to just look out your kitchen window!


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