Friday, 15 August 2014

Random Moments From The Week......

Today will be a some pictures from the last week...

Starting at the cottage last Thursday...

A rather cloudy day...storms across the Lake, south of us...New York State...Dunkirk

My planter box on the shed (shunda) is doing very well this year...

Doesn't get a lot of sun here...or rain either...the Nasturtiums are popping!!

I kept hearing a small Chickadee family...

Finally spotted them on one of the bird baths...

Parents and 3 adorable...this was the only good shot I got...

They were bathing and drinking...hopping around...very cute!

Hope they are still around this weekend♥️

This dragonfly was waiting for us on the beach deck...

Apparently he did not continue the journey with his buddies...

He looked spectacular against the blue deck, and even more handsome on the green table...

Sad that he didn't make it...ahhhh Nature!

I lost this silver hoop earring in April, while doing some gardening...

Luckily I kept the mate, as my boyfriend spied it in the garden...

And presented it to me!♥️

This was the 2nd time I had lost it, and he found it!

Thanks Boyfriend!

Our Friday night Fire pit...

Lovely and calm...Full moon...fabulous!

A few Critters I encountered...

I have never seen a squirrel with such a red tail....How about you??

He ws also kind of tame...didn't run away when approached...

Hope he stays OUT of the cottage!

The other Critter ws floating around in the pool!  Looks like he jumped on for dear life!!

Suddenly he jumped off....swam for "shore"...sadly...succumbed to the skimmer...

No...there was no way to save all happened so quickly...

Sunday brought My daughter out to pick up Miss V...

The pool was all toasty, and Miss ve had a ball playing in the steps!

Noticed the my Ivy was turning red...

A wee bit early??


Another critter...probably looking for the wee mouse!

A piece of my delicious banana,lemon,raspberry loaf...

Very moist and delicious!

Hope you are all having a great day...

Still cool and breezy here...

All packed...

Off to the Cottage...

See 'ya!

                         Cheers!  :o)


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Amy...hope you had a good weekend♥️

  2. Nice to see the week in photos, makes you realize all that did go on.

    1. Absolutely Linda....makes me tired! Hahaha!

  3. That dragonfly looks like someone's dropped ink on it. DO you know what type it is? x

    1. No I don't Em....pretty though!

  4. I didn't know dragonflies went south! Is that what you're saying? Hmmm. just wondering. lol I've never seen a two toned squirrel before. And poor little mouser. I don't like them but not a nice ending for it. They'll soon be seeking shelter from the cold. ugh! Time to set the traps out. Your boyfriend must have a really good eye to find your earring twice. Hope you have a nice weekend. xx

    1. They do migrate...not sure where though...
      Love that he found my earring....twice!

  5. some many wonderful critters. beautiful pics. cheers!1

  6. Lovely! I like the little fire pit and the moon...looks like a perfect evening to me!

    I haven't grown nasturtiums in ages! I should put that on my list for next year!

    1. too Betsy♥️
      This Saturday was a washout....REALLY windy and cloudy and just plain miserable!

  7. The first shot is sublime.
    I think the squirrel got his tail in the sales,but forgot to look in the mirror to see if it went well with his fur.
    Poor wee mousie!
    Jane x

    1. Beautiful scenery, eh Jane?
      Poor mousie indeed!

  8. Wonderful photos ! I do love your cottage . Yes the Chickadees have returned here as they are our fall and winter birds here and the Blue jays are back already , some leaves are changing as well this cool spell has everything in a tizzy lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

    1. Why thanks Elaine!
      I guess you got all the rain last week....dry as a stick out there!
      Wish our Jays would come back....miss them!

  9. Such great photos! I especially LOVE the dragonfly. So cute about the chickadees. They are such adorable, and playful birds. I've seen a black squirrel with a red tail here in Kingston a few times (although maybe not as red as the one in your photo!). Never once did I spot one while living in Montreal, though.

    1. Perhaps these squirrels are a specific type...I must look it up!

  10. Love your pictures! Especially the storm over the lake.
    My sister and I were blessed with gorgeous weather on our Adirondack trip and the cold didn't move in until we were safe at home.
    We almost made it to Canada on the other side of Lake Ontario! Well, kind of, but not really...

    1. My favorite as well!
      Almost doesn't count!

  11. Poor wee mousie - things like that make me so sad. I am a big sap when it comes to animals.... sigh. Such a great collection of photos. I want a hat like Miss V! Purple and green are my favourite colours. That tortoiseshell kitty is a very deep orange colour - I've never seen one quite that orange before. Lovely. And oh my that loaf looks scrumptious! Have a great time at the cottage. It has been like fall here lately but warmed up this afternoon quite a bit.

    1. Hi Suza...
      Cottage was dreary on Saturday....wet...dark...windy
      Today was way better!

  12. That first picture of you sitting on the deck looking out at the lake is so peaceful! I would love to be sitting right there next to you.....wouldn't that be fun?
    That red tailed fella is something I have never seen! Oh winter..oh winter....I am longing for you. I bet you aren't though!!!
    xo Kris

    1. Yes it sure would be fun! It would be awesome!
      Please don't put winter on us again......yet!
      Let's have a beautiful warm Fall first!

  13. What a great selection of photos but to me that first one of you looking out to the vast Lake Erie is fantastic. No wonder you like sitting there.
    Dragonflies are impressive too.
    cheers ~ Eddie :)

    1. Hi Eddie...
      I ♥️ sitting there! And now you can see why!
      Dragonflies are cool!

    2. That squirrel has a rare coloured tail indeed. I expect the others are all jealous.
      That poor little mouse that is no more . . . . .RIP . . .lol
      That water looks very inviting . . . Miss V looks as though she is enjoying it there. Can I bring little Peter? . . . lol

      Good that the b/f found your ear ring - he really deserved his dinner that evening . . . lol
      Cheers ~ Eddie

    3. Yes, very happy that he found it....they are a favorite pair!

  14. I love miss V hat! Isn't lovely?
    Cute of course:)

    1. Hi Gloria!
      Cute hat,eh?
      But not as cute as Miss V!

  15. Such beautiful and enjoyable photos. Have a good week.


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