Thursday, 26 February 2015

Come On Inside.....

For my newer peeps...

I would like to take you inside our beach cottage rental....

The pics are from last year....if you already saw them.....well....uh.....sorry!

Humour me!

There is the living room/tv room/computer room....

Tv is inside the brown cupboard doors....

The chair to the right, gets moved over to the left....

My boyfriend works on his laptop from there....

I get the couch all to you saw in a previous post! Hahaha!

This is where we eat....

Kinda tight, so we pull it out further....every time we use it!

Kitchen area....very cooking utensils though...

I do a LOT of improvising!

You can see the hibiscus out side....

We keep all the shutters open all day....let all the light in....

This is our bedroom....

Very cosy....

I bring pillows and my own linens....

I just like it better!


Those are all my lotions and potions on the dresser!

There is a second bedroom....

My boyfriend uses the dresser and closet in there...

Twin trundle beds in there....

Also a cute pics....

So......that is the tour.....pretty sweet,eh?

Hope you enjoyed it!


Hope you all had a great day...

We had sun to start, but was very short lived....and the wind is relentless....

We had lunch at our friends beautiful Florida home....and a lovely catch up with them♥️

We are going out to The Conch Republic for burgers.....yummo....

An easy day for this cook....

Enjoy your evening....what's new in your world?

                    Cheers!   :o)


  1. Oh what a lovely little cottage cozy and cute ! Nothing new in my world just snow yeah know this time of year here the usual lol ! Lovely photos , thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

    1. Oh dear Elaine....more snow? Geesh......

  2. From one of your newer 'peeps' thanks for the tour. Very finely appointed cottage and so comfortable.
    I missed not seeing you on the couch having it all to yourself . . . . lol
    Enjoy your evening . . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie....
      Yes, it is nice....especially with me on the couch! Hahaha!
      We did enjoy dinner....thanks! You too!
      Peter visiting?

    2. haha . .
      . . . .yes Peter was here and tomorrow.
      He is VERY active and running all over the place ~ I was shattered by the time his mum picked him up . . . lol
      I will do a funny post about it next week . . . . :)

    3. Oh dear.....wearing you out,eh Eddie?
      Will look forward to the post...
      Get some you'll be ready for tomorrow!

  3. I could live there all year round!
    Jane x

  4. Thanks for the tour, nice decor, no wonder you're repeat renters. Yesterday's bitter cold temps didn't keep me from seeing some live theatre in the Distillery District with a girlfriend, along with lunch at a lovely new eatery in the same area. So nice that you caught up with friends for lunch. Hope your dinner out was tasty! :)

    1. Hi Hester....yes, we do like it here!
      You had another great day...
      One of my peeps Suzanne, lives in the distillery district....we are planning on getting together!
      Perhaps you could come too!
      Dinner was great....

    2. I have noticed her comments about Distillery eateries and I assumed that she lives there. If you ever e-mail her, please mention this one, "Cluny Bistro." The decor is outstanding and unique, so's the food! :) Take care...

    3. Will do....perhaps she will read it here....

    4. Hi Hester - you were in my 'hood!I have not tried Cluny's yet but I hear only great things about it. Went in one evening but the kitchen had closed and it was only a limited theatre menu. So I decided to try another time. I am glad you enjoyed it. Some lovely places to explore here.

    5. Hester is a social butterfly like you Suzanne....I think you would def get along!

    6. Hi Suzanne, you definitely live in a wonderful area. And Soulpepper Theatre is great, not sure if you've ever attended any productions. Yes, you must definitely try Cluny's again. And hi nice when your blog visitors learn about interesting stuff from each other and you! :)

    7. Oh yes - been to many a Soulpepper production. And I will try Cluny's again... maybe this weekend!

    8. You gals should get together on FB!
      2 very cultured ladies!

  5. May I say I'm in love with your cottage. Love how you and your boyfriend can make it home for a while. That bed sure looks inviting. Sweet dreams....

    1. It is darn cute, eh Wanda?
      I do love my own linens.....

  6. What an adorable place! So beachy and clean and white! Love it!

  7. What a beautiful spot - I love it. Just my taste - neutral colours, the shuttered, arched headboard is perfect, lovely sun-dappled kitchen and I see some berries - yum! Move over... I'm coming down!

    1. When do you arrive?
      Do I have to scoop you at the airport?

    2. Yes please! Touchdown is soon!

  8. oh its beautiful, everything I would imagine a beach cottage would be that you would be staying in, lovely, soft calming decor,

    1. Awwwwww....thanks is quite cosy!

  9. What a cozy cottage to call home for a bit! I hope you will be getting more sunshine though!!!! Crazy weather!! Also, sure hope you and bf are feeling much better now!!!
    XO Kris

    1. Hi Kris!
      Supposed to be nice next week....fingers crossed!
      We are well....thanks♥️

  10. Cute cottage... and beach perfect!! So sorry the wind is back! Wishing for warm, sunny days for you. blessings ~ tanna

    1. really is a sweet little cottage!
      Sunny days next week....
      You got snow?

  11. Replies
    1. Thanks is a sweet cottage♥️

  12. I do love it when interiors are all white or in very light colours!

    1. Me too clean and fresh looking!


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