Monday, 4 January 2016

I'm Still Here........

I got the tree and all of its needles cleaned up yesterday...
Found every last Christmas decor to put safely away for another season...
I even made a box to donate...bits & bobs...

Once everything was cleaned up...
I could once again see a few of my flowerey friends...
Aren't they just so delicate?
Time to give them some TLC...
Perhaps a small haircut will do them some good...

I am working on a post from our last cottage visit...
Seems to take me longer these days...hmmmm...

Tomorrow I am going to make some Skinny Beef and Barley Soup...
I finally got to the grocery store today...after a long hiatus!
I could not believe my eyes...
A rather smallish head of Cauliflower...wait for it...$6.99!!!!
Are you kidding me???
From the US...California...way too pricey for moi!!The  soup will combine leftover veggies in my fridge...
Diced tomatoes...beef broth...
And some lovely canned legumes as well...
Very nice hearty soup...and figure friendly as well...

Out weather has gone into the subzero range...
Today...with the windchill...-29*c!! 
Boyfriend and I bundled up...and went for a brisk walk!!
Supposed to warm up tomorrow....+4*c...

Tonight on the menu...
Lovely x-lean ground beef patties...
In burger bun for the boyfriend...
Bunless for moi...he is thin...I am not!!
And...I have prepared a  loaded Spinach salad...yum!! onion...grape spinach...
All in a sweet poppy seed dressing...

Trying to lay off the carbs for a while...
The beach is looming in the not too distant future...
Every little bit helps...right?

Hope you are all getting back into the groove of life...
Laundry is waiting to be folded...
OK...Ok...I hear you!!

What's on your menu tonight??
Enjoy the rest of your day...

                              Cheers!  :o)



  1. I put away Christmas today too, felt sad,,, your food sounds wonderful!!
    You are perfect the way you are,, have a bun, lol,,,

    1. Hahaha! No bun for me!
      I want to be able to enjoy my trip!

  2. Your soup sounds delish!
    That cauliflower does not! Geesh! Nobody needs cauliflower that badly! haha....
    Walking and eating'll be beach worthy in no time!
    I'm actually done with the sweets after munching on them since Thanksgiving!
    Veggies and water sound least for a while! haha...

    1. I put that soup up here...a while it!
      You are so right....nobody needs cauliflower that much! Hahaha!
      For me, it is more the carbs....potatoes....chips....yikes! Now I am hungry!

  3. Menu tonight?
    Chicken pot cute and good..
    it's dark out..I am in front of the was bitter cold today..we did errands..I had not ventured out since before Xmas to stores..

    we snowshoed yesterday..bliss weather,not today!
    I will put away Christmas this weekend~
    I love pretty indoor blooms right now too..I have a few..
    the Christmas Cacti are done though..
    PS I love sweet poppy seed dressing~
    Bonne Soirée!

    1. OH that sounds good! I am sure yours also look gorgeous!
      I had only been out twice since Christmas! Eating everything up!
      Now....for some lovely soup!
      Good for you.....snowshoeing! Very cool.....
      Bonnie Soirée!
      I thought Downton was kinda boring.......

    2. in parts but then I look at the details more..but I love Carson and Mrs Hughes..he was so tender last night..and I liked the outburst by have someone stick up for someone like that:)Not everyone agrees I know;)

    3. Yes...that was cute...and Daisy was surprisingly bold...guess she loves the old guy!!
      I guess Mary is not my favorite...and it always seems to be about her!

  4. I must put my tree away soon ~ maybe tomorrow,
    Weather awfully depressing here . . . . . rain, rain, rain.
    So I am sending a monologue about building an ark . . . . lol


    by Marriott Edgar (1932)

    I'll tell you an old-fashioned story
    That grandfather used to relate,
    Of a joiner and building contractor;
    'Is name, it were Sam Ogglethwaite.

    In a shop on the banks of the Irwell,
    Old Sam used to follow 'is trade,
    In a place you'll 'ave 'eard of, called Bury;
    You know, where black puddings is made.

    One day, Sam were filling a knot 'ole
    Wi' putty, when in thro' the door
    Came an old 'feller', fair wreathed i'whiskers;
    T'old chap said, "Good morning, I'm Noah."

    Sam asked Noah what was 'is business,
    And t'old chap went on to remark,
    That not liking the look of the weather,
    'E were thinking of building an Ark.

    'E'd gotten the wood for the bulwarks,
    And all t'other ship building junk,
    And wanted some nice Bird's Eye Maple
    To panel the sides of 'is bunk.

    Now Maple was Sam's 'Mon-o-poly';
    That means it were all 'is to cut,
    And nobody else 'adn't got none;
    So 'e asked Noah three ha'pence a foot.

    "A ha'penny too much," replied Noah,
    "A penny a foot's more the mark;
    A penny a foot, and when rain comes,
    I'll give you a ride in me Ark."

    But neither would budge in the bargain;
    The whole daft thing were kind of a jam,
    So Sam put 'is tongue out at Noah,
    And Noah made 'Long Bacon' at Sam.

    In wrath and ill-feeling they parted,
    Not knowing when they'd meet again,
    And Sam had forgot all about it,
    'Til one day it started to rain.

    It rained and it rained for a fortnight,
    And flooded the 'ole countryside.
    It rained and it still kept on raining,
    ‘Til t'Irwell were fifty miles wide.

    The 'ouses were soon under water,
    As the folks to the roof 'ad to climb.
    They said, " 'Twas the rottenest summer
    That Bury 'ad 'ad for some time."

    The rain showed no sign of abating,
    And water rose hour by hour,
    ‘Til the only dry land were at Blackpool,
    And that were on top of the tower.

    So Sam stared swimming to Blackpool;
    It took 'im best part of a week.
    'Is clothes was wet through when 'e got there,
    And 'is boots were beginning to leak.

    'E stood to 'is watch-chain in t'water,
    On Tower top, just before dark,
    When who should come sailing towards 'im
    But old Noah, steering 'is Ark.

    They stared at each other in silence,
    'Til Ark were alongside, all but,
    Then Noah said, "What price 'yer' Maple ?"
    Sam answered, "Three ha'pence a foot."

    Noah said, "Nay, I'll make thee an offer,
    Same as I did t'other day.
    A Penny a foot and a free ride.
    Now come on lad, what does tha' say ?"

    "Three ha'pence a foot", came the answer.
    So Noah 'is sail 'ad to hoist,
    And sailed off again in a dudgeon,
    While Sam stood determined, but moist.

    Noah cruised around, flying 'is pigeons,
    ‘Til fortieth day of the wet,
    And on 'is way back, passing Blackpool,
    'E saw old Sam standing there yet.

    'Is chin just stood out of the water;
    A comical figure 'e cut.
    Noah said, "Now what's the price of yer Maple ?"
    Sam answered, "Three ha'pence a foot."

    Said Noah, "You'd best take me offer;
    It's last time I'll be here about.
    And if water comes half an inch higher,
    I'll happen get Maple for nowt."

    "Three ha'pence a foot it'll cost yer.
    And as for me," Sam said, "don't fret:
    The sky's took a turn since this morning.
    I think it'll brighten up yet."

    Like your flower shots . . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie.....
      I am NOT reading all of that!
      I'm NOT !

    2. haha! Don't know what yer missing . . . lol

    3. Just joking . . . . don't blame you . . . ha

      Have a lovely evening and meal . . .
      Having Peter again this week . . . :)

  5. It's freezing here, too. But...I don't mind knowing that the temps are going up all week. I could love winter if we continually get one cold day and six mild. lol That salad sounds good. Tonight it is soup and sandwich as we ate lunch out today. I just noticed my violets are really blooming for me this week. Love those little things. Thank you for your kind comment on our Sierra's passing. I really do appreciate your thoughtfulness. xx

    1. That sounds perfect, Deb!
      My Violets too! I must take a few pics....
      You have had a rough month....hope 2016 is kinder to you♥️

  6. Last night was good for snuggling up in the middle of the bed. I think tonight will be the same.
    I need a hydroponic greenhouse in my backyard. It might even pay for itself in vegetables eventually.

    1. Sounds good!
      I actually put an extra blanket on our bed!
      Outrageous prices!

  7. We're thinking healthy too as munching we also have been since Thanksgiving. Fresh fruit, veggie, and lots of water. I am making a good box for a cousin, and our grandson that heading back to college. Will give all the cookies to the "COOKIE KIDS" here at the Villa.

    1. Good for you Wanda...the cookie kids will love you!

  8. Christmas décor is up in the rafters here too. I am not a big fan of Christmas decorating, so taking it down I am always eager!!
    Dinner sounds good. Never have seen a cauliflower for that price! Yikes! Leftover ham and beans for us. And homemade English Muffin toasts.
    Happy New Year!!
    xo Kris

    1. Homemade English muffins! Sounds fantastic!

  9. My tree decorations got all boxed up and away yesterday ... same with the tree which left more needles on the floor than a live tree! My son helped me purge some of the decorations, which was really helpful as I have too many. That got me started in purging other stuff and moving furniture around. I love getting rid of things, but sometimes it's really hard! Your soup sounds yummy and I'm glad you left the cauliflower to rot in the store ;)

    1. Feels good to donate....even if only a few things...
      Enjoy your week Wendy!

  10. Carbs are the tool of the devil but I love them so.

    1. Me too Deb!! But...they are so darn tasty!!

  11. I am right in the middle of "take down, put away, donate, giveaway!"
    Oh my . . . I like the decorating beginnings much more than the "take down!"
    I am determined though to reduce my "things" and have many more "donations/giveaways!"
    Love your pretty flowers . . . what cheer and freshness . . .
    Broccoli, celery, pepper, red onion, chicken, walnut, brown rice, "Lynne's toss stir fry," for dinner . . .
    No beach plans but trimming myself DOWN . . . is my mantra . . .
    Walking boots and snowshoes . . . helping . . .
    Out I go . . .

    1. Sounds lovely to be outside...and in snowshoes! Very cool, Lynne!
      Been busy all morning here...planning an afternoon walk, when boyfriend gets home!!

  12. good grief.
    still say you could sub for martha stewart.
    and the latest pictures on posts of you don't show any fat to me!
    the flowers have the look of morning to me. they're so beautiful.

    1. Wish I had her money!! hahaha!
      Perhaps because I have a winter coat on!! Believe me...lumpy!
      Have a great week, Tammy!

  13. Very pretty blooms Linda. I heard that the price of groceries was going to go way up this month. Ridiculous!!

  14. I love spinach salads and often throw in some fruit and nuts. That first flower shot is gorgeous. Such a beautiful colour and shape. I noticed prices have gone up on a lot of groceries - some almost double or more. Ridiculous. I feel for those who can barely make ends meet as it is.


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