Friday, 15 January 2016

Snow Day!!!!

Oh what fun we had after our first real snowfall!
We all got dressed up warm...
Grabbed our shovels...
Dug in!!
I think it was very appropriate that my crochet was worn by all... 
Even if...
Miss V's crazy pom pom hat is on backwards! 
Man...she loves to help...with any chore...anywhere!
Boyfriend purposely left the snow...
So she could help clear the drive!

Off we go thru the park..."Walk in my footprints Nana"...
"Okey dokey Miss V♥️"
"One slide and we have to go home"..."okay?"
"Ok Nana"... was COLD...windchill -17c...brrrr!
Just look at that wintry sky!!

On our way back home...
Miss V decided to go up one of the small slopes that surround the park...
The snow was much deeper there had been blustery winds the night before...
She went up...and then down...
On her way down...
She got in over her knees...
Ended up with a snow face!!!
I happened to capture the event, as I was taking a photo of the sky!!
She was such a good sport!!
Laughing...and laughing...♥️

Look at that Snow face!!
All dry by the time we got back home...
You can see the "booboo" on her nose here...
A small accident at school...:o( 

A wee bit off topic here...
On one of our afternoon walks this week...
On garbage day...
This was out for the trash!!!
Perfect condition!!!
I dragged it home!!
What a great chair!!!
A bit of spray paint...
A pretty cushion...
Just have to decide whether to keep it here at home...
Take it to the Lake!

 I am just lovin' this scarf I made! I showed you all last week...but I had to bundle up with it for our Park trip!!
And...yes...I did wear a coat this time! hahaha!!

Just on our way our the door..
Friday trip to the cottage!
Wonder how much snow is out there???

Have a great day and weekend, if I don't see you!
Mussels tonight for the boyfriend...
Small pizza for moi!!
Greek Salad for both!!

                                     Cheers!  :o)


  1. Just look at those rosy cheeks! Looks like you got about the same amount of snow as us. But the temps are warm today and we're supposed to get's already melting away!

    All that walking! Good for you, lady! Hope the weekend is wonderful....

    1. A lot has melted today...very dark here...yucky!
      You too Betsy!

  2. She's adorb in that hat and snow face:) It has been very are so talented!
    the chair is a that's a fun haul;)
    Bon Weekend!

    1. Isn't that a cool chair!!
      Very excited about to put it!!
      Bon Weekend to you Monique!

    2. Sounds good to me Monique...
      Think white would be too hard to cover the green...
      Perhaps black would be cool!

  3. Oh what fun you have with Miss V. Love her cute pom pom hat! So nice to find that great chair at the curb side. You'll have to show us the after when its done. Have a super weekend Linda.

    1. I promise I will Pam...what colour??

    2. the cottage...surrounded by flowers. :)

    3. Hahaha!
      I should start a poll!
      One vote for white!

  4. I am having a bit of snow-phobia.
    It got cold so fast that it's been making me shiver from the inside.
    Although, today might be a good day for snowmen...
    Your little one is cute with or without a boo boo on her nose.
    And you are a brave grammy.

    1. would have been good for a snowman...
      Not as much snow at the cottage as we thought!!
      She is a doll...

  5. Wonderful photos . Looks like Miss V had so much fun ! Hey you know the saying one persons trash is another persons treasure ! The chair looks great ! It is quite mild here today and we have snow melting already and can see some green grass not for long though more snow is on the way over the weekend ! Thanks for sharing , have a good weekend !

    1. We were surprised that there wasn't much snow at the cottage!!
      But...the beach...was a photographers delight!!

  6. What a sweet little snow face! You have tons of snow. We've had nothing so far. And I'm not complaining one bit.

    1. careful what you wish for Kathy!!

  7. That's an AWESOME dumpster-diving find!

    1. So pleased...boyfriend was was out for the trash!!

  8. Love those red cheeks Miss V, snow is so much fun.
    The scarf looks great and bet it has had some use this week.
    Enjoy the cottage and get lots of snowy photos.

    1. Not so much snow...but quite a display on the beach!!

  9. Love the action shot of Miss V heading toward the snow! Her coat is adorable. Today is actually fairly mild here. The fluffy snow became packing snow. -Jenn

    1. Hi Jenn!!
      I did not know I had captured it, til I uploaded my pics!
      Mild here too...lots of soggy melting going on!!

  10. Oh isn't she just the sweetest wee gal! Lots of fun at this age for sure. And.....where or where is your crochet hat Missy? You should make one cutie to wear with that lovely scarf!! Winter is here apparently but not a bad one.....loving this winter much better than last one! Have fun at the cottage!! Love mussels....

    1. HI Ann!!!
      Hows it going up there???
      Long time no see!
      I made myself a really nice earwarmer...took it with me today...didn't need it! Quite balmy at the lake! Greg loves mussels!! I just cook them for him...what a gal!

  11. Miss V is sure having fun in the snow. That's who this wretched stuff is for...the kids. lol Can you tell I want spring? We shouldn't complain as it's been a good one so far. I love Miss V's jacket. That is so cute. And love your scarf. I couldn't go out without one all winter. And, you look gorgeous, as usual. Enjoy your evening, Linda. I'll be grooming Audrey while I watch a movie. Hope I come out of it alive. Hugs

    1. She has some really nice clothes...wish they came in my size!
      Have fun with Audrey!

  12. Aww, so cute!!! Hope that you stay warm and safe and enjoy your crocheting! Great chair! xx

    1. Thanks Amy....windy and warm is up and down!
      Love the chair!

  13. Fun in the snow ~ Little Miss V looks in her element. Cold going down that slide and to have a 'snow face' . . haha
    Beautiful photos of the sky, Linda.
    Have a lovely weekend . . . :)

    1. HI Eddie....
      She loves being outside!
      Lovely weekend to you as well....
      We are warmer...windy....sunny today!

  14. Love that chair! What a find. It would look great in both places. I would be of two minds. You would view it more frequently at home... but it's so perfect for the cottage. Maybe it can be a travelling chair! Summer at the cottage and winter in town!
    Those sky photos are glorious. Miss V looks so cute and happy. What a great helper she is.
    Wonderful picture of you - so pretty. And what a cosy scarf. Perfect. We don't have much snow at all here.

    1. Hahaha!
      I think the cottage will win out!
      She is a great helper....always eager!
      Thanks Suzanne....I am pretty happy with the scarf...perhaps another one is needed!
      I can keep busy with some crochet!
      Enjoy your weekend!

  15. Beautiful . . .
    Rosy cheeks
    Amazing perfect I want wicker chair find . . . WOW
    LOVE the grandpa grammie quote on the side bar . . .
    May I share it?
    And first snow, oh my . . .
    Miss V's snow coat/pants with the red hat . . . perfect
    I loved this post!

    1. Hi Lynne...
      Sure! I found it yourself!
      Glad you liked the post!
      Sometimes I think I write about Miss V too much!

  16. I vote for the chair in a charcoal color, kind of like it is now . . .
    Brighter cushion with a rich yummy looking fabric . . .
    Perfect . . .

    1. It is actually a green right now...I will keep charcoal in mind!
      Has to be a colour to cover the green easily! I am lazy! Hahaha!

  17. Great chair find, cute as usual Miss V. and you're looking very trendy in your scarf, Ms. Linda. My favourite kind of cultural day today. Took the GO train down to the Art Gallery with my visiting SIL. No snow in downtown T.O. at all, but windy and cold...brrr. Enjoy the rest of the weekend...

  18. Linda, love the scarf and you look beautiful. Can't imagine that much snow. Oh how beautiful. Looks like the cutie had a good time.

  19. The snow is beautiful, and Miss V looks so cute out there playing. What a great little helper she is too! Your scarf looks very stylish, as well as warm. That is one fabulous chair - I'd have picked it up too :)

    1. The chair is a big hit! Must remember to go for a walk next garbage day! Hahaha!
      Hope you are well, Patricia!

  20. No snow here yet, Linda. I'm actually beginning to miss it...Miss V is certainly a good sport and quite the helper. It's amazing how children love to help isn't it. I'm not happy about that boo boo on her nose though. Are you putting Vitamin E on it so it doesn't scar?

    LOVE your scarf and that chair! What a find!!! I think you will probably take it down to the cottage. It sings cottage chair!!!

    Thanks for sharing, Linda...Enjoy the snow:)

    1. Hi ~~Louise~~...thanks for stopping by!
      I am pretty sure my daughter is taking great care of her nose!! I will pass along your kind words...
      Looks like it will end up at the cottage!!
      have a great week...

  21. adorable pictures of miss v!!!
    and you're looking positively SKINNY my friend!

    1. If only I could wear lots of clothes at the beach...but chubbiness does not show in my pics...I am losing a wee bit...kinda happy about that...always a are you???


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