Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The New Glasses

 I have been wearing glasses for about 12 years.
At first, they were just for I worked as a Sales Rep at an Insurance company, and used a computer all day. I then needed them for my daily fix of doing the crossword. 

At my eye exam about 3 years ago, they told me, I now needed to have "progressive" lenses, as my eyes had changed. That was a very difficult transition for they also wanted me to wear them all day...and while driving. Of course, I know more than them, so I continued to wear them just for my reading etc.

 So...when I was at the $ store yesterday
I decided to try one of their pairs!!
Now that I am blogging...and my desk is
upstairs...I need another pair of glasses,
as I don't always...well hardly ever..
remember to bring them up with me.
My friend gave me a spare pair a few
months back, and I have kept them
in my I could read labels
on now I have a spare pair for
my "office"...

                 Pretty good,eh?? Now, my good ones are on the kitchen table,
           ready for the crossword...a newspaper item...or perhaps a recipe to 
           read...........I think I'll get myself another pair for my purse..
           It would be nice to be able to read the labels at the store!!       

                                             You never know what treasure you
                               will find at the $ store!



  1. You look fabulous, dahlink! You are lucky you can just go and pick up a pair at the dollar store that work for you! Go and get more and have them everywhere! That way you are never with a pair to see all that crazy fine print on everything.

  2. I am the first anonymous commentor. I don't know why it didn't recognize me :(

  3. Devon, did you have your glasses on??? :)
    I agree Linda, I have glasses everywhere. The more the clearer I say.

  4. Laughing because getting multiple reading glasses is on my shopping list!

  5. your new glasses look just like mine!!!
    imitation is the purest form of flattery!!

  6. are my idol, you know!!!


Oh...I do love anonymous comments allowed...and you know who you are....