Saturday, 7 January 2012

Friday At The Lake.....And Some Thrift Shopping Goodies!

 This was the scene as we pulled in the driveway....almost looks like Spring, don't it?? It is amazing that the grass is still as green as it is....for this time of year...
 Looking down the walkway to the lake....It was incredibly windy there yesterday...sun shining...10 degrees!!!!...but the wind made it feel a lot colder...if it hadn't been so chilly, we probably would have done some raking!

Our neighbor said the waves were crazy on New Year's Eve...he scrambled and moved our large supply of firewood, as he said the waves would have taken them out....Greg is kicking some stones that were tossed from the beach onto the deck....

Which you can see is pretty high up from the beach....
This log is lodged right against the sea wall..when I was taking this shot, the water was spraying me from the waves hitting the other side of the wall..these walls are supposed to protect your shoreline from these kind of storms..

Here is the same view from my previous post...where all the ice from the waves had formed on the sea walls
The bright sun shining on the lake

The clouds are glorious in this shot

Waves. clouds. sunshine......SUMMER!!!  I wish....  :o)

Everything inside looks was actually pretty warm inside...I guess with the sun streaming in....warming it up....


We visited as couple of our favorite thrift shops....I got this "twirly" mobile from the Port Thrift....$2.99....It represents all of my American friends who visit my blog!

When we reached the Dunneville Sally Ann. I bought this table (will sand and paint) for $2....and this wooden hand painted folk art Christmas Stocking for 30 cents!!!! can you believe that?? I took folk painting a few years ago, and finished several projects...I would NEVER give them away...too much sweat and love goes into each brushstroke...I figure with a bright new ribbon next year, It will look very festive indeed...

I got these 3 lovely milk glass candle holders at the Port Colborne Sally Ann...99 cents each...Someone must have brought in a whole box of milkglass for donation...I wanted to buy more....but....there has to be a limit...right????   Maybe if we go back next week, I can pick up some more pieces...heeheehee...:o)
                         Don't they look great!! I love milkglass....have quite a few interesting pieces...I had never seen these particular styles to date...

                          Until next time.......enjoy your weekend...Cheers



  1. What a different view of the shore line this year! Fabulous thrifty finds. Love the milk glass collection, it's so very YOU!

  2. I love, love, love, love...LOVE your cabin!!! It is so pretty and the view is amazing. I know now why you like to go there so! And the inside is SO charming. I want to come for a visit!!! :)

    You found some fun things too. That milk glass was a good deal...I say you should definitely go back and get some more! Some things are worth

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. It does look like spring at the cottage, for those of us looking at it through your pictures. I am sure it didn't feel like spring, not quite yet, anyway!
    You are inspiring me to start my own collections....but of what??? Any ideas?

  4. devon...I suggest you start with salt and pepper shakers...that is how I started...but, most sally ann's have milk glass, green glass...whatever you like..we'll talk!! how about coffee???

  5. Oh Boy - the stuff I have to do for you!!!! Your camera work is awesome as I said before. Keep up the great work. Can't believe you can't paint. Me, I'm collecting husbands...or so it seems...


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