Friday, 13 January 2012

First Real Snow Of Winter 2011-2012....

 Even though we didn't make it to the Lake today...Mother Nature put on quite a show for us here at home...So glad I put my wreath on my slammer, after taking down all of the other decorations. It was still in such good shape, that I couldn't get rid of it. I purchased it at Costco for $16.99....worth every penny...think I will save the little berries and pinecones, once it is time for the composter.

This was the view from my front door...I couldn't get a shot before "Mr" shoveller got out...but it still looks lovely...there is nothing like fresh snow...if we must have snow, that is!!!

This looks like it might make a very festive Christmas card for next year...I am always looking for the perfect shot for my cards...all year 'round..

And, as I gazed out the window, a beautiful hot red Cardinal flew into the cedars...she was close behind...couldn't catch her. We threw out peanuts for them, but the Blue Jays swooped in for their share...ahhhhh, nature...

                            Hope you all enjoy this snowy I am off to the store to get some groceries....Looks kinda windy out there.........only a few more weeks, and I will be sipping a cocktail by the pool.....oh oh....did I give away my secret to not hating this snowfall tooooo much??

                                       :o)    :o)


  1. Lovely! I especially like the picture of the bunny in the window, oh yeah, and the cardinal in the trees. Bet you didn't have to drive in it this morning! Brutal, which is why I loathe winter and snow. Snow is only nice if you are skiing or just looking out your window and taking pictures!!

  2. Yes indeed, it was quite the morning. Friday the 13th. and I had plans to go DOWNTOWN! It ended up being not as bad as I had expected. Hope you stayed home and warm as opposed to trekking to the cottage!


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