Sunday, 22 January 2012

Mushrooms Anyone???

 I always toil over what to put on my blog....I am pretty well a, cleaning, re-arranging...things like that. Of course I am always in touch with my children, and am continually try to offer any piece of wordly advice I can dream up!!! But what I really like to do, is take pictures,.... and share them with my friends.   I have driven my husband to the airport, gone on  business for a few days...picked up a few groceries, and am awaiting the arrival of my son....and we are going to make shepherd's pie together.....
So....I decided to select a few pics to share with you...I thought mushrooms would be good. I didn't do any homework on them....I can just tell you where they grew and when....  :o)

I found this sweet little guy last July....I had brought a Lilac from the lake, and I wondered if he tagged along for the ride....wanted to see the "big city"!!


     These cute fungi were growing all along my side yard...between the bricks, and in the gravel up the side...along with quite a bit of moss...these were in October...around Halloween..

These were at the cottage ...growing on my mulch December!! I wonder how many mushrooms usually survive in Southern Ontario in 


                          Just for fun, I added this furry little Caterpillar, that I captured in June at the cottage. He was crawling up the back of my outdoor wooden rocking chair...      I have never seen one like this the red the front or back???

I guess  I better come up with a more interesting, exciting order to keep you all coming back for another read...Maybe I should just make stuff up...yeah, that's it...I will be back tomorrow with an amazing, awesome made up story!!

                         Enjoy your Sunday...supposed to team rain tomorrow...I will be playing scrabble with my sister-in-law!!!

Have a few thrifty things to share later.....



  1. oh ...sorry...forgot about your predicament...hahahahahah


  2. For some reason I find mushrooms captivating too! Mushroom soup is also one of my favs! Stay warm!

    Sandy xox

  3. I love the incredible caterpillar! He is spectacular! So much more than mushrooms, which I love in soup or otherwise!


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