Wednesday, 18 January 2012

My Latest Thrift Shop Buys....

I collect so many different things, that I am almost guaranteed to fine ONE of them, whenever I go to the shops.

I have a "collection" of animals at the cottage...I must take a picture the next time I visit...When I saw this handsome dog, I had to have him...after all...he was only 50 cents. I also love glass candle sticks...there was only one of these......but for 25 cents...who could pass it up!!! I also have several pieces of the peach lustre ware...but I had never seen a covered casserole dish before....$2...

As I have noted before...I love to plant my annuals (and perennials) in baskets....because of their fragile nature, sometimes they only last a couple of this was the year that I needed to replenish my stock....I got all 6 of these for $3....what a great deal that was...some of them are quite lovely...and they will look even more lovely with bright lush flowers in them....

I also love Pyrex...I still have a complete set, that I got as a wedding gift....but I always look for casseroles,bowls,etc...this one was spectacular!!! I had never seen yellow before, or this it!!!   and a steal at $2!!!

I also love any kind of glass jug....this was particularly attractive...with the gold swirls, and the frosty yellow glass...wouldn't this look delish filled with Sangria???   with lemon,orange and lime slices!! Another steal at $3..

I especially like the shape of the handle....nice thick glass...

Don't they make a handsome pair???   I am totally thrilled with my latest purchases...

Hope you enjoyed seeing them...what kind of things do you like to collect??? 

I am still looking for a mirrored tray for my friend Leslie....the hunt continues...

                   Closing with 2 beautiful!



  1. Oh I do love to see your purchases! It reminds me of days gone by. I love glass pitchers and you certainly have an eye for the cutest "chotchkies". Ahh, the ever elusive vanity accessory! Good luck on that one, and thanks for your continued exploration. :)

  2. I don't know where you store all your 'stuff'. I love the glass pitcher, as well!

  3. You know me Devon...I USE everything...not just store it...

  4. I know you use everything.
    I think I am going to start collecting glass candlesticks. What do you think?

  5. I think that is an excellent idea..if I can give just one piece of advise...make sure the "hole" is big and deep enough for a candle...sometimes you can get fooled,,and when you get it home, it won't even hold a candle...will look forward to hearing about your treasures!!!



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