Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Sunny Days....Let's Have Some Yellow..

 The last few days, have truly been glorious weather. What with the warm sunshine, and the taste of Spring in the air. As I have been re-organizing my pictures, I just had to share some Yellow with you  :o)

The dainty zucinni flowers are so delicate...I guess that is why they are considered a delicacy...lightly battered and quickly fried...have never had any, but they sure look delish..

I love this pale yellow Mum...


     Any kind of Rudbeckia is always a favorite...Black-eyed Susans is another name...what ever you call them, they are a staple in my garden here at home and at the Lake...

Budding Golden Glow...a very hearty perennial given to me by my Sister....a true Master Gardener..:o)

Captured this spider spinning a web inside this Datura..

And who couldn't love my garden gnome..a gift from my daughter years ago...peaking out from the yellow fall Hosta..

 These are a different Rudbeckia...almost looks like a Blanket Flower..

This was the biggest Sunflower I ever grew...here at home..was about 6 feet tall!!

Spring Creeping Jenny always brightens up a dark spot under my large trees at the Lake...

I have this plant at home...for the life of me, I can't remember the name...large burgundy leaves all summer, and then these tall spikes of yellow flowers in the fall...I hope my sister reads this and helps me out!!

Ahhhhhhhh...the spring tulips and daffodils...

This is the native Mullett plant....springs up "wherever"..I quite like it...flowers from the bottom up, and gets quite tall...3-4 feet....I also like the foliage, kinda silvery grey leaves...

This is my only yellow Lily...

Golden Glow....tall...nice...

I will leave you with this view from the deck at the Lake...breathtaking...no??? 
 Hopefully, before too long, I will be sitting here gazing at the lake.....and taking oodles of pictures to share with my friends

                       Hope you had a sunny day...



  1. This makes me fall in love with Yellow! Wonderful post, what great photos! I'm going to pot up my little Christmas cacti tomorrow...right into the pots!

  2. As always, love your flower pictures. I have black eyed susan's in my yard and they sure don't look lush and full like yours! I want a huge sunflower like the one at the lake! Spectacular!!

  3. hey you
    great shots, very lellow!!
    i love lellow, don't you??!!
    so me thinx your mullet is a muleon (sp?) a mullet is a haircut dollface!!LOL
    as to the unidentified bloom i think maybe it is a ligularia, maybe...basal leaves late summer blooms on a tallish stalk set up from the leaves?? maybe?
    keep on keeping us to date, my phone bill is nearly non-existant!!LOL
    hugs Honor

  4. thanks honor..."histy sisty"....I know that it is...now that I hear it!!
    and the mullett thing...hahahahaha..
    thanks for the info...I may need you again...for another post!



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