Thursday, 5 January 2012

Last Year At This Time....

 Last January, this was what the Lake looked like....What a difference from this year..... we are heading out there tomorrow, so I will have new pictures....

This ice was from a huge wind you can see the Lake is not frozen..

It is better when the Lake freezes, as it protects the shoreline from the damaging waves and winds....particularly when it is a south wind, it blows directly at the cottage. 

This is a view east of our can see the old stone castle...they used to run liquor from the United States...during prohibition...and the castle had an entrance right from the lake....the boats would go in and disappear..

There was a "speakeasy" of sorts...we saw the old bar a trip back in history...nobody uses it now, but it sits on a shared property of three cottages... 

               I need some feedback on my design honest...

               I can always change it back to the way it was...

               The fish are still very hungry!!!!!



  1. On my screen your type is running off the edge on the right hand side of the blog. Just a sizing issue I think. I like the backgrounds. Change as you like...keeps us guessing:)

  2. I change mine all the is fun and really something very personal. I like the floral background...really pretty. So addicted to feeding your fish. Your pictures are beautiful. And the ones in the other posts make me wish it was summer again...

    Have a great weekend Linda!


    Oh, one fun thing to do is add a Followers gadget so you know who is reading along.

  3. can't see that on my screen, but I adjusted the post text's that??

    Linda :o)

  4. The sizing is corrected now.

    I've never seen that castle in any of the photos you've taken of the property. That's so intriguing. Wouldn't it have been a bit of a give-away in the times, since I'm assuming most of the land around it was farmland in the day...and then a CASTLE at the waters' edge! We could dress like pirates one day and go there in a pedal boat!

  5. good....
    and guess what???
    we have a pedal boat...and pirate costumes!! it's a date!!

  6. Your new design looks great. Love the soft blue background and daisies. Very lovely. Can I come on the pirate date, too?
    My word verification is 'hairculf'. Perhaps I need a haircut?


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