Friday, 14 June 2013

Wanted To Share These....

Hope you don't mind...

Took these last weekend...

They didn't make the other posts...


I really liked these pics...


I will leave you with these for the weekend...

And you all know...


I will be back...

With more!!


I break myself up sometimes....:o)

See you on Sunday.... 

Check out that HUGE piece of blue beach glass...
How did I miss that??
Only noticed it is the photo...
Perhaps I will look for it this weekend...ha!

Hope you all have a great weekend...

Fingers crossed for nice sunny weather...

Get some more baskets done up...

Check out my veggies!!


 Got this great shot of sweet cheeks...

 Reading one of my kids old Golden Books...remember those?...she seems more interested in the back cover...and....upside down!! 

Gotta love her!

                                                Cheers!   :o)


  1. Have a great weekend, Linda! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, as always. My kids have some of my old Golden Books too! :)

  2. I don't think I would ever want to come home if I had that cozy cottage on the water!!! Such great shots Linda! The blue chair among the green foliage is stunning. Sweet Cheeks and her book...awwwwww. I used to buy one golden book a week while grocery shopping when my girls were little. It kept them happy in the buggy while Mommy shopped. They were 99cents back then. I still collect them, and read them to my grandkids. I just bought a 12 pack set for little Clairey, at the Goodwill book store that was brand spankin' new!!
    I also stick orange halves on everything for the Orioles!!!!! Boy, would we ever have fun together my friend....Darn it all, why do you have to live so far away!!
    xo Kris

    1. What a great idea...keeping them busy in the shopping cart!
      I must keep my eyes open for books for her...
      Why do YOU have to live so far away!! haha!

  3. Love the bird and sweet cheeks shot of course :) I collect those Golden books.

    1. Thanks for the visit...hope you are well!

  4. I agree with Kris ... HOW do you leave that cottage?? Your garden shots have inspired me ... we're fixing up a "short sale" house that we purchased for our retirement and the yard needs a lot of work ... a mix of sun and shade so we'll have space for lots of things ... if the deer leave us alone!! I think our pooch will keep them somewhat at bay ... at least I'm hoping so! Do you have a wisteria? I am intrigued by them, know very little about them other than they can be aggressive climbers but think it would be a nice addition to the yard. I will have to research it more. We're pretty far north (Traverse City, Michigan) but I think if "protected" they should do okay. Also thinking of azaleas and I know that rhodies do well here because they are all over the place. Just planted three Sensation lilac bushes and have staked out a spot for some bridal wreath plants. Thanks for sharing pictures ... Sweet Cheeks is ADORABLE!! Linda

    1. Thanks for stopping by,Linda...tried your link, but no posts!
      Hope you will visit often...good luck with your garden!
      I did not have a wisteria...not a good place for one...they need a lot of vertical space...

  5. Great shot of the Oriole feeding. I hope you find that piece of beach glass while there this weekend. We are supposed to have 2 sunny warm days in a row here. Yippie!!

    1. The Orioles were still there this weekend...perhaps I will see some babies soon! My boyfriend found a small blue piece...but not that one!
      Weather still unsettled here...

  6. Beautiful! Maybe that piece of beach glass will still be there waiting for you. And is that a big piece of abalone, too?

    1. That is a shell, but it does look like are right!

  7. Just found your blog and loving it. Maybe we can follow each other on GFC or bloglovin? Please feel free to stop by my blog and let me know. XO

    1. Dropped by...left a comment...will visit again!! Great recipes!

  8. Just catching up during a sneezing allergy fit ... 10 minutes inside should clear it up, till the next time
    Nice collection of photos.
    Had a nice daycation yesterday touring the Trent and going up and down the lift locks. Beautiful day for it. When I wade through the 100's of photos I took I'll post some.
    Hope you had good weather at the cottage this weekend.

    1. Sorry to hear you have allergies...not the best affliction for a gardener!!
      Weather was iffy at best...but it is the cottage!

  9. so funny. and cute.
    you crack me up too! LOL.
    we never tire of your pictures. you have quite a fan base! xoxoxo

    1. Thank Tammy...funny and cute...I LIKE that! haha!
      I hope you don't tire of them...'cause I got a million!

  10. Those are great pictures, I love Vivian and the one of her and dad! ahhh .... :)


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